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Lassus title sequence pitch

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Lassus title sequence pitch

  1. 1. Illumi-knights  This is our production company's name.  We chose this because we are enlightening our audiences to our films.  The Knights are the people who are embarking on the adventure of films.  It also gives off an ethereal vibe.
  2. 2. Lassus  The name of our film is called Lassus. This is due to the fact that Lassus is Latin for Tired. The film is a psychological thriller based on an insomniac who’s illness becomes so extreme that he begins to experience hallucinations of a disturbing nature.
  3. 3. Key Characters  The main character is a man with insomnia.  There is a boy who in his hallucinations.
  4. 4. What will happen?  A man who has suffered the trauma in his life of his family being killed in front of his eyes without the murderer being caught develops Insomnia later on in his life.  The film starts two years after the man started suffering from insomnia.  The man continuously sees a young boy who he believes was the boy who killed his family.  This becomes the catalyst for other hallucinations.  The man tries to follow the boy and track him down as the boy kills more people.  The man comes to realize that the boy doesn’t exist and find out that it was him that killed his family and all the other people.
  5. 5. What will be in the title sequence?  The title sequence will show the main character seeing his mother and father being killed. This will create empathy for the character.  He will open his eyes to a picture of him and his parents to show that it was his parents that he saw getting killed.
  6. 6. Sequences that influenced me  Seven as the shots were all put together in a stylized and symbolic way. The shots that were included also gave an idea about what the film was about to inform the audience what sort of film was. Also as it was quite a dark and disturbing opening sequence.  The opening sequence to Dexter also influenced us as in Dexter every shot had a purpose and gave the idea about killing and the idea that the main character is a killer.
  7. 7. Inspiration