Great Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing Quotes 2009 Part4


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Great Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing Quotes 2009 Part4

  1. 1. CLICK DOCUMENTS 11 Great Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing Quotes for 2009 Part 4 Compiled By: Ambal Balakrishnan 1
  2. 2. Jeremiah Owyang Twitter jowyang The corporate website is an unbelievable collection of hyperbole, artificial branding, and pro-corporate content. As a result, trusted decisions are being made on other locations on the internet. CLICK DOCUMENTS 2
  3. 3. Joe Pulizzi Twitter juntajoe Content marketing is more difficult, takes more time, but has a greater payoff in the long run. I think people are starting to get it, and social media is helping. CLICK DOCUMENTS 3
  4. 4. John Battelle Twitter JohnBattelle Social media marketing is about brands acting, well, social. Which means they need to show up to the party with a nice bottle of wine, if that's what the party calls for. They need to come ready to have a dialog, and add value to the event. CLICK DOCUMENTS 4
  5. 5. John Gerzema Twitter johngerzema Social media trends are coming headlong into a positive collision with consumer values. This represents an opportunity for marketers with integrity to connect with consumers based on trust using empathy and giving their customers something real they can believe in. CLICK DOCUMENTS 5
  6. 6. John Jantsch Twitter DuctTape Social Media is a tool, it’s not a religion. My approach to new media is this – explore, participate, converse authentically, but use as many tools as you can to make it as easy as possible to do so. CLICK DOCUMENTS 6
  7. 7. John Moore Twitter WOMMAjohn The more places where conversations happen, the more opportunities for word of mouth to happen. And thus, it pays to be social. CLICK DOCUMENTS 7
  8. 8. John Munsell Twitter bizzuka If content is king, then conversion is queen. CLICK DOCUMENTS 8
  9. 9. Jon Rognerud Twitter jonrognerud Social media expansion is important because this provides foundations for broader / faster mindshare, along with supporting your search engine marketing objectives. CLICK DOCUMENTS 9
  10. 10. Josh Bernoff Twitter jbernoff Basically, in a recession, the consideration phase is more important than awareness — and that’s where advertising flops and social applications succeed. CLICK DOCUMENTS 10
  11. 11. Lee Odden Twitter LeeOdden I think it’s safe to say that companies making investments in better connecting with their customers now, will have a distinct advantage over those that are resolved to ―wait and see‖ with this social web thing. CLICK DOCUMENTS 11
  12. 12. Liz Strauss Twitter lizstrauss Social Listening. Set aside your world view. Hear other perspectives. Challenge our assumptions. CLICK DOCUMENTS 12
  13. 13. THANK you Blog: ClickDocuments – ConnectTheDocs, ClickIdeas Twitter: @ClickDocuments, @Ambal 13