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Workshop, Human Leadership III: ‘Digital communication a catalyst for change…for you and your company?’

With social media as a focal point; has strategic thinking, planning and communication changed? Or is it simply, but not to be underestimated, a fundamental change in human behaviour?

We open up a discussion based on insights on why and how the digital era is an enabler for change for you and your company. Embark on a journey of changing leadership,organisation structures and communication strategies.

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  1. 1. Human Leadership and its potential Part III of III City Business Library, London, 7 February 2011Digital communication,a catalyst for change Katrin Andersson Limited ...for you and your Company?Katrin Andersson Anna-Maria BerggrenFounder & Director Katrin Andersson Limited Marketing Strategist a-m unltd consultingPicture:  
  2. 2. Today’s agenda1.  Introduction2.  Brand Management & Human Leadership Katrin Andersson Limited3.  The digital era4.  Impact of digital communication5.  Facing the paradigm shift6.  Summary & Closing 1
  3. 3. Katrin Andersson LimitedKatrin Andersson Limited & a-m unltd consulting1. INTRODUCTION 2
  4. 4. A change consultancythat makes a difference:  Why do companies work with Katrin Andersson Limited? They are facing change, and want a catalyst to speed up the process of: :  Expansion and growth of the business Katrin Andersson Limited :  How to succeed in hard times :  Personal leadership potential:  What do we achieve? Most common denominators among our customerbase. They have: :  Succeded with successions and promotions :  Become a recognized subject matter expert :  Improved their strategic thinking and increased speed to market with new product concepts in the UK and abroad             That  requires  courage.   3
  5. 5. amunltd| insight || innovation ||| implementationanna-maria berggren ‘Concept developmentmarketing strategist starting with the •  Private public sector brand promise.’ Katrin Andersson Limited•  Industries •  Finance •  Consulting •  Health fitness   Building developing •  Travel brands •  E-Tailing   Service designPartners management •  Geelmuyden.Kiese/KetchumPleon   Digital•  Berghs School of Communication communication •  Katrin Andersson Limited 4
  6. 6. Katrin Andersson LimitedBranding – Leadership – Change – Courage2. BRAND MANAGEMENT HUMAN LEADERSHIP 5
  7. 7. What is abrand?The sum of allassociations in the headof the receiver Katrin Andersson Limited  Inspired  by:  Åsa  Myrdal  Bra; 6
  8. 8. Brand touch points Architecture   Adversing   www   Sales    collateral   Wholesalers   Word  of   Katrin Andersson Limited Mouth   Customer  services   PR   The brand promise Concepts   Sponsoring Products/   Services   Events   DM  /  TM   Leadership   Employees   7
  9. 9. Brand management profitabilitySoucre:   Katrin Andersson Limited Informants   Leaders   Internal   Scep1cs   Sellers   External   8
  10. 10. Our core values, the value chain KALtd amunltd Katrin Andersson Limited1. Shareholder 2. Customer 1. Employee 2. Customer 3. Employee 3. Shareholder :  The brand promise defines the business objectives :  Employees are the most valuable brand touch point 9
  11. 11. Human Leadership:  In an ever-changing global economy change has become a necessity – not an optional strategy for risk takers. Katrin Andersson Limited:  Change in human behaviour, business objectives and strategies – to generate growth in good and in bad times.:  The era we live in requires leadership skills that are human.:  Leadership is about human behaviour.:  ‘Human leaders’ clearly define visions, actions and results for themselves, the business and the individuals interacting in or with the organisation. Human leadership is an effective way to catalyst change; with the individual as a starting point create growth and profitability in all types and sizes of business. 10
  12. 12. Human leadership put into practice:  Vision is about courage – strategy planning!:  Action is about change – tactics execution! Katrin Andersson Limited:  Result is about – outcome the bottom line! ‘Why and how’ is a catalyst – explore your Vision, Action and Results! ©   That is courage. 11
  13. 13. Teams, Groups :  Create vision, set direction and beand Individuals – prepared to shift and adapt to new andworking together changing circumstances. 1+1=3 :  Be brave, recognise and constructively approach uncertainty. Resourcefully Katrin Andersson Limited support each other ready to explore the unknown, review mistakes and celebrate success. :  Reach outstanding potential, together and alone. Embrace, motivate, stimulate and retain diverse and top talent. “Create instead of criticise “1+1=3” discovery instead of complacency.” 12
  14. 14. !Courage is....:  to make a difference Katrin Andersson Limited:  be curious, “what if”:  engage and explore the unknown “whatever it takes” “Effective communication and leadership from senior managers are key to drive sustainable organisation performance”. Harnessing the power of employee communication. CIPD Report Sept 2010. 13
  15. 15. A common purpose and innovation of newknowledgeIn the eye of the perfect storm Katrin Andersson Limited It is about believing inis about leadership and determination, the unknown and making it happen, daring tocommitment and action. taking risks without knowing exactly how it will turn out in reality.
  16. 16. Change:  Digital communication a catalyst for change Katrin Andersson Limited:  “ The internet has fundamentally changed the pace of business, compressing time and rewarding speed” David Meerman Scott, Real-Time Marketing PR. 15
  17. 17. ”With social media as a focal point;has strategic thinking, planning and Katrin Andersson Limitedcommunication changed? Or is itsimply, but not to beunderestimated, a fundamentalchange in human behaviour?” 16
  18. 18. Paradigm shifts:  A major shift in a certain thought-pattern Katrin Andersson Limited:  A dramatic change in methodology or practice:  A transformation of social and industrial processes “…the introduction of the personal computer and the internet have impacted both personal and business environments, and is a catalyst for a Paradigm Shift.” 17
  19. 19. Douglas AdamsThe Sunday Times 29 August 1999 Katrin Andersson Limited
  20. 20. Katrin Andersson LimitedTechnology – Social behaviour – Demographic apartheid3. THE DIGITAL ERA 19
  21. 21. Exercise: What is social media for you –and your company? Dating Ego trip  ( Internet   Katrin Andersson Limited Infrastructure Sales  tool   A process Advertising spaceWeb 2.0 Networking PR A hype! A hobby Meeng  point   Interactive digital communication on web-enabled platforms. 20
  22. 22. Evolution from the 15th century Katrin Andersson Limited 21
  23. 23. TimelinesCommunication Katrin Andersson Limited Past PresentBrand 22
  24. 24. LinkedIn 85 M members across 200 Facts figures industries, half outside the US 11 M in Europe One new member every second Katrin Andersson Limited Company pages (Beta): 100 000 Facebook 500 M active users Mankind spends 700 billion minutes every month on Facebook TwitterSource:  Digital  Communicaons  and  Social  Media  –  the  challenges  facing  the  PR  industry  |  ©  Watson  Helsby  2010   Total 175 M members April-Sept 2010: + 30 M new members 60% of Fortune 500 in Sept 2010 compared to 35% in 2009 23
  25. 25. Katrin Andersson LimitedTechnology + Behaviour = Social Media 24
  26. 26. Technology Katrin Andersson Limited 1. Sites Forums 2. Social networks 3. Blogs 4. Micro blogs5. Pictures, clips music Källa:  Brian  Solis,   25
  27. 27. Social media – channels… High interaction creativity Blogs Microblogs worldpress.comCompany-generated content Twitter Katrin Andersson Limited User-generated content Facebook Audio Video SlideShare YouTube Flickr Spotify Sites Forums Social networks Company websites LinkedIn Campaign sites SmallWorld Company/brand blogs Bookmarking TripAdvisor, Pricerunner Low interaction creativity 26
  28. 28. Behaviour27 Katrin Andersson Limited
  29. 29. The social ladder3 Innovative conversationalist Katrin Andersson Limited2 Active participant1 Visible audience Source:   28
  30. 30. 3 phases of interaction 3. Innovative conversationalist •  Creates dialogue Katrin Andersson Limited •  Engages supporters to become active/do things •  Builds new conversations and “applications” 2. Active participant •  Starts to follow others •  Responds to comments •  Is seen and heard1. Visible audience •  Registers •  Listens •  Responds 29
  31. 31. Generation ‘why’:  From: :  I think, therefore I am. Katrin Andersson Limited:  To:* :  I’m seen, therefore I am. :  I’m heard, therefore I am. :  I cause, therefore I am. *)Source: Anders Sjöman, Berghs School of Communication, 2009 30
  33. 33. Bought and earned media WE are a great ADVERTISING company!! Katrin Andersson Limited THEY are a PR great company!! They ARE a GREAT SOCIAL company!! MEDIA 32Inspired by: John Moore, Brand Autopsy
  34. 34. Who do we trust ? 59% Katrin Andersson Limited Source: Jon Leach, Pattern Recognition via Leo Rayman and Digitas 19% 12% 7% 2% Family Friends Media Authorities Advertising 33 Source: Jon Leach, Pattern Recognition via Leo Rayman and Digitas
  35. 35. Digital currencies:  Money:  Collecting Katrin Andersson Limited:  Knowledge:  Good causes:  Entertainment:  Tips advice:  Identity fame:  Values:  Personal development:  Be associated with Source: Scott Stratten. Unmarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging. 34
  36. 36. The 5th P:  Price Exchange:  Place Emotion Katrin Andersson Limited:  Product Experience People:  Promotion Engagement Inspired by: CEO of Ogilvy One Worldwide, Brian Fetherstonhaugh 35
  37. 37. Being good online is seen Katrin Andersson Limitedas a metaphor for beinggood at other things, eg.forward thinking, quick,nimble etc.Source:  Digital  Communicaons  and  Social  Media  –  the  challenges  facing  the  PR  industry  |  ©  Watson  Helsby  2010   36
  38. 38. Corporations’ readinessStructure Culture CEO   COO   CFO   Katrin Andersson Limited Legal   Public  Affairs   Customer   RD   HR   Manufacturing   Sales   Markeng   IT   Services   37
  39. 39. Traditional decision makingDoes not happen in real-time CEO   Publicity   COO   CFO   Katrin Andersson Limited PR  agency   Legal   Public  Affairs   Customer   RD   HR   Manufacturing   Sales   Markeng   IT   Services   !   !   .     Inspired  by:  David  Meerman  Sco;,  Real-­‐Time    MarkeCng    PR 38
  40. 40. Katrin Andersson Limited THE HUMAN IN FOCUS Demographic, digital apartheid •  Digital natives •  Digital immigrantsSource:  Digital  Communicaons  and  Social  Media  –  the  challenges  facing  the  PR  industry  |  ©  Watson  Helsby  2010   39
  41. 41. Demographic apartheid: Katrin Andersson LimitedWhat does it look like inyour company?Internally / Externally 40
  42. 42. Why and how the digital era is anenabler for change:  The focus has changed from inside out to outside in Katrin Andersson Limited:  There is the possibility and opportunity for real time conversations between people; :  Between society and institutions, :  Between individuals and companies/brand, :  Between decision makers and influencers 41
  43. 43. Thought leadership Katrin Andersson Limited External   Inside-­‐Out   Outside-­‐in   Internal   Inspired by 42
  44. 44. LeadershipFrom telling and controlling’ to listen and interacting Katrin Andersson LimitedFrom power and control to power and influence, to influence and power. Reactive Proactive Interactive 43
  45. 45. 6. THE PARADIGM SHIFT44 Katrin Andersson Limited
  46. 46. Change:  From reactive/problemfocused to proactive/ solutionfocused to interactive/online Katrin Andersson Limited:  Embark on a journey changing: :  Leadership :  Organisation structures :  Communication strategies 45
  47. 47. Facing the paradigm shift:  From control to influence:  From few to many Katrin Andersson Limited:  From claim, to evidence, to trust:  From your time to real-time:  From power and influence, to influence and power:  From reactive, to proactive, to interactive“Social media are tools. Real-time is a mindset.”David Meerman Scott, Real-Time Marketing PR. 46
  48. 48. Exercise:  What does this mean to you and Katrin Andersson Limited your company? :  What will you change, if anything? :  If yes, how will you do it? 47
  49. 49. 7. SUMMARY CLOSING48 Katrin Andersson Limited
  50. 50. Summary Katrin Andersson Limited:  Walk your talk Brand promise and leadership:  Be prepared Have a plan, a strategy and tactic:  Value change Be human in real-time 49
  51. 51. Katrin Andersson Limited amunltd 41 Richmond Avenue a-m unltd consulting Scheelegatan 11 London N1 0NB 112 28 stockholm Tel +44 207 609 9665 sweden M +46 (0) 733–24 60 72 Katrin Andersson Limited Thank you. Would you like to hear more, tune in on Twitter:@KALtd@amunltd