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Predictable mobile routing for spacecraft networks


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Published in: Education
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Predictable mobile routing for spacecraft networks

  1. 1. Predictable Mobile Routing for Spacecraft NetworksIn predictable mobile networks, network nodes move in a predictable way and therefore havedynamically changing but predictable connectivity. We have developed a model that formalizespredictable dynamic topologies as sequences of static snapshots. We use this model to designand evaluate a predictable mobile-routing protocol based on link-state routing, whoseperformance is superior to its static and ad-hoc counterparts. Our routing protocol accounts foroccurrences of additional, unpredictable changes, as well as their interaction with predictablechanges. We evaluate our protocol using simulations based on randomly generated topologiesand spacecraft-network scenarios. In both cases, we show that our protocol outperformstraditional routing protocols and is well suited for routing in next-generation space networks. Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id: , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com