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Networking low power energy harvesting devices measurements and algorithms


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Published in: Education
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Networking low power energy harvesting devices measurements and algorithms

  1. 1. Networking Low-Power Energy Harvesting Devices: Measurements and Algorithms Recent advances in energy harvesting materials and ultra-low-power communicationswill soon enable the realization of networks composed of energy harvesting devices. Thesedevices will operate using very low ambient energy, such as energy harvested from indoorlights. We focus on characterizing the light energy availability in indoor environments and ondeveloping energy allocation algorithms for energy harvesting devices. First, we present resultsof our long-term indoor radiant energy measurements, which provide important inputsrequired for algorithm and system design (e.g., determining the required battery sizes). Then,we focus on algorithm development, which requires non-traditional approaches, since energyharvesting shifts the nature of energy-aware protocols from minimizing energy expenditure tooptimizing it. Moreover, in many cases, different energy storage types (rechargeable batteryand a capacitor) require different algorithms. We develop algorithms for calculating time fairenergy allocation in systems with deterministic energy inputs, as well as in systems whereenergy inputs are stochastic Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id: , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com