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Grand Challenges Learning Analytics


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Grand Challenges Learning Analytics

Part of SURF Academy event
May 28th 2015

Published in: Education
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Grand Challenges Learning Analytics

  1. 1. IN OPEN ONLINE EDUCATION Infrastructure for Learning Analytics Alan Berg Co chair – SURF SiG LA, Community Officer Apereo LAI Program manager LA - UvA
  2. 2. There will be a digital divide between Higher ED organizations with data centralism and those without. Those organizations with data centralism will have a significant competitive advantage related to Learning analytics services.
  3. 3. OU UK Are we on the wrong side of an emerging digital divide for researchers and later practitioners? Before 2018, we aim to become a world leading centre of learning analytics research, whereby state-of-the-art evidence-based research leads to advancements of the learning analytics field, transformed into successful methods, approaches and commercial products. Furthermore, we need to ensure that research is effectively translated into cost-effective transformations of the core OU business programme. By developing micro- level experiments in the Jennie Lee Research Laboratories and meso- level interventions within the core business model (e.g., Student Experience Project PVC LT) together with the two other research programmes within IET (Innovative Pedagogy, Learning in an open world), we aim to become the leading centre of excellence in learning analytics as recognised by REF 2020.
  4. 4. •Standards -xAPI / Caliper -LTI •Requirements and hackathons -Look at all that duplication of functionality and potentially relearning others lessons •Retention systems: Open Academic Analytics Initiative -Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) •Dashboards: Open Dashboard •Broad community and policies– OLA (SoLAR, LACE, JISC, Apereo LAI, SURF, UvA) •Learn from formative examples: JISC national Freemium LA Service Building large scale systems The recipe
  5. 5. ● Gathers student activity in a secure repository ● Standard protocol ● REST like service for writing and querying ● Can act as the glue for Learning Analytics Projects ● Good introduction at: What is the experience API
  6. 6. The basic architecture Learning Record Store Mobile Devices OtherLMS ALMS X Dashboard Application Ethic’s and privacy and legal Security
  7. 7. xAPI Benefits ● Decouples activity streams from specific software (centralizes data) ● Standards approach ● Scalable - But {the LRS market needs to mature} ● Structured data - But {depends on what you send} ● Community ● Clean data for research ● Growing market enthusiasm ● Can work well with LTI dashboards
  8. 8. Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) •Learning Tools Interoperability •Stand alone application that appears inside LMS’s, portal’s etc •Great for scalability, performance, migration, separation of concerns •Large list of compliant tools •Uses a secret key to secure communication •LMS passes context information •Examples: UvAnalytics, Opendashboard •Homepage:
  9. 9. Context Information resource_link_id: is a key for the content. context_id: is the key to the course. user_id: is the key to the user in the PIWIK database. roles: Is the set of roles the user has in the course. lis_person_contact_email_primary: E-mail address of user as defined in the Blackboard Database. Full list of variables: e/index.html
  10. 10. Scalable dashboards using LTI Learning Record Store All Other enabled Sakai CLE Dashboard Application LTI ● Scalable ● Lazy coupling ● Has the potential to work across applications
  11. 11. IMSGlobal – Caliper •A competing standard against xAPI, but does more •You can find the exact details here: •Public release very near. •Recommend keeping track
  12. 12. Hackathons and open dashboard Requirements count • Collecting requirements across hackathons • Sponsored by SURF and UvA - 2 days. 4 teams. Free to participate • LAK15 Conference - 2 days. 4 teams. Conference charge to participate - - ve - - Open dashboard - Open LRS • More hackathons to come
  13. 13. Open Learning Analytics With learning analytics poised to become a mainstream technology, higher education leaders from around the world came together following the Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK) 2014 conference in Indianapolis, Indiana for an Open Learning Analytics (OLA) Summit. European OLA summit Nov 2014 in Amsterdam (LACE, Apereo supporting) • • In progress • Heavily influences emerging frameworks such as: - Apereo Learning Analytics Initiative - Jisc National Freemium LA infrastructure
  14. 14. JISCNational Framework
  15. 15. QUESTIONS ?
  16. 16. EXTRA
  17. 17. Policy and Infrastructure workshops logistical-issues-of-learning-analytics-v1-0/ for-learning-analytics/
  18. 18. JISC Freemium national LA services Remember To mention PMML, OAAI ETL and kettle
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Context information oauth_signature : SuSQ5MGM9EwMsfgRpV/y6Eta+NU= lti_version : LTI-1p0 oauth_signature_method : HMAC-SHA1 tool_consumer_instance_contact_email : user_id : _129821_1 lti_message_type : basic-lti-launch-request tool_consumer_instance_guid : 0991091dba98402ab0cd424ecaf4ea89 launch_presentation_document_target : frame context_title : Learning_Analytics oauth_version : 1.0 tool_consumer_instance_name : UvA lis_person_name_full : Fred Peters resource_link_title : The Learning Game - Gir /test context_id : _38097_1 roles: urn:lti:role:ims/lis/Instructor lis_person_contact_email_primary : lis_person_name_given : Fred launch_presentation_locale : en-US oauth_timestamp : 1338360641
  21. 21. Tincan API protocol JSON :actor verb object context extensions etc. { "actor": { "name": "Sally Glider", "mbox": "" }, "verb": { "id": "", "display": {"en-US": "experienced"} }, "object": { "id": "", "definition": { "name": { "en-US": "Solo Hang Gliding" } } } }
  22. 22. xAPI + Open Badges Growing set of examples