How to get customers to participate in a case study?


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Case studies can be really valuable tools to educate your prospects. So you invest time and money in documenting a customer success story. Before embarking on this journey, stop and learn what not to do in a case study. We asked case study experts "What steps companies can proactively take to get customers to commit to participate in a case study?". Get insights and recommended resources from Case Study Experts.

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How to get customers to participate in a case study?

  1. 1. CLICK DOCUMENTS What steps can companies proactively take to get customers to commit to participate in a case study? Compiled By: Ambal Balakrishnan
  2. 2. CASEY HIBBARD Customize your approach for each case study Blog Stories that Sell | Twitter Casey_Hibbard Your customer company may be motivated to get a certain message out. Can you create a case study that tells your story and also tells the story your customer wants to tell the marketplace? Or, perhaps your individual contacts want some personal fame for making good decisions that saved his/her department major money, etc.
  3. 3. CINDY KING Not doing the research you need to get the best story The biggest mistake you can make is not doing the research you need to get the best story.  This means asking the right questions and digging to find the key elements of the story.  When interviewing international clients, or people from different cultures, you need to take extra time to make sure you get the full story and get it right. Blog CindyKing | Twitter CindyKing
  4. 4. JONATHAN KRANZ Encourage participation by articulating what’s in it for them You can encourage their participation by articulating what’s in it for them -- another piece of publicity. If they’re concerned about airing their laundry, tell them the case study puts the client in a favorable light, demonstrating the company’s willingness to do whatever’s necessary to improve, grow and simply be better at whatever it is they do. Blog Kranzcom | Twitter jonkranz
  5. 5. MICHELE LINN Blog Savvy B2B Marketing | Twitter MicheleLinn You need to figure out and promote the “what’s in it for me” aspect of the case study—not only for the customers but also for the internal people who are responsible for identifying customers to use in case studies. Figure out “what’s in it for me” aspect of the case study
  6. 6. SARAH MITCHELL No Customer Pain, Lots of Vendor Gain If a company wants to encourage customer participation in this valuable exercise, they have to do two things: 1. Make it as painless for the customer as possible. 2. Sell the benefits of the finished document. Blog GlobalCopyWriting | Twitter globalcopywrite
  7. 7. STEPHANIE TILTON Allay any fears and expand the opportunity By following these five suggestions, you'll increase the likelihood of hearing a resounding "yes" next time you ask a customer to participate in a case study: Share a published case study and explain how and where this one will appear; Highlight associated publicity, such as a press release or magazine article; Broach the subject when offering the customer something valuable; Make it worthwhile for your main contact; Assume full responsibility for gathering feedback and approvals Blog Savvy B2B Marketing | Twitter StephanieTilton
  8. 8. Recommended Resources from Case Study Experts Blogs Casey Hibbard's blog Stories that Sell Cindy King's blog CindyKing Michele Linn's blog Savvy B2B Marketing Stephanie Tilton's blog Savvy B2B Marketing Books Casey Hibbard's book Stories that Sell Jill Konrath's book Selling To Big Companies Joe Pulizzi's and Newt Barrett's book Get Content. Get Customers. Others Steve Slaunwhite’s Cracking the Case Study Market LinkedIn Group – Success-Story Marketing Group 6 Steps to Successful Case Studies Jonathan Kranz's eBook: Making Your Case: Everything You and Your Colleagues Need to Write Compelling, Lead-Generating Case Studies