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Codal analysis of make up advert


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Codal analysis of make up advert

  2. 2. Codes • I am looking at three different make-up adverts, all of which are different brands and will look at codes such as • Visual code • Audio code • Narrative code • Action code • Enigma code • Technical code
  3. 3. Mac Advert for General Products
  4. 4. Visual Codes Firstly this is shot in studio, a lot of what we see has been computer generated and been through lots of editing and processing. There is a constant flashing through out the video, along with bright beams of light against a black background, between this we see the models posing. This makes the advert seem high profile, almost as if paparazzi are taking the pictures. Images are shown of Mac make-up eye shadows to nail varnish's to lip-glosses. The brand “mac” is constantly shown on screen which reinforces the brand into the audience. On screen this looks very appealing from the consumers point of view the bright colours, the models, use of bold words and the use of the images of the products. The models make up looks slightly over the top but glamorous. Audio codes The audio in this advert is the same song all the way through, the sound suits the style of advert with an electric pop feel. The song gives a feeling of attitude which is often associated with younger people and therefore will attract them and persuade them to buy the product.
  5. 5. Narrative codes There is no narrative here, but what we see are various models who are suggested to be wearing Mac make-up. They are shown to be glamorous and pretty, the audience decode that the models look this way because they are using Mac products. Action codes The actions in this advert are the models who are pulling poses. These are not exactly traditional or flatter them particularly but show youth and a bit of attitude. The models almost look like dolls as they do not change they’re facial expression whatsoever and just make small movements with their heads and hands. Enigma codes There is no real enigma code in the advert in terms of narrative, but the audience could feel that they have to try the product to see the results. In the advert the audience are not given much information about the product therefore this creates an enigma code, the make-up is not seen being applied and there is nothing to say weather the make-up is good or bad.
  6. 6. Technical codes In terms of editing, a sense of montage editing is used as the audience are shown different cuts of models and make-up. Graphics are used when showing the make-up on the screen which gives the impression of them moving around, this gives a modern and young vibe to the advert. Lots of flashing lights are used throughout the advert, this is continuous and goes from black and white when the models are shown. This makes the advert interesting to watch.
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  8. 8. Rimmel London 1000 Kisses Lip Tint
  9. 9. Visual codes This advert is on location, set in the heart of London. The audience are shown various iconic images of London for example the guards with the hat and red uniform on. This ties into the brand of Rimmel London as the location is a strong selling point. As we know these guards stay still and do not move much, however in this advert we see the guards giving all there attention to the young female model and lots of interaction between the guards and the female, for example them picking her up and he pushing them around and also kissing them on the cheeks which relates to the product. The female model is shown on a white horse which has a British flag painted on it, this ties in with the theme of London and looks as if the female model has all the power. Red is a common colour through out the advert which is typically ‘London’ and is shown through the clothing. The product is shown multiple times in the advert, and the product is shown being applied. Lots of kisses and pouts are made to emphasis the product and the lips, this also relates to the 1000 kisses name of the product. Also the outfits worn by the female are very uniformed of reds, navy and blacks, and looks very professional.
  10. 10. Audio codes There is a music song in the background of the advert and is there from start to finish. There is a man voice over who introduces the product first. Through out the advert words are used such as “duty” “power” “royal” “seal the deal” which relates to London and the guards. Also to enforce the product the voice over an says “how many kisses can you give?” the female model replies “1000!” “what are you going to do with your 1000 kisses?” this helps the audience interact with the advert and the product. Narrative codes The narrative of this advert is about giving 1000 kisses. The female model is shown to kiss and pout a lot to put great emphasis on the product. These kisses are shown to be given to the men establish a relationship between the men and the female model. Also the narrative is based around London and the Queen which is the most established institution of our country.
  11. 11. Action codes The actions in this advert is the model pulling poses, interaction with the guards which is the picking up of the female model and the female model pushes the guards over and kisses them. The model pouts a lot and blows kisses. This suggests a very girly and flirty product, which will attract a younger audience. Enigma codes The enigma codes in this advert are about who the girl is, and also her affect on the guards. Its well known that the guards of London are very strong and stationary, so this raises an enigma of how the girl has all their attention. This then leads to the make-up and perhaps this is why, however the audience do not know and will make them want to buy the make-up. The question asked by the girl herself “what are you going to do with your 1000 kisses?” at the end of the advert, leaves the audience something to think about.
  12. 12. Technical codes This is continuous editing, as this advert is telling more of a story compared to the previous Mac Make-Up advert. Simple cuts are used between shots which are very fast moving and goes to different scenes. Shots of the products are shown, like the previous advert these are shown to move on the screen, this emphasises the range of colours of the product. The different shot types used are mainly zoom ins and slight tracking, which keeps all the focus on the female model and keeps her in control, in the majority of the shots she is in the middle, in terms of rule of thirds.
  13. 13. Barry M Gelly Nails and Gelly Lips
  14. 14. Visual Codes Bright colours are used in this advert from the props, the background to the models outfits and make-up. Focus is put on the nails and the lips as these are the products that the brand are trying to sell, these colours are also very bright, however the rest of the make-up is understated. The products are shown on a large screen with in the studio area, where the models can been seen in front of it, this reinforces their product with the models. The models are show to be very happy, they are blowing bubbles, spray painting the screen with bright colours, smiling and blowing kisses and taking pictures of themsleves. This is used in order to give a girly feel to the advert, but they also look like they rebelling and being mischievous, this typically relates to teenagers which are their target audience.
  15. 15. Audio codes The music starts at the beginning and doesn’t finish until the end, like the previous two other adverts. The music playing is more of an alarm, which suggest crime and danger however makes the advert exciting. The music starts to change in the advert to a more soft pop beat which is less intense. The female voice over repeats the word “love” when referring to the products, and uses other emotive words in order to sell the product to the audience. Narrative codes The narrative in this advert is the models having a good time, laughing with each other. They are all wearing very bright colours which further suggest their happiness, along with their big gestures. They are first taking pictures of themselves, then blowing bubbles then they start to spray paint in bright colours.
  16. 16. Action codes The actions in this advert are the models smiling and blowing kisses suggesting femininity and flirtation. They are blowing bubbles, taking pictures and spray painting, this gives the impression that they are girly and also rebellious. These actions help shoe the product, for example blowing bubbles allows shots of the lips, and taking pictures and spray painting allows shots of the hands and nails to be seen.
  17. 17. Enigma codes In this advert the audience don’t know who the females are or what they mean to each other. There is an enigma around why the females are taking pictures of themselves and why they are blowing bubbles. Technical codes This advert is similar to the first advert as this is more of montage editing, with simple cuts next to each other however there is no suggestion of time. Mainly close up shots and medium shots are used, with many zooms and slight camera tracking movements. Not many long shots are used and this is to keep the focus on the make-up on the lips and nails. Also at the end of the advert, graphics are used with the make-up products to make them look like they are changing colours, this shows the wide range of colours their product offers and also gives a modern and upbeat affect.