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Ambicales Energy Audit


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We are a young company promoted by IIT Alumni. We provide services which helps individuals and organizations to take the "Green Route" for cleaner future. Our services includes Energy Audit, EPCM for Renewable energy (Solar & Bio-mass) Projects, Technology Evaluation (Research & Analysis) and carbon management services(footprint, mitigation and branding)

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Ambicales Energy Audit

  1. 1. Energy Audits & Renewable Energy Potential Assessment
  2. 2. About • A young company promoted by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee Alumni • Our Services help individuals & organizations to take the “Green Route” for a cleaner future • Our mantra is Empowering clean & green power
  3. 3. Our Services • Energy Audits • Renewable Energy (Solar & Biomass) Consultancy • Renewable Energy Potential Assessments • Turnkey solutions • Technology evaluation, research & analysis • Carbon Management Services • Footprinting • Mitigation • Branding
  4. 4. Energy Audits Energy audits can be classified as under: • Walk-through audit: A preliminary inspection of site to observe the various processes and identify glaring areas of energy waste or inefficiency • General audit: A detailed inspection of all energy consuming processes backed up by past operating data. Identification of all energy conservation measures followed by detailed financial analysis for each measure • Investment-grade audit: Projected operating savings from the implementation of energy projects are developed such that they provide a high level of confidence. Extensive attention is given to understanding not only the operating characteristics of all energy consuming systems, but also situations that cause load profile variations on short and long term basis.
  5. 5. Energy Audits Effective energy management strategy • O&M recommendations • Adoption of energy efficient equipments • Analysis of energy demand growth • Consumption Optimization Training (COT)- Training personnel at site for good energy use practices
  6. 6. Methodology of energy audit Meeting with the Identification of key Meeting with the Understanding the facility incharge & personnel of the personnel and their functioning of the defining the scope facility interview facility of work Reviewing the data Collection of facility Collection of collected & blueprints, both Walk through survey historical data of identifying focus architectural & of the whole facility energy consumption areas electrical Final presentation Further investigation Data Analysis & about the audit to of focus areas report preparation facility incharge(s) Methodology followed in General Energy Audit & not in Preliminary Energy Audit
  7. 7. Renewable Energy Potential Assessment (REPA) Dependence on conventional energy can be greatly reduced with the use of modern renewable energy systems. Ambicales has worked extensively & studied about various renewable energy technologies that can be applied for offsetting conventional energy demand in buildings, school/college campus, temples, industries, etc.
  8. 8. Renewable Energy Potential Assessment (REPA) We look at facility specific energy demands that can be offset by the following: • Solar energy systems • Solar photovoltaic • Solar thermal • Biomass energy systems • Biomass gasification • Biogas Digester • Hybrid energy systems
  9. 9. Methodology of REPA Meeting with the Identification of key Meeting with the Understanding the facility incharge & personnel of the personnel and their various types of defining the scope of facility interview energy usage work Reviewing data & Collection of historical finding compatible Collection of Walk through survey data of energy Renewable Energy & architectural blue of the whole facility consumption & waste Waste to energy prints generation systems Surveying of potential Final presentation location(s) for Data Analysis & report about the audit to installing RE & W2E preparation facility incharge(s) systems
  10. 10. Applications of Renewable energy and waste to energy systems • Electricity production • Sewage based • Cooking purposes • Thermal processes • Effluents • Thermal application • Cooking purposes • Lighting application Biomass Effluent Biogas Digester Gasification treatment plant • Electricity generation • Thermal Processes • Electricity production • Water pumping (primarily in Industries) • External lights/ Garden • Hot water generation lights • Steam based cooking • Direct cooking purposes Solar Small wind Solar Thermal Photovoltaic turbines
  11. 11. Why • Technical Support from IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee, IIT Madras & IIT Kharagpur • Extensively working in renewable & energy efficient technologies • Field experience for Energy Audits & REPAs strengthen our Footprinting & Mitigation service profiles • Ambicales has been profiled by Economic Times, Hindustan Times, JAM Magazine, Deccan Chronicle, etc
  12. 12. Projects served • Pre-Feasibility Study for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Yamaha, Faridabad measures at Faridabad Plant The Doon School, • Walk through audit and Renewable Energy Potential Assessment (REPA) under Special Area Demonstration Project (SADP) by the Dehradun Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) Gurukul Kangadi • Renewable Energy Potential Assessment (REPA) under Special Vishwavidyalaya, Area Demonstration Project (SADP) by the Ministry of New and Haridwar Renewable Energy (MNRE) Winrock International • Secondary research and analysis of energy saving equipments for the SIDBI Financing Scheme for Energy Saving Projects in India MSME Sector Ankur Scientific Energy • Marketing Outreach for North India for Biomass Gasifiers Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  13. 13. Projects served S.R. Corporate • Uttarakhand Renewable Energy Masterplan Project Consultant (P) Ltd. • Marketing Outreach for North India for Arun Solar (Solar Clique Technologies Pvt. Thermal system) • Feasibility Study for 1 MW biomass based power plant in Milestone Gears (P) Ltd. Haryana • Building Energy Audit; Building energy audit at CISF building, Epic Energy Limited Patna
  14. 14. Our Clients Milestone Gears (P) Ltd. Yamaha Motors, Faridabad Winrock International India S.R. Corporate Consultant (P) Ltd. Ankur Scientific Energy Technologies Uttarakhand Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd. Development Agency (UREDA) Clique Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)
  15. 15. Case study A new 70 bed hospital in Bijapur, Karnataka has a sanctioned load of 50 kVA. The following describes in brief the walk through audit conducted at the hospital.
  16. 16. Case study Power Factor Correction Power factor history of the hospital (year 2009) Units consumed Recorded power Month Penalty (Rs.)** (kWh) factor* January 8000 0.78 2880 February 9634 0.80 2890.20 March 10546 0.81 2847.42 April 11235 0.76 4718.70 May 10987 0.82 2636.88 June 10762 0.86 1291.44 *Power factor specified by utility is 0.90. **Penalty of 3 paisa per unit consumed is levied for every reduction of pf by 0.01 by 0.90 lag
  17. 17. Case study Average power factor of 0.80 will be considered for calculations. Average energy consumption over the period is 10035.4 kWh. Average power factor penalty over the period is Rs. 2877.44. The solution is to install Power Factor Correction (PFC). It is recommended that the PFC unit be of 15 kVAR capacity. The cost of the unit is approximately Rs. 20000. Projected savings are Rs. 34529/yr with a simple payback period (SPP) of 0.57 years or 7 months.
  18. 18. Case study Motor Load Test A detailed motor load study was undertaken on all continuously operating motors, with help of clamp on energy meter to measure instantaneous parameters. Star mode operation of under loaded motors (which are loaded below 45 % of the rated capacity) results in improved operating efficiency. The following motors at the hospital were under-loaded Rated Power Actual Power Power after star Saving potential Motor (kW) (kW) connection (kW) (kW) Basement water 3.72 1.4 0.47 0.93 pumping 1 Basement water 1.5 0.52 0.17 0.35 pumping 2
  19. 19. Case study Total saving potential (kW) 1.28 Daily operating hours (hrs) 16 Number of operating days in a year (days) 365 Saving* Rs. 37376/year *Average electricity cost per kWh = Rs. 5
  20. 20. Equipments required for Energy Audit Lux meter x 2 Digital power analyser Steam and air leak detector Vane type Anemometer Flow meter x 2 Clamp-on power meter Digital tachometer Digital hygrometer
  21. 21. Costs • Equipment cost for complete building energy audit (electrical and HVAC) – Rs. 8 lakhs • Ambicales costs – Fixed cost Rs. 20,000/- – Rs. 25/m2 – Rs. 30/m2 of built up area
  22. 22. Web: Email: Contact: +91-9718800615 +91-9811708911 Address: H -5/56, Near Ryan International School. Sector 11, Rohini , New Delhi- 85