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Where to place white papers to reach prospects and customers?


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You can't just write a white paper, upload the finished document to a web site and hope to gain traction. Where and how should the white papers be distributed to reach prospects and customers? What are the promotional tools available to you?

We have invited White Paper Experts to shed light on the following question: Where should white papers be distributed? Read on to get their insights.

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Where to place white papers to reach prospects and customers?

  1. 1. CLICK DOCUMENTS Tips on where to place white papers? Compiled By: Ambal Balakrishnan
  2. 2. STEPHANIE TILTON Go where your prospects are While customers may stumble across a paper posted to your corporate website, many prospects won't. Prospects conduct searches in Google and other search engines, find out what their peers are discussing on social media and industry-specific sites, and attend webinars and conferences to explore their issues. Blog Savvy B2B Marketing | Twitter StephanieTilton
  3. 3. MIKE STELZNER Find 'not so obvious places' to promote your white papers Promote your white papers in “not so obvious” places. Why not include a title, short description and link to your white papers in your email signature? Create a custom background on Twitter with a thumbnail of the cover of your white paper.  If your company has a blog, the sidebar is an excellent place to promote your white paper. Blog Writing White Papers | Twitter Mike_Stelzner
  4. 4. JONATHAN KANTOR Use your white paper as a new online ‘business card’ Blog WhitePaperPundit | Twitter Jonathan_Kantor Place hyperlinks to your white paper across a variety of both internal and external online locations: Internal Locations like Corporate Web Site - Home page, White Paper Library page, and Corporate Blog. External Locations like Social Media Sites, White Paper Aggregators and Industry News Sources.
  5. 5. JIM LODICO It's not enough to "place" a white paper Blog WhitePapersolution | Twitter Jlcommunication It's not enough to "place" a white paper, a white paper needs to be actively promoted. This promotion can take any of a number of forms including social media, public relations, webinars and industry presentations. It helps if the white paper addresses industry trends, new procedures or other educational information as opposed to product information.
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