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Casting Shots and Wardrobe
Actor 1Actor Profile                                                                                      Character Profil...
Actor 2Actors Profile                                                                                     Character Profil...
Actor 3Actor Profile                                                                                     Character Profile...
Actor 4Actor Profile                                                                                   Character ProfileNa...
The next following slides are for people weintended to cast but had to change due to         a conflict in schedules....
Actor 1                                                                                                  Character Profile...
Actor 2Actor Profile                                                                                   Character ProfileNa...
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Wardrobe and character profiling


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PowerPoint about our characters and wardrobe choices...

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Wardrobe and character profiling

  1. 1. Casting Shots and Wardrobe
  2. 2. Actor 1Actor Profile Character ProfileName: Benjamin Handley Name: JackRole: Main male character (Jack) Role: Main characterReason for casting: Ben is a strong Background: Jack is an average 16 year oldlooking person capable of expressing boy but he has a secret. Trying to ignorehis emotions well. The conviction of what he is hiding, Jack still goes aboutemotions is important as later on in everyday typical activities such as hangingthe opening sequence, people need out with his girlfriend, going to school andto feel sorry for him when he see’s chilling out with his friends. His fashionhis girlfriend lying dead on the floor sense is one of a typical teenage boy, oftenand so they can relate to what the reverting to just wearing jeans and a shirt.character is feeling. Ben is also of a Just by looking at him, you wouldn’t believesimilar age to the target audience he is hiding anything so when his secret iswhich again helps to allow the revealed later on in the film, it makes itaudience to relate and connect to even more shocking.him. He is also very tall and standsout making him even more suitablefor the main role. The general wardrobe is ‘casual’. This look is typically worn by people of the same age and gender and would therefore suggest that he is like everyone else and helps the audience to relate to the character. It helps to make him look innocent and unaware of what is about to happen to him which would help to shock the audience.
  3. 3. Actor 2Actors Profile Character ProfileName: Tiria Barnes Name: NatashaRole: Natasha (Jack’s Girlfriend) Role: GirlfriendReason for casting: Tiria looks like a Background: A typical week for Natashasweet and innocent person and has consists on hanging out with friends, doingthat girlish but normal look about her. school work and going on dates with Jack.Due to her early death, it is important Natasha has always stayed away fromthat the audience create a connection trouble and is well behaved at school whiletowards her so that her death has a also being a little bit shy. She had no idealarger impact on them. Tiria will also on what Jack and his friends had gottenappeal to the target audience as she is into. She comes from a wealthyof similar age to them. Having her be background and her appearance reflectsyoung and attractive makes the that but she is anything far from beingaudience feel a sense of pity towards stuck up and snobby.her. Tiria will be wearing simple black leggings and a baggy shirt which is typically what people in our target audience also wear out as well. She will also be wearing a fake red fur coat to show the audience that she is quite wealthy but the converses she is wearing will help remind them that she is still a teenager. This outfit along with neutral make-up has the right balance between beauty and innocence as an outfit that would be more revealing would distract the audience from her her vulnerability.
  4. 4. Actor 3Actor Profile Character ProfileName: Gisella Omole Name: FrankieRole: Friend of Jacks (dead body) Role: Jack’s FriendReason for casting: Gisealla again has Background: Frankie care’s for all of onethe look of innocence about her but person. Herself. She enjoys the thrill ofthis time will have a bit more make-up getting in trouble, getting arrested byon, especially around the eyes, to try police on a frequent bases. Frankie is in onand make her look a little more Jack’s secret and even helped him cover itmysterious to the audience. Having up. She has no time for school and wouldthe make-up will make her character rather spend her time getting highcome off as stronger and make the somewhere. Her death was not as big of aaudience aware that she was in on the shock to Jack as it was Natasha’s. Natashasecret that Jack was hiding. Her did not like her and constantly asked Jackbeauty and age however still allow the to stay away from her.audience to connect to her. Gisella will be dressed in black leggings and a large coat. She will also have on heavy eyeliner to give her a sense of mystery and to make her seem stronger than the other 2 characters who died. The coat suggests to the audience that she was going somewhere and that her death was unexpected. Having her dress in all black also helps to build up her mysterious image as black is often associated with sneaking around and hiding.
  5. 5. Actor 4Actor Profile Character ProfileName: Katie Coxon Name: KateRole: Friend of Natasha and Jack Role: Jack and Natasha’s Friend(dead body) Background: Originally Friends withReason for casting: Katie has the Natasha, Kate grew to be friends with Jacklook of innocence of her due to her when him and Natasha started dating. Shefare skin and hair. Her face is quite was always well behaved and had neverfriendly and therefore allows the been in trouble a day in her life. Kate wasaudience to create a sense of pity actually aware of Jack’s secret but nevertowards her. She is again of similar told Natasha about it as she thought sheage to the audience which helps the was protecting her safety. It turns out sheaudience to feel a connection to her. was wrong. Katie will wear a jeans and a nice shirt, something people would wear from our target audience. She will also be wearing a leather Jacket and boots to make it look like she was going somewhere important (perhaps a date) and makes her death seem more sudden to the audience. Her make up will be plain and simple so that it doesn’t distract the viewers from her purity. Her outfit also doesn’t reveal much and again helps to keep her sense of vulnerability intact.
  6. 6. The next following slides are for people weintended to cast but had to change due to a conflict in schedules....
  7. 7. Actor 1 Character ProfileActor Profile Name: NathanialName: Joseph Barlow Role: Jack’s best friendRole: Nathanial (Jack’s best friend) Background: Compared to Jack, NathanialsReason for casting: Joe has a striking innocents is buried under is sense offace that is very serious and can hold mystery. Nathanial has a past full of crimea facial expression for a long time and mischief, with him being arrested 2which is needed because he will be times for drug use. Jack and Nathanial’splaying a dead person laying on the friendship was unexpected but was strong.ground. He has quite a mysterious The strength of their friendship will belook about him which will make shown constantly through out the film,audience intrigued to find out what showing the audience what they got up tohe’s has done that has caused him to and also making the death at the beginningdie. Joe’s serious look contrasts with have more of an impact on them andBen’s (Jack’s) innocent look which helping them to sympathise with Jack laterwould make audience members on in the film.wonder why they are friends andwant to find out more about whatthey have gotten themselves into. The wardrobe is still ‘casual’ with the character wearing typical jeans and a shirt. This helps the audience relate to the character and show them that both Jack and Nathanial are close in age. However this time the character will be wearing a long black coat to make him look more mysterious and show the audience that he was the mischievous one of the pair. Having the casual clothes makes it seem like his death was unexpected and makes the audience wonder who killed him and why.
  8. 8. Actor 2Actor Profile Character ProfileName: Nicholas Clay Name: JayRole: Jack’s friend Role: Jack’s friendReason for casting: Nick has a Background: Jay was the innocentvery innocent face which will bystander in Jack’s activities, having no ideamake it easier for the audience to what he was up to until it was to late. Heconnect with him as they would was well behaved but still knew how tosympathise for him with his have a good time. His death wasblonde hair and blue eyes really unexpected by Jack and had a big impactbringing out the innocence in his on him as he had nothing to do with whatface making his death have a he was doing. Jay had good grades and hadlarger on the people watching. His high hopes for the future.age is again similar to theaudience, enabling them to relateto him easier. Nick will still have a ‘casual’ wardrobe so that the audience can easily relate to him as it something they would typically wear. We didn’t want the out he is wearing distract from his purity so that his death could have a large emotional effect on the audience. The outfit also helps to reflect his age again making him more relatable.