Trends That Matter Vrma 2010


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Presentation on Website Trends that Matter at VRMA Annual Conference 2010 in San Antonio, TX

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Trends That Matter Vrma 2010

  1. 1. Web Trends that Matter Achieving 100% Efficiency SEO/SEM/SMO VRMA 2010 – San Antonio, TX Presented By: Amber Mayer
  2. 2. Topic Overview 1. Online Booking Conversion Sources 2. Google Updates 3. Bing Updates 4. Social Marketing 5. Email Marketing 6. Mobile Marketing
  3. 3. Vacation Rental Web Trends *The top ten keywords that resulted in conversions (organic) were all brand based keywords (clients who typed in the name of the company along with destination based keywords) *Data Represents a cumulative review of client web traffic and conversion from sites that utilize the Rezolution™ Booking Engine with Marketing Analytics Module. Over 25,000 Online Bookings are represented from 2009-2010 YTD 30% 25% 8% 10% 15% 11% 1% Online BookingROI Organic PPC/CPC Local/Maps Email Marketing Direct Traffic Online Ads Facebook
  4. 4. Google New
  5. 5. Google Caffeine •Google will update and index web pages 50% Faster •Caffeine indexes web pages on an enormous scale. In fact, every second Caffeine processes hundreds of thousands of pages in parallel. If this were a pile of paper it would grow three miles taller every second. •Caffeine indexes everything – web pages, video, images, news, blog posts, Facebook Page updates, Twitter updates, press releases and more!
  6. 6. Google Instant What is Google Instant? Google Instant is a new search technology that shows search results as you type in the search query box. This change was based on Google’s findings that people read much faster than they can type . Thus, this change is based on the principal that online users will read the results as they type and stop typing when they find relevant results. Google Instant suggests keywords as an online user types based on the top search queries containing the phrases that have already been entered on the screen – thus enabling people who are not sure what they are looking for – to utilize keyword strings that are popular for the same topic.
  7. 7. Google Instant What does this mean for you? 1.It changes everything – reset your expectations and be open minded. 2.Understanding your destinations top Keywords and Long Tail Phrases is critical. 3.The keywords that currently result in Online Bookings will not necessarily be the top producers under Instant. 4.Revisit your PPC/CPC Keywords as this does affect your Google AdWords campaigns. If a user stops typing after 3 seconds – AdWords will credit the keyword phrase currently shown in the query box as the referral keyword. 5.Keywords will be suggested to Online Travel Searchers that they have never considered.
  8. 8. Instant Keyword Research Original Search Query: Destin Original Search Query: Destin+(space)
  9. 9. Instant Keyword Research Original Search Query: Chicago V Original Search Query: Houston Va
  10. 10. Google Local Updates What does this mean for you? 1.More Organic Results will display on Page 1 again! 2.You better have your Google Places Account Up-to-Date!
  11. 11. Google Places
  12. 12. Google Local Ranking Factors 1. Your Address 2. Your Business Categories 3. Keyword in Business Name 4. Citation Quantity 5. Completing your Places Page Profile 6. Business Data Consistency 7. Review & Ratings 8. Proximity to Location 9. My Maps Usage by Online User 10. Traditional SEO Factors
  13. 13. LSO Tool Tip!
  14. 14. Bing: Have you Decided? Testing Began July 21st ! This means it is VITAL that you log your rankings on Yahoo Search right and do the following “check-ups”: 1.Submit a Bing XML Sitemap 2.Sign up for Bing Tools 3.Ensure that your Robots.txt file is the same for Yahoo and MSN/Bing as soon as possible. More Bing Distribution! Bing will now be a choice for Apple/Safari product users along with the existing choices of Yahoo and Google, but Google will remain the default Engine behind the Safari Search interface. Market Share vs. Google
  15. 15. Bing Maps Bing pulls most of their “Map” locations/listings from (this is why there are tons of “spam” listings on their maps right now. 1.Make SURE that you go into Bing Local and claim/update your listing. Once you have completed that and added your Website – the BOOK IT button will appear next to your listing on the maps. 2.Users have to download software to see the 3D View
  16. 16. Bing Directory Adding your company is a great way to build links – the Bing Directory does not “no follow” their links!
  17. 17. Bing – Adding/Verify Your Listing
  18. 18. Bing – Toolbox Focus: Crawl, Index & Traffic Key Highlights: •Browse through Bing Index to verify pages and directories that have been submitted •Submit URLs/XML Sitemaps •Identify Crawl Issues •Block specific URLs from Indexing •Keyword Performance •Inbound Links
  19. 19. Bing: An Aside Does your Website Answer Questions & Help People Make Decisions?
  20. 20. Social Marketing How much should I be spending on Social Marketing? 1.Do I even know what Social Marketing is suppose to do for me? 2.Are all Fans/Likes/Followers equal? 3.Can I track conversion from Social Marketing? 4.Do I have the staff & resources to dedicate to Social Marketing? 5.How well do I understand my client demographics?
  21. 21. Social Marketing
  22. 22. LinkedIn Big News
  23. 23. Social Marketing FACEBOOK USERS
  24. 24. FACEBOOK – WHAT MOTIVATES USERS TO “LIKE” YOU 40% To Receive Discounts and Promotions 39% To Show Support for the Company to Others 36% To Get a Freebie 34% To Stay Informed about Activities of the Company 33% To Get Updates on Future Products/Projects 30% To Get Updates on Upcoming Sales/Promotions 29% For Entertainment/Enjoyment 22% Someone Recommended it to Me 21% To Learn about the Company 13% For Education about Company Topics 13% To Interact Social Marketing – Facebook
  25. 25. Do You “Like” It?
  26. 26. Growing your Facebook Fans Hints & Tips based on my humble experience: 1.Setup a Facebook Ad to your page based on CPM not CPC (Cost per Impressions not Clicks!) 2.Drive the traffic from your Facebook Ad to your Facebook Page… 3.Use the demographic segmentation tools to find your target audience 4.Use a Contest/Vacation Give-away to grow your Facebook “Like” Audience on your Fan Page 5.Track the performance every day and tweak your demographic segmentation!
  27. 27. Social Marketing TWITTER USERS
  28. 28. Social Marketing – Twitter
  29. 29. Do You “Tweet This” ?
  30. 30. Email Marketing Benchmarks: Open Rates: 11.2% Click Rates: 9% - 10.5% Open Rates by Day: High: Sunday Low: Monday Click Rates by Day: High: Sunday Low: Monday Bounce Rates: >Monthly: 1%-2% <Monthly: 5%+ Effect of Personalization: In Body of Email: Increased Open Rates In Subject Line: Reduced Open Rates Other Hints: % of Users that images turned on by default: 33% % of Users reading email on mobile devices: 25%
  31. 31. Email Marketing •Small Businesses Report a 20% increase in Customer Loyalty when Social Marketing is integrated with the Email Marketing Campaigns •Approximately 10% of email marketers are integrating social marketing tools into their email campaigns
  32. 32. Mobile Marketing
  33. 33. Great Resources •Google Webmaster Blog: •Google Blog: •Bing ToolBox: •Search Engine Land: •Mashable: •Website Mag: •Demographics:
  34. 34. Contact Info Amber (Leto) Mayer Mayer Consulting