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  1. 1. AndroidApplicationDevelopmentTrainingProgram
  2. 2. OverviewAndroid technology is one of the most growing technology in the world .Android development is no more difficult for the developer who wants todevelop android application. We have made android development veryeasy .This 18 hours android training workshop is planned initiative to exposethe developers to learn Android and develop their own application on theAndroid platform .The participant will have understanding on how to develop their ownandroid applications. They will be introduced to various android tools andtechniques.The participant will be able to plan and implement their ideal strategy andgarner the utilities of Android application world. ProgramParticipant will be able to evaluate their current approach towards androiddevelopment. The workshop is a mixture of understanding, learning anddeveloping android skills .The trainer will provide a number of up to date practical tips, tools anduseful planning techniques that participants can take from the classroomback to the real life.The trainer will take care of Android Basics .
  3. 3. SessionsDay 1Session 1 Android Introduction Android ArchitectureSession 2 Setting Environment for an AndroidSession 3 Understanding an android application structure i) Understanding the XML layout files structure ii) Values XML files iii) Understanding the LDPI , MDPI , HDPIDay 2Session 1 Introduction to android components i) Activities ii) Services iii) Content providers iv) Broadcast receiversSession 2 Activity Life cycle i) Understanding the Life cycle methods ii) Working example of life cycleSession 3 Application development (Hello world) i) Creating first android application ii) Debugging an Application
  4. 4. Understanding DDMS i) DDMS and log resultsDay 3Session1 Working with Layouts techniques i) Linear Layout ii) Relative Layout iii) Table Layout iv) Frame Layout What is layout in Android ? Design Layout Using XML for UI layoutSession 2 Intents understanding i) Implicit intents ii) Explicit Intent iii) Launching native application using Intent iv) Switch between activities using Explicit Intent v) Data transferring between activities using Intents vi) Role of intent Filters vii) Intent Filters in your manifestSession 3 Understanding Threads in Android i) Handler ii) ASynkTask Broadcast ReceiversDay 4Session 1 Understanding Services in android Role of services Service life cycle methods
  5. 5. Session 2 Sharing state in local services Starting and stopping services i) Creating services in an application ii) Running Application in Background using servicesSession 3 Getting data from the server i) Creating connections ii) Sending and receiving the data from the server iii) Working with the HTTP HTTPS connections Notification and alertsDay 5Session 1 Content providers , preferences , SQL database i) Data storage using the preferences ii) Updating the Data using the preferenceSession 2 Explain File handling in Android Working with LocationSession 3 Media in Android i) Supported audio formats ii) Simple media playback iii) Streaming audio iv) Supported video formats v) Streaming video
  6. 6. How will one benefit?The session will change participants approach towards android development andthey will start their own android development for Smart-phones and tabletsThey will : • Understand the complete android architecture • Understand android development skills • Develop applications for Tablet and Smart-phones Venue & Cost Total Fee – Rs 9600.00 VENUE PRJankari Office F-152, 1st floor Dreams mall LBS Marg, Near Railway station Bhandup (West) Mumbai
  7. 7. Trainer Dhiraj Karalkar Senior Mobile Application Developer +919004433388 MumbaiDhiraj Karalkar, an engineer and passionate mobile Apps developer, will conductthe training program. Dhiraj has graduated in engineering in Electronics &Telecommunication from RSTMU University, Nagpur. In addition to this, he hastrained himself from NIIT in software development.Dhiraj a many successful mobile project behind him . He has successfullyimplemented a mobile learning project where students can study and give testusing mobile. He has also developed another project where large corporates canconduct its training program for its senior executives.He was brain behind a leading Indian mCommerce group. He has guided severalstart ups in mobile domain. In addition to Android, he has expertise in Blackberryand J2ME also.