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10 Insanely Smart Gifts That Connect You To The Internet Of Things


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Looking for a unique gift that will impress? How about a smart device that connects you to the internet of things?

The internet of things is still at an early stages with hundreds of new devices coming out every year. With so much experimentation and noise going on, it’s hard to discover truly game changing devices meant for consumers that are well designed, easy to use, and provide actual use in one's every day life.

We’ve identified ten of the best internet of things gadget ideas that fit all of three above mentioned criteria. They also point to our broader vision of a world where everyone and everything is connected to the world wide web! :)

These gifts are just technical enough to satisfy real nerds and geeks, but they'd also be appropriate under the tree of anyone who’s constantly connected to the web.


- The Ambi Labs Team

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10 Insanely Smart Gifts That Connect You To The Internet Of Things

  2. DROP $99 Drop is a Bluetooth-enabled kitchen scale that guides bakers through every step and ingredient necessary to create the perfect culinary delicacy. #1
  3. JAWBONE UP3 $179 If you’re a serious athlete or swimmer or want to monitor your heart rate and workouts, UP3 is the device you’re looking for. #2
  4. TILE from $25 Great gift for the forgetful person. Stick it on your keys, in your bag, or on your bike and locate your lost item via your iPhone. #3 ! CHECK OUT FULL GUIDE
  5. #4 PETCUBE $199 Petcube is a tiny iPhone-connected cube equipped with a camera, motion sensors, and a laser toy, allowing users to watch over their pets and play with them while they’re not at home. ! CHECK OUT FULL GUIDE
  6. Y-CAM CUBE from $275 With the Y-Cam Cube you can monitor your home through your smartphone with Y-cam’s app. No subscription required! #5 ! CHECK OUT FULL GUIDE
  7. LIFX from $99 Lifx is an energy efficient light bulb you can control with your smartphone. It’s wifi enabled and multicolored, and a lot brighter than the Philips Hue! #6 ! CHECK OUT FULL GUIDE
  8. LITTLE BITS from $99 Little Bits are easy-to-use electronic modules that snap together so that you can create and prototype different things without having to solder or know how to code. #7 ! CHECK OUT FULL GUIDE
  9. PEBBLE from $99 The Pebble is an inexpensive smart watch with some of the best third party developer support offering great custom watch faces and fitness apps. #8 ! CHECK OUT FULL GUIDE
  10. NEST PROTECT $99 With the Wi-Fi-ready Nest Protect you can have fire alarms sent directly to your smartphone. The device also acts as a fantastic motion sensor for 3rd party Internet of Things devices. #9 ! CHECK OUT FULL GUIDE
  11. BELKIN WEMO SWITCH $39.90 Control your home electronics from anywhere. If it has a plug, you can plug it into the WeMo -- a space heater, dehumidifier, coffee maker, you name it. #10 ! CHECK OUT FULL GUIDE
  12. BASIC COMING SOON AMBI CLIMATE Ambi Climate is a small, sleek add-on device that automates control of your existing infrared remote-controlled air conditioner. PRE-ORDER NOW
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