Mobile computing IEEE 2012 2013


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Mobile computing IEEE 2012 2013

  1. 1. S.No Mobile Computing 1 Geometry-Assisted Localization Algorithms for Wireless Networks 2 Reducing Signaling Overhead for Femtocell/Macrocell Networks 3 Secret Key Extraction from Wireless Signal Strength in Real Environments 4 Modeling Beacon Period Length of the UWB and 60-GHz mmWave WPANs Based on ECMA-368 and ECMA-387 Standards 5 Fast and Accurate Cooperative Tracking in Wireless Networks 6 Game-Based Broadcast over Reliable and Unreliable Wireless Links in Wireless Multihop Networks 7 Networking Low-Power Energy Harvesting Devices: Measurements and Algorithms 8 Efficient Spread Spectrum Communication without Pre-shared Secrets 9 A Progressive Approach to Reducing Data Collection Latency in Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Elements 10 Topological Persistence for Medium Access Control 11 Low Complexity Class-based Scheduling Algorithm for Scheduled Automatic Power-Save Delivery for Wireless LANs 12 A Unified Analysis of IEEE 802.11 DCF Networks: Stability, Throughput and Delay Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id: , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  2. 2. 13 On Random Access Scheduling for Multimedia Traffic in Multi-hop Wireless Networks with Fading Channels14 Contention-Based Estimation of Neighbor Cardinality15 Predictable Mobile Routing for Spacecraft Networks16 Underwater Localization with Time-Synchronization and Propagation Speed Uncertainties17 Routing-Toward-Primary-User Attack and Belief Propagation Based Defense in Cognitive Radio Networks18 Non-Interactive Localization of Wireless Camera Sensors with Mobile Beacon19 Nuzzer: A Large-Scale Device-Free Passive Localization System for Wireless Environments20 Resource Allocation with Flexible Channel Cooperation in Cognitive Radio Networks21 Predicting Human Movement based on Telecom’s Handoff in Mobile Networks22 Efficient Time-Bound Collision Prevention Scheme for RFID Re-entering Tags23 Maximizing Transmission Opportunities in Wireless Multihop Networks24 Towards History-Aware Robust 802.11 Rate Adaptation25 UPL: Opportunistic Localization in Urban Districts26 Distributed Algorithm for Lifetime Maximization in Delay- Tolerant Wireless Sensor Network with Mobile Sink27 Evaluating Implementation Strategies for Location-based Multicast Addressing28 On the MDP-based Cost Minimization for Video-on-Demand Services in a Heterogeneous Wireless Network with Multi- Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id: , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  3. 3. Homed Terminals29 HAPPE: Human and Application Driven Frequency Scaling for Processor Power Efficiency30 Bounded-Hop Energy-Efficient Live ness of Flocking Swarms31 Distributed MAC Protocol Supporting Physical-Layer Network Coding32 Adaptive Position Update for Geographic Routing in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks33 Proteus: Multi-flow diversity routing for wireless networks with cooperative transmissions34 Cross-Layer Minimum-Delay Scheduling and Maximum- Throughput Resource Allocation for Multiuser Cognitive Networks35 Understanding the Scheduling Performance in Wireless Networks with Successive Interference Cancellation36 United We Stand: Intrusion-Resilience in Mobile Unattended WSNs37 Relay Selection for Geographical Forwarding in Sleep-Wake Cycling Wireless Sensor Networks38 Novel Design and Analysis of Aggregated ARQ Protocols for IEEE 802.11n Networks39 A Traffic-Aware Channel and Rate Re-Assignment Algorithm for Wireless Mesh Networks40 Optimal Online Sensing Sequence in Multi-Channel Cognitive Radio Networks41 Adaptive Channel Recommendation For Opportunistic Spectrum Access42 DCIM: Distributed Cache Invalidation Method for maintaining cache consistency in wireless mobile networks Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id: , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  4. 4. 43 A Robust Indoor Pedestrian Tracking System with Sparse Infrastructure Support44 Flexible Proportional-Rate Scheduling for OFDMA System45 Estimating Performance of Mobile Services from Comparative Output-Input Analysis of End-to-End Throughput46 Outage Performance of the Primary Service in Spectrum Sharing Networks47 TCP CRAHN: A Transport Control Protocol for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks48 Dynamic Control of Receiver Buffers in Mobile Video Streaming Systems49 Optimal Content Downloading in Vehicular Networks50 Effective Video Multicast using SVC with Heterogeneous User Demands over TDMA Based Wireless Mesh Networks51 Robust Distributed Power Control in Cognitive Radio Networks52 A Neighbor Coverage based Probabilistic Rebroadcast for Reducing Routing Overhead in Mobile Ad hoc Networks53 Cell Selection in 4G Cellular Networks54 Towards Accurate Mobile Sensor Network Localization in Noisy Environments55 Cooperative Packet Delivery in Hybrid Wireless Mobile Networks: A Coalitional Game Approach56 Successive Interference Cancellation: Carving out MAC Layer Opportunities57 Path Selection under Budget Constraints in Multi-hop Cognitive Radio Networks58 Secure Multiple Multicast Services in Wireless Networks Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id: , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  5. 5. 59 ALERT: An Anonymous Location-based Efficient Routing Protocol in MANETs60 VAPR: Void Aware Pressure Routing for Underwater Sensor Networks61 Design and Analysis of Adaptive Receiver Transmission Protocols for Receiver Blocking Problem in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks62 Joint Optimal Sensor Selection and Scheduling in Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks63 Spatial Distribution and Channel Quality Adaptive Protocol for Multi-Hop Wireless Broadcast Routing in VANET64 ProSpect: A Proactive Spectrum Handoff Framework for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks without Common Control Channel65 Cooperative Wireless-Based Obstacle/Object Mapping and See-Through Capabilities in Robotic Networks66 DSS: Distributed SINR based Scheduling Algorithm for Multi-hop Wireless Networks67 Adaptive Duty Cycle Control with Queue Management in Wireless Sensor Networks68 Network Assisted Mobile Computing with Optimal Uplink Query Processing69 Evolutionarily Stable Spectrum Access70 Symbiotic coding for high density Wireless LANs71 Measurement-based Design of Roadside Content Delivery Systems72 Network Coding in Cooperative Communications: Friend or Foe?73 Understanding the Information Propagation Speed in Multi- Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id: , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  6. 6. hop Cognitive Radio Networks74 Studying Smartphone Usage: Lessons from a Four-Month Field Study75 Decentralized Bargain: A Two-Tier Market for Efficient and Flexible Dynamic Spectrum Access76 On Using Interference-Aware Spectrum Sensing for Dynamic Spectrum Access in Cognitive Radio Networks77 Mutual Distance Bounding Protocols78 Scheduling Partition for Order Optimal Capacity in Large- Scale Wireless Networks79 Impact of Connection Admission Process on the Direct Retry Load Balancing Algorithm in Cellular Networks80 Dynamic Online-Calibrated Radio Maps for Indoor Positioning In Wireless Local Area Networks81 Adaptive Wireless Channel Probing for Shared Key Generation based on PID Controller82 Joint Physical-Layer and System-Level Power Management for Delay-Sensitive Wireless Communications83 Variable-width Channel Allocation for Access Points: A Game-theoretic Perspective84 Achieving User-Level Fairness in Open-Access Femtocell based Architecture85 A MAC Sensing Protocol Design for Data Transmission with More Protection to Primary Users86 A Spectrum Switching Delay Aware Scheduling Algorithm for Centralized Cognitive Radio Networks87 A General Performance Evaluation Framework for Network Selection Strategies in 3G-WLAN Interworking Networks88 Distributed Cooperation and Diversity for Hybrid Wireless Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id: , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  7. 7. Networks 89 Minimum CDS in Multi-hop Wireless Networks with Disparate Communication Ranges 90 A Probabilistic Place Extraction Algorithm Based on a Super state Model 91 Effective Carrier Sensing in CSMA Networks under Cumulative Interference 92 On the Forwarding Performance under Heterogeneous Contact Dynamics in Mobile Opportunistic Networks 93 Tula: Balancing Energy for Sensing and Communication in a Perpetual Mobile System 94 Asymptotic Minimum Coverage Using Macroscopic Diversity 95 Comments on “MABS: Multicast Authentication Based on Batch Signature” 96 Enhanced Least Squares Positioning Algorithm for Indoor Positioning 97 VeMAC: A TDMA-based MAC Protocol for Reliable Broadcast in VANETs 98 Deployment of a Connected Reinforced Backbone Network with a Limited Number of Backbone Nodes 99 MAP: Multi-Constrained Any path Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks100 Efficient Objective Functions for Coordinated Learning in Large-Scale Distributed OSA Systems101 Cluster-based Control Channel Allocation in Opportunistic Cognitive Radio Networks102 Localization of RFID Tags using Stochastic Tunneling103 Modeling and Restraining Mobile Virus Propagation104 Mobile Autonomous Router System for Dynamic Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id: , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  8. 8. (Re)formation of Wireless Relay Networks105 Fine-Grained Location-Free Planarization in Wireless Sensor Networks106 Content Sharing Over Smartphone-based Delay-tolerant Networks107 A Strategy-Proof Radio Spectrum Auction Mechanism in Noncooperative Wireless Networks108 On Power and Throughput Tradeoffs of WiFi and Bluetooth in Smartphone’s109 Distributed Cooperative Caching In Social Wireless Networks110 Probability-based Prediction and Sleep Scheduling for Energy Efficient Target Tracking in Sensor Networks111 Bridging the Gap between Protocol and Physical Models for Wireless Networks112 A New Approach to Fast Near-Optimal Channel Assignment in Cellular Mobile Networks113 UACAP: A Unified Auxiliary Channel Authentication Protocol114 Estimation of Task Persistence Parameter from Pervasive Medical Systems with Censored Data115 Uplink Power Control via Adaptive Hidden Markov Model based Path loss Estimation116 Maximizing Rendezvous Diversity in Rendezvous Protocols for Decentralized Cognitive Radio Networks117 Fast Data Collection in Tree-Based Wireless Sensor Networks118 Acknowledgment-Based Broadcast Protocol for Reliable and Efficient Data Dissemination in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id: , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  9. 9. 119 Toward Reliable Data Delivery for Highly Dynamic Mobile Ad Hoc Networks120 Senseless: A Database-Driven White Spaces Network121 Resource-Optimized Quality-Assured Ambiguous Context Mediation Framework in Pervasive Environments122 Hop-by-Hop Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks with Bandwidth Guarantees123 Handling Selfishness in Replica Allocation over a Mobile Ad Hoc Network124 Protecting Location Privacy in Sensor Networks against a Global Eavesdropper125 Local Broadcast Algorithms in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: Reducing the Number of Transmissions126 Local Greedy Approximation for Scheduling in Multihop Wireless Networks127 Moderated Group Authoring System for Campus-Wide Workgroups128 A Cost Analysis Framework for NEMO Prefix Delegation- Based Schemes129 Resource-Optimized Quality-Assured Ambiguous Context Mediation Framework in Pervasive Environments130 Approximation Algorithms for Data Broadcast in Wireless Networks131 Fast Release/Capture Sampling in Large-Scale Sensor Networks132 STORM: A Framework for Integrated Routing, Scheduling, and Traffic Management in Ad Hoc Networks133 Efficient and Fair Bandwidth Allocation in Multichannel Cognitive Radio Networks Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id: , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  10. 10. Ambit lick SolutionsMail Id: , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com