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ID card based device for making relevant connections between employees within large organizations

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  • During the 21 st century with advancement of digital technologies, we have been able to connect with people across the globe. It is so easy to get to know someone in India while sitting in US through the myriad of communication channels available.
  • Knowledge is stored in databases and archives! Users face a steep learning curve with each new archive Corporate environment does not facilitate conversation, rather enforces technologies which create a social divide. Knowledge in all its granularity resides within the minds of the employees.
  • Numerous sketches were developed and shared with domain experts Experiments with various RF transmitters and LCD
  • Smart-Share

    1. 1. Smart-Connect Thesis Studio: Fall 2009 Amber Krishan | MFA DT Jerome Nadel ( Senior Vice President of User Experience at Sagem Wireless, Paris ) Katherine Morawaki ( Faculty, Parsons School of design, The New School, NYC ) Louisa Cambell (Faculty, Parsons School of design, The New School, NYC)
    2. 2. What is Smart-Connect? <ul><li>Smart-Connect is a ID card device based system, which would help financial consultants identify colleagues relevant to their work within the physical workspace. </li></ul>Patrick is working on a Procter & Gamble project similar to yours…
    3. 3. Digital technologies have enabled human connectivity across the globe It is so easy to get to know someone across the globe!
    4. 4. But… Its become difficult to know the person working right next to you!
    5. 5. The Situation at the Workplace Granularity of employee knowledge lost Cryptic knowledge stored in databases and archives Don’t make me search through archives! I just need to ask someone…don’t know who! Steep learning curve due to multiple sites Lack of human conversation
    6. 6. Thesis Question How can relevant connections be made amongst employees across an organization?
    7. 7. Some Examples… <ul><li>Contact aggregation and smart sharing is already happening! </li></ul>‘ Bump’ (iphone application) Vodaphone 360 Social Site Aggregators
    8. 8. Prototypes & Feedback Prototypes Feedback Concept Generation Early Tests Tech Studies Final Prototypes The prototype worn on the shirt was more successful with the Parsons community as it created interest and interaction Domain experts preferred integrating the technology into the ID card Device and environment models helped decipher system parameters Better understanding of possible technologies and definite need for smaller components Target users found the system very useful and valuable to their work. Domain Experts were skeptic towards the practicality of the solution. Concept Development
    9. 9. System Components System database Desktop Application Location Identifier ID card device
    10. 10. How does it work?
    11. 11. Evaluation “ Great idea…has a lot of potential” “ The device should be discrete…consultants don’t want to glow!” “ Doesn’t seem cost effective to create a separate device based system.” “ maybe you should consider building a mobile phone application for blackberry and customize it across different mobile OS” Domain Experts (User Experience, Mobile Phone Industry, Knowledge management) “ This is genius…it would be very valuable” “ What about privacy issues?” “ When would it be coming out?” “ I don’t mind if it is a phone application or a Smart ID” Target Users (3, inadequate sample size)
    12. 12. Next Steps Internship with Sagem wireless System refinement & Development Business Plan