Tips on how B2B marketers should do Content Marketing


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B2B marketing really is interesting when you look past the company and realize that you are communicating with actual people. It is amazing how often this fact is forgotten. How do you educate and inform these people if you are a B2B marketer? We asked B2B marketing experts "If you could give our readers one tip on how B2B marketers should do content marketing, what would that be?".

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Tips on how B2B marketers should do Content Marketing

  1. 1. CLICK DOCUMENTS Tips on how B2B marketers should do Content Marketing Compiled By: Ambal Balakrishnan
  2. 2. ARDATH ALBEE Map Content to Buying Stages Blog Marketing Interactions | Twitter Ardath421 B2B marketing is often related to a complex sale over the course of a sales cycle that’s 6 months or longer. That means marketers need to create nurturing programs with increasingly relevant content over the long haul. What marketers sometimes fail to realize is that the information a buyer needs at the beginning of their buying process differs greatly from what’s important to them in the later stages.
  3. 3. REBEL BROWN For every claim you make in your content, ask yourself “So What?” For every claim you make in your content, ask yourself “So What?”. And keep asking until you have a concise, compelling content statement that reflects what matters to your audience. Then go build the rest of your content from that starting point. Once you get to the real “So What?” benefit statements, your content will hit your audience right between their business eyes. That’s the first step to creating  powerful customer conversations that lead to trusted relationships. Blog Phoenix Rising | Twitter RebelBrown
  4. 4. BOB GILBREATH Blog Marketing with Meaning | Twitter Mktgwithmeaning Make sure that your content is differentiated and matching how your company is differentiated from the competition. Chances are there are already content sources out there that your customers are reading or watching, and it’s hard to stand out with me-too information. Audit their current information sources and look for openings that closely match what your firm believes makes it superior. Differentiate your content
  5. 5. PATSI KRAKOFF Educate, entertain, and engage with readers Forget “How to do content marketing?.” Just remember one key thing: Be real. That means that you have to talk to readers and customers like real human beings do. In a way, it should be called “personality” or “relationship” marketing. You don’t have to sell anything. Instead educate, entertain, and engage with readers. Tell them how to solve their problems. Tell them stories. Show them who you are. Be real, be you. Blog Writing on the Web | Twitter Patsiblogsquad
  6. 6. SEAMUS WALSH Know your customer Know your customer. Today having a great looking and content rich site is expected. To differentiate yourself articulate how you can solve client’s business issues by directly speaking to and meeting the needs of a stakeholder. By doing so, you are telling them “I understand your needs and I can meet them.” In this age of information overload, anyone who can provide information that directly addresses the needs of a particular population can gain loyalty by saving the individual time and therefore money. Blog B2BContentMarketing | Twitter SeamusWalsh
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