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CLICK PREDICTIONS retweet Prediction In ClickPredictions 2010


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retweet Prediction In 2010 a when brands create market-

the birth of this growing number of compa-
nies will break with their
old, interruptive tell-and-
ing that consumers choose
to engage with and adver-
tising that itself improves

a meaningful sell habits and adopt the
next evolution of marketing.
They will accept that con-
people’s lives.

marketing sumers cannot be hood-
winked or annoyed into buy-
ing their products and realize

that the only way to earn
attention and sales is to add
value to their lives through
the marketing itself. It’s a
concept called “Marketing
with Meaning” and works

recommended resources
» marketing with meaning
» the next evolution of marketing: connect with your
Bob gilbreath is Chief
marketing Strategist at customers by marketing with meaning
Bridge worldwide (one
of the nation’s largest » marketing with meaning on twitter
digital advertising
agencies) and author of
“the next evolution of

twitter: mktgwithmeaning
Resolve to abandon the advertising
interruption model and begin to
evolve to Marketing with Meaning.
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