System features


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System features

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System features

  1. 1. 1.System Features This section describes in detail the various feature of this software. They are listedbelow1.1User Authentication1.1.1Tagging1.1.1.1Description and Priority This allows the user to register their information for login process. This feature is ofhigh priority because this allows the user to login into the system, and suppliers want toregister their product, product price and quantities. Sequences User Enter valid information like name, Id and etc... . User will be getting User IDand Password for login process. requirements Purpose Tagging. Inputs Customer/Seller Information. Processing Validate information and store it in database. Outputs User gets an acknowledgement.1.1.2Login Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id : , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  2. 2. and Priority This allows the Administrator, Buyer and Seller to login into their area. This feature isof high priority. Sequences User Enters valid User ID and Password. User can login into system successfully. requirements Purpose To login into the system. Inputs User ID and Password. Processing Validate User ID and Password. Outputs Access provided/Denied.1.2Product Information1.2.1Description and Priority This module allows the administrator get the information of the product. This featurehas medium level priority.1.2.2Stimulus/Response Sequences Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id : , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  3. 3. User Enter valid Product ID, company name of the product. User will get the productinformation.1.2.3Functional requirements Purpose Getting Product information. Inputs Product ID. Processing Validate Product ID and store the product information Outputs User gets Product Information.1.3Trading1.3.1Description and Priority This feature allows the customer to search product and information about product.This feature has high level priority.1.3.2Stimulus/Response Sequences Customer searches and gets information about the product.1.3.3Functional requirements Purpose View product information in website. Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id : , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  4. 4. Inputs Product name or product company name. Processing Search for the product. Outputs Information about product.1.4Trade Shows1.4.1Description and Priority This module used for advertisement purpose about trade shows and exhibition. This ismiddle level feature.1.4.2Stimulus/Response Sequences Sellers and buyers get benefit through this trade show feature.1.4.3Functional requirements Purpose Advertising trade show and their schedule. Inputs Trade show name, Season Trade show Processing Gathering Details about trade show. Outputs Display trade show information. Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id : , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  5. 5. In ns2 no login ,Message Formats 1. Route Request (RREQ) Message Format 2. Route Reply (RREP) Message Format 3. Route Error (RERR) Message Format 4. Route Reply Acknowledgment (RREP-ACK) Message FormatSecurity Considerations Currently, AODV does not specify any special security measures. Route protocols, however, are prime targets for impersonation attacks. If there is danger of such attacks, AODV control messages must be protected by use of authentication techniques, such as those involving generation of unforgeable and cryptographically strong message digests or digital signatures. In particular, RREP messages SHOULD be authenticated to avoid creation of spurious routes to a Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id : , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  6. 6. desired destination. Otherwise, an attacker could masquerade as the desired destination, and maliciously deny service to the destination and/or maliciously inspect and consume traffic intended for delivery to the destination. RERR messages, while less dangerous, SHOULD be authenticated in order to prevent malicious nodes from disrupting valid routes between nodes that are communication partners. Since AODV does not make any assumption about the nature of the address assignment to the mobile nodes except that they are presumed to have unique IP addresses, no definite statements can be made about the applicability of IPsec authentication headers or key exchange mechanisms. However, if the mobile nodes in the ad hoc network have pre-established security associations, they should be able to use the same authentication mechanisms based on their IP addresses as they would have used otherwise. Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id : , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com