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Specific technology tools used in classrooms.

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Educ w200 ppt

  1. 1. By Amber Gray
  2. 2.  Virtual Learning Blogging Wordle
  3. 3. Definition- computer-generated, three- dimensional representation of a setting in which the user of the technology perceives themselves to be and within which interaction takes place( How would you use a virtual world? Citation
  4. 4.  Jump Start- students can learn math and reading lessons in a gaming way(curriculum is based on state and national standards). Yourself Wild- students can create their own avatar with different animal body parts. Hurricane Katrina- students can learn about Hurricane Katrina while exploring the New Orleans with their Avatar and help people who are in need of help.
  5. 5.  Virtual Learning is a great tool to use in the classroom because it can be applied to global issues in the world such as Hurricane Katrina. It offers students to learn in a setting that appeals to them. Provides interactive learning skills such as: social, technical, and practical. Students won’t be bored with lectures.
  6. 6. Definition- a website containing the writers or group of writers own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites( What will you do with your blog? Citation
  7. 7.  Blogs are becoming more popular in the education field today  Educating Students  Replacing Newsletters  Used as a class webpage  A way to inform Parents  Easy to share ideas, photos, and thoughts
  8. 8.  Blogs are a useful tool in the classroom because it allows students to become active with what they are learning in the classroom. Teachers can have students access a blog page from any computer and still be learning outside of school. A way for students to learn about other countries if teachers have been there.
  9. 9.  Definition- is a free web-based tool that creates word clouds from text. Formatting the font, layout, and colors are optional. What will you Wordle for you students? Citation
  10. 10.  Wordle is a great tool in the classroom for students to ponder on what lesson they are learning about. Plus, it can be used with younger children too. Elementary- using wordle to express the characteristics about themselves. Middle School- exploring words in Social Studies- Gettysburg Address or Constitution. High School- analyzing literacy terms in book such as The Great Gatsby and To Kill A Mockingbird.
  11. 11.  I love the idea of Wordle. It allows students to identify key words on a topic being used in school. Plus, it keeps students involved on the curriculum.
  12. 12.  Technology can be used in the classroom for all ages. If teachers can do their homework of finding these useful tools in their classrooms, students will be more involved with their school work. Technology allows students to maintain an interest in what they are learning while enjoying the activity. Lets help our students learn today!
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