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As media overview


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Thoughts on AS media

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As media overview

  1. 1. AS Media Overview By Amber Gardner
  2. 2. Coursework • In our AS Media course our coursework our task was to produce a front cover, contents page and double page spread for a new music magazine in which I chose the genre of pop. In the process of this I have improved my ICT skills using software programs such as Photoshop to produce my media product. I really enjoyed this task as I felt that I enhanced my knowledge of real media products such as magazines and understood the codes and conventions to convert this knowledge into my own successful product after doing various audience research and genre research. I think that my research, planning and production went particularly well and I am extremely proud out my outcome. If I was to do this task again I would improve the quality of my photographs by practicing different camera angles and different settings.
  3. 3. Examination • For our examination part one we had to watch a clip from a TV drama and analyze the aspects that make up the clip regarding media terminology such as miss-en-scène, sound, editing and camera work. Also the second section of the examination regards the music industry and our question was based on the ownership of contemporary media practice and the issue raised in terms of this topic. Overall I think I have gained lots of knowledge of both topics of media and have enjoyed the study of them. I think that my exam went well however, I think to improve I could have done more research to gather more statistics to use as evidence to back up my points in my music industry section of the exam. Also for the TV drama the subject of ethnicity was raised in which I found difficult amongst the other 6 representations therefore I feel that I could have studied this representation in more detail for better preparation of my exam, however overall it was successful. The Music Industry TV Drama
  4. 4. AS Overview • I have found AS Media very interesting to study this year and have particularity progressed in this subject at school developing my knowledge of media to a high degree. Overall I am proud of my development of understanding regarding media products, the music industry and TV dramas. I think that the course was exciting and enjoyable throughout the period of studying it.