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Audience Research


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audience research for a music magazine

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Audience Research

  1. 1. Audience research Survey Monkey
  2. 2. What the survey included I created a survey on Survey Monkey in order to do some audience research. I had 26 responds to my survey in which I asked: • What is your gender • What is your age • What type of magazines do you read • What is your favorite genre of music • What do you think a magazine should include • What is your favorite thing about your favorite magazine
  3. 3. Gender • Most of the participants were female which was my main target audience for the magazine I am aiming to make.
  4. 4. Age • I attempted to get a range of people different ages to complete my survey by sharing it on Facebook and Twitter, however most participants were 16-23 years old. This is also within my target audience age range as well as 7-15 year olds.
  5. 5. Magazine Genre The most popular genre of magazine is gossip and sports. However music is still one of the popular genres as shown by the percentage.
  6. 6. Music Genre • Clearly the most popular genre of music is pop (hence the name standing for popular music). This shows that there is a large demand for pop music magazines, so if I was to make a pop magazine it would be successful.
  7. 7. What they think a magazine should include • Free stuff, buyers guide a real understanding of what the readership want and would be useful to them • excellent photography, informative articles based on real life stories • Interesting facts and advice • Competitions • Exclusive Interviews • No large texts • Colourful pictures • Music top charts • Fashion Ideas • Celebs • Recent music trends • Up to date content and information • Latest trends, top buys, best deals • Gossip • Human interest stories • All genres of what it's about and introducing new people/ things to look out for • useful information Interactive articles • Interesting articles • stories, adverts • Variety • jokes, stories
  8. 8. What their favorite magazines include • Reviews • Up to date information • Fact files • Latest trends • Quotes • Lots of pictures • Colour scheme • Hot or not music • Not repetitive- changes every time • Not too many adverts • Gossip • Finding out new things • Clear layout • Good presentation • Quizzes • Celebs lifestyle • Variety of different content • Advice
  9. 9. Conclusions Music is a popular magazine genre and the most popular genre of music to base my magazine on would be pop. Therefor my initial idea for a mainly female target audience based pop magazine would be successful as shown by the results of my survey. My magazine needs to include interactive articles with facts and advice to effetely entertain the audience so they enjoy my magazine. Also no large quantities of block text must be used and lots of interesting pictures need to be included to keep the attention of my teen target audience maintained.