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How can you library media specialist and the library on your campus add value to the content you teach and enrich learning for all?

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  • About 18 hours, for those who have to know. 
  • Students are TEXT savvy, not TECH savvy. Pages 4, 9, 18
  • Page 15
  • SSR during Enrichment?Emphasis of poetry and drama on new STAAR test. Will demo how to make and share a resource list in Destiny later. Tools for embedding website evaluation into content-centered lessons.RAD CABsGlogsterWebsite Evaluation - Shopping
  • 1. College Prep Lesson
  • We teach plagiarism lesson at start of research. Google Docs – great tool for peer review – speaker last year said a “must” for college. Boolean search–will demo in Destiny.PlagiarismGoogle Docs
  • Rubric provided by UH Librarian, Christina Gola, April 22, 2011.“It used to be that if we wanted find out about something, we looked at the research and formed an opinion. Now we have an opinion, and we find research to support it.” -Paraphrase, Scott Simon
  • We can teach copyright and plagiarism by embedding it in units across the year. We are also the go-to source for copyright questions (i.e. entire books scanned in and put on a wiki).
  • A 5th grader hasn’t developed the natural intuition that we have – how do we teach them to recognize false information?
  • Boolean search example: e-readers NOT kindles – Opposing Viewpoints in Context.Discovery Education account: b0803775, original password.
  • Distribute “assignment” for hands-on practice.
  • Library value added

    1. 1. LIBRARY & MEDIARESOURCESAdded Value for EVERY Content & Age! Text questions to 281-940-4118.
    2. 2. Frame of ReferenceWhen you were in the classroom, did you usethe library media center?If so, in what ways?If not, why not? (Be honest – I can take it.) Text questions to 281-940-4118.
    3. 3. PARADIGM SHIFTPAST PRESENT Text questions to 281-940-4118.
    4. 4. “The problem isn’t finding information, the problem is sorting through the mass of information that’s out there to find what’s really valuable.” -Joe Goetz, University of St. Thomas Librarian Text questions to 281-940-4118.
    5. 5. Why this session? “Most of our students want to do Google searching for everything. My staff even wants to do that. So when I show them what better results they get from the databases, I can even get the teachers to buy in to using them. Teachers are well educated and we shouldn’t have to talk about the databases, but my experience is they don’t use them. I feel like librarians are needed more than ever because we are bombarded with information but so much of it is biased or wrong. Students need the skills to navigate this mass of ‘junk information’ to find the gems. We do that. However, the lay community sees all the answers as being on the web, so they think ‘why do we need libraries at all.’ Instead of needing librarians less, we need their skills more than ever to teach our students how to find reliable, accurate, and balanced information.” -Chris Gill, Katy Junior High Librarian Text questions to 281-940-4118.
    6. 6. School Libraries Work!“Like elementary schools, high schools tended“Direct correlation can be made betweento have better test results where teachersstudent achievement and school libraryreported that they initiate collaboration withprograms led by library media specialists whosethe library media specialist on the design anddual teaching certification uniquely qualifiesthem.” of instruction at least weekly ordeliverymonthly.” —Keith Curry, Marcia J. Rodney, and Becky Russell The Indiana Study (2007) Text questions to 281-940-4118.
    7. 7. School Libraries Work!Based on a 2001 study, over 10% more students in Texas schools with librarians than in schools without librarians met minimum Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS) expectations in reading. Text questions to 281-940-4118.
    8. 8. STAARImproved Reading = Improved STAAR Passing Rates Libraries can provide exposure to different genres: poetry, nonfiction, drama. Collaboration! Teach together as a team. Embed research skills into curriculum year-round rather than having a research “unit.” Text questions to 281-940-4118.
    9. 9. Alignment District-wide lessons that match curriculum!Examples:• When 1st grade teaches ABC order, the library has a lesson on books shelved in ABC Order.• When 5th grade math teaches decimals, the library has a lesson on Dewey Decimal order. Text questions to 281-940-4118.
    10. 10. College Ready?“Students need to go to the library and learn about the library’s resources - print and electronic - if they’re going to be successful with research. They can’t hope to find good results with just the tools they’re used to (Google, Wikipedia, etc). And they really need to know that librarians are there to guide and instruct them in this learning process. Librarians are there to help you. Ask them for help.” -Joe Goetz, University of St. Thomas Text questions to 281-940-4118.
    11. 11. College Ready?“Plagiarism, peer review and Boolean search.” -Loan Nguyen, University of St. Thomas Librarian Text questions to 281-940-4118.
    12. 12. Text questions to 281-940-4118.
    13. 13. Google is not for research… Librarians teach information access and evaluation of electronic resources. Text questions to 281-940-4118.
    14. 14. A Better WayDestiny Bells & Whistles: Create a resource list & share it with a campus Built-in citation maker Search books & databases at the same time Use from home Boolean searchContent-specific databases: GALE – something for everyone Encyclopedias & Discovery Education Social Studies – ABC-CLIO, Maps 101, Culture Grams, SIRS Decades, TX Handbook Online General Helps - Turn It In, Big 6, MLA CitationeBooks: Searchable within Destiny catalog with all resources Just eBooks accessible through separate link Text questions to 281-940-4118.
    15. 15. Dive in! puses/MRHS/Pages/Library.aspx (Students > Library Resources) Library Blogs Text questions to 281-940-4118.
    16. 16. Works Cited• Images from Photobucket, accessed 11/29/11,• Boilerplate Website, accessed 11/30/11,• Scholastic Research & Results “School Libraries Work!” Paper, accessed 11/29/11,• STAAR Logo, accessed 12/1/11,• University of St. Thomas Logo, accessed 12/1/11,• University of Houston Logo, accessed 05/11,• Collaborative idea-gathering with fellow KISD Librarians• Slides available @ under “KISD Library Value-Added” Text questions to 281-940-4118.