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Outage performance of the primary service in spectrum sharing networks


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Published in: Education
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Outage performance of the primary service in spectrum sharing networks

  1. 1. Outage Performance of the Primary Service in Spectrum Sharing NetworksWe utilize stochastic geometry to analyze the primary service outage performance for spectrumsharing in Rayleigh fading environment. Using this approach, the impacts of the secondaryservice parameters and wireless environment on the primary service (PS) outage probability areanalyzed. We further obtain a closed-form for the PS outage probability. The maximumsecondary service transmitter node density for a given outage probability constraint of the PS isthen obtained. We also investigate the impact of secondary spectrum sensing on the PS outageprobability. A novel approach is further proposed which provides tight approximation for the PSoutage probability. The results of the proposed approach are then validated through analysis andsimulations. We then consider power control in the secondary network and show that thetruncated channel inversion power control significantly decreases the PS outage probability.Cases with centralized and decentralized cooperative spectrum sensing are also studied and theircorresponding PS outage probabilities are analyzed. Mean spatial throughput of the secondaryservice (SS) is also analyzed. We further investigate the impact of the PS outage constraint onthe spatial throughput of the SS. Extensive simulations confirm our analytical derivations. Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id: , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com