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Rumeur Publique Corp. Pres. 2011


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Rumeur Publique Corp. Pres. 2011

  1. 1. RUMEUR PUBLIQUE 2011 Corporate Presentation Influence strategists
  2. 2. OUR STORY. (our past, present & future.)Team Story Team Vision Team MissionBorn in 1988 and headquartered At Rumeur Publique we think that By truly understanding our clientsin Paris, RUMEUR PUBLIQUE is a in today’s saturated media world, we conceptualize and anticipatefull-service public relations agen- capturing an audience through a their unique needs; focusing on thecy. No matter what your line of smart communication strategy most effective branding solutionsbusiness is, how sophisticated or may very well be the most va- given our vast array of expertisecomplicated your business is we luable competitive advantage. It and core competencies. Ourcan help you tell your story to the takes experience, expertise and dynamic team of professionalskey stakeholders in a manner that innovative thinking to focus on are passionate about our industry,increases your mindshare, your delivering value at the right time, our clients and our commitmentmarket share and strengthens to the right audience and in the to consistently producing measu-your brand. most effective manor. rable results. At Rumeur Publique we aspire to inspire leadership for our clients and company alike.
  3. 3. OUR EVOLUTION. (@ a glance.) 42 4.5 > consultants + 3 million in revenues 2010 > 1studio Editorial Digital Public Relationsdepartments > > Web design
  4. 4. OUR TEAM. (our competitive advantage.) “Leadership is only complimentary to passion. To lead your team you must continuously engage interests and evolve insights with provocative thought and clearOur team is our best asset. We direction.“ - Christian Giacomini, Founder RPcarefully select talented profes-sionals based not only on theirCV, but their personality as well.We are a dynamic group who are Leadershipalways ambitious to expand our With combined industry experience of over 25 years our leaders, Christianknowledge base, continuously Giacomini & Jacques Armessen, truly embody their passion for the industryseek feedback for improvement through strategic insights, network know-how and proactive engagement.and are eager to fuel our curiosity With clear commitment to objectives and guidance they have lead RP to thewith new challenges. enviable market positioning we currently hold.
  5. 5. OUR INSIGHT. (fusing the old with the new.) “Consistent re-evaluation of the industry results in continuous adaptation. Anticipation of trends and emerging channels of communication present opportunities, but only for those who are aware.“ - Jacques ArmessenFinding the Servicesbest balance Public, Analyst & Media Relations Network influenceWe offer diverse skills sets in an Reputation development & managementarray of essential areas (traditional Web campaigns, bespoke & smart brand content& emerging) to ensure clients Event creation & implementationneeds & expectations are not only Support & training of spokespeople/ executivesmet, but exceeded. Crisis communication & transparency
  6. 6. OUR INTERESTS. (from interest spawns innovation.)
  7. 7. OUR ADDED VALUE. (leveraged visibility.)At RP we understand the - Central involvement in core client challenges and initiatives,fundamental importance of truly - Substantial market expertise of our valued consultants,conceptualizing all aspects of ourclients’ business environments. - Agile and innovative to rapidly reach and response to public opinion,We manifest tangible results - Consistent superior quality of service,through our in-depth knowledgeof their business, stakeholders - Continuous awareness, advancement and analysis of industry trends and,and spheres of influence while - Clear commitments on the objectives related to our mission and vision.leveraging our keen commu-nications insights to createtruly remarkable, attractive andconsistently effective visibilitystrategies.
  8. 8. OUR FUTURE. (begins with dedication to yours.)Our commitment to long-term VMware 2010 Best Business Initiativerelationships is evident in that BEA’s 2007 Best PR Agency of the Year70% of our current clientele havebeen with us for 7-10 years and Grand Prize 2005 Relations Press (Prix de Jury)60% of our staff members have SABRE 2004 Certificate of Excellencebeen with us for more than 10years. As our clients’ business Les Agences de l’Année (2003 & 2000) Best Agency of the Yearflourishes so does ours! EMC’s 1999 Worldwide Best PR Team
  9. 9. CONTACT US. (let’s talk opportunities.) 2 rue René Bazin, 75016 PARIS Tél.:+33(0)1 55 74 52 00 Fax.:+33(0) 1 55 74 52 02.
  10. 10. Think Rumeur Publique