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  1. 1. Customer Relationship Management SystemAbstract: Customer Realationship Management System (CRMS) is establishment,development,maintanence and optimizing of long term mutually beneficial relationshipbetween customers and companies.CRMS is a business philosophy based upon individualcustomers and customised products and services supported by open lines of communicationand feedback from the participating firms that mutually benefit both buying and sellingorganizations.The main objective of the project is to create a customer relationshipmanagement system which helps space marketing executives,space marketing managers andmanagement to interact using a web based system.The proposed CRMS, a crisp andwholesome internet based package specially designed for space marketing department wherall relevant information can be shared among the departments.It helps to monitor the calls ofspace marketing executives and keep track of each and every call made by the executive.Italso helps management to know about the performance of every space marketingExecutive/Manager. Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id : , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  2. 2. Existing System: In CRMS a traditional system is manual and it is DOS based/Foxpro application.Disadvantages: Distributed database due to this to view the information the data has to be reconciledat the centralized location.  It is absolete.  Difficult to hold much number of data.  Traditional system is very slow.  Low efficiency. Proposed System: The proposed CRMS is a web based online system, a crisp and wholesome internetbased package specially designed for space marketing department wher all relevantinformation can be shared among the departments.It helps to monitor the calls of spacemarketing executives and keep track of each and every call made by the executive.It alsohelps management to know about the performance of every space marketingExecutive/Manager. Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id : , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  3. 3. Modules:CorporateRegion in chargeCentre in chargeExecutiveModule Description:Corporate Admin – The Judicier "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration has been minding my own business." Calvin Coolidge The person who have the full belief in his/her business to look after their humanresources inorder to recommend many suggestions to upgrade their involvement towards theirtasks. And being the admin they will keenly look after their services associated with the costover time. And also they will take care of the customers to manage their accounts to bewithstand to join their hands with us in the long interval without any hesitations. Here weextend our scope of concentration towards the marketing executives in virtual manner in orderto direct the team towards the fixed goalClient Linking: The client link is the shophiscated view option in online at their favourableremote location to follow up their executives to know their active status towards the allocatedtask they recieved through their top executives. This will enhance the friendly communityamong the professionals in the low level with the admin peoples through the intermediatemiddle level personnels. By accesing this admin can extract the knowledge of theprofessionals who are all get linked with the end clients for enabling their services. This will Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id : , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  4. 4. be updated by the respective executices who have been take charge in that based on theirshifts.Client Share: The client share will establish the information to the admin about the activeand disactive executives in the stream of marketive function. By accessing this admin came toknow the professsionals co-ordination in sharing their achieve points in marketing within thecampus for the target regulation at the reduction of administrative costs.this will furnish thedetails of the shared works among the personnels who get involved in the process to avoid theconflicts with the clients and also to deliever the services in time to fulfill the qualityrequirements.Special Supplement: Each and every state have their own seasonal occassions which will beoriginated with their peoples behavoir towards their habits. This will get reveal in the profitstatus of the company which will be get boosted with the enthuthiastic sales intiative tryed bythe executives to achieve more than their pre-defined target points. The person who crosstheir linits beyond the limitations will have to be reawarded with the appreciation and alsothey have to be recognized by the concern towards their progress in the next level. In ourproject we designed the module by having this strategy in mind to explore the function whichwill facilitate the admin to allocate some add-on tasks to the eligible personalities in theirpoint of view.Region in charge: Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id : , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  5. 5. In-order to decentralize the flow of work in various dimensions to stretch outtheir resilence under their guidance with the possible split up of the regions which will betreated as the center point of further split up further to gernerate a cluster oriented resultsthrough their friendly commanding to allocate the tasks and also monitor those actions tofigure out the distractions they need to concentrate. Here we are providing some decision oriented options for these middle levelemployees such as they can access all of their center in charge progress associated with theirexecutives performances by regular streaming of thier reports to predict their level at variousinstants inorder to discuss the results to their higher officials regarding their stabilizedoperations by viewing the reports generated by the respected executives. Here we are seggregating the regions into three kinds to monitor processcarried out in southern parts of the india such as tamilnadu, kerala, andhra pradesh.Centre in charge: The operations we discussed will be compatible for center in charge also torefine the process in the center wise for further optimization of the process. Here the center incharge can have the power to access their executives who will be taken charge under theirmonitoring boundary. But we restrict the access status of the employee by reviewing theirreports. By reviewing the reports of the individuals they can came to conclude the dedicatedperformance of the executives. Here we are splitting the center by giving respectiveness to theregions we splittted.Executive: The Struggler Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id : , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com
  6. 6. Executive playes an essential role in our project to optimize his/her functionalities inthe gentle manner which will helpful in enhance the friendly relationship with the top levelemployees. The executives treated as the active participant in this software package whichwill be ensembled with lots of functions such as reporting his inprogress and completed taskand the relevant resources informations which wll be able to link and execute the requestgenereated by the client. Similarly we enroll the add on facilities to them for sharing their taskwith the other co-workers either on their leave or emergency to follow up the customers Ambit lick Solutions Mail Id : , Ambitlicksolutions@gmail.Com