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Motorola Sb6121 - Limited Time 10% off


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Considering buying the Motorola Sb6121?
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Description of product
In the Maker

Constructing after the achievements the particular SB6120, Lightning offers your own total individual press encounter, with lightning-fast high speed pace. This makes use of the strength of DOCSIS Three.2 engineering in order to connection as much as 4 downstream programs as well as several upstream channels--providing an individual superior media solutions along with info charges greater than A hundred Megabyte per second within each and every path. That produces video gaming, buying, installing, functioning, high-quality tone of voice as well as video chat, and also peer-to-peer marketing programs a lot more reasonable, quicker, and also effective than previously.
SB6121 top

SB6121 back
Observe bigger picture.
Important Characteristics
Simple to Setup and make use of

Plug and also enjoy set up
Front solar panel Led lights reveal standing as well as easily simplify problem solving
Multi-language consumer manuals
Supports normal web computer software
User-friendly on the internet diagnostics


Stylish and also space-saving fencing
Provides progressive, high-bandwidth information and also media solutions in order to consumers
Backward-compatible in order to DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS A and a pair of.2

Superior Solutions All set

DOCSIS Several.0-certified (EuroDOCSIS Three.0-based)
Channel connecting up to Four downstream as well as Four upstream stations
1 Ghz in a position the tuners
Supports IPv4 and also IPv6 to flourish system dealing with abilities

Adaptable as well as Handy

Compatible together with House windows, Mac pc, as well as UNIX computer systems.
Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45) info slot permit versatile, high-speed online connectivity along with Car Discuss and also Car MDIX

Trustworthy and also Protected

Increased protection: helps Sophisticated File encryption Solutions (AES) site visitors file encryption
Remotely configurable and also monitorable making use of SNMP and also TFTP

An easy task to put in, trigger, and make use of.

Within Motorola's DOCSIS Several.Zero Ultra-Broadband group of goods, the particular SB6121 consists of a good increased receiver in which facilitates up to and including A single Gigahertz downstream feedback, that allows providers to improve how often range regarding arrangement of recent high-value services--such because bandwith on-demand, business solutions, active video gaming, and also IPTV. The particular SB6121 includes a 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet (RJ-45) interface, in addition to user-friendly, easy-to-read front-panel functional standing Led lights.
What exactly is inside the Package

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Motorola Sb6121 - Limited Time 10% off

  1. 1. Wonderful Features of Motorola SB6121SURFboard >>Save Up to 10%<< Click Here For Best Price
  2. 2. Wonderful Features of Motorola SB6121SURFboard >>Save Up to 10%<< Click Here For Best Price
  3. 3. Wonderful Features of Motorola SB6121SURFboard >>Save Up to 10%<< Click Here For Best Price
  4. 4. Wonderful Features of Motorola SB6121SURFboard >>Save Up to 10%<< Click Here For Best Price
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  10. 10. Wonderful Features of Motorola SB6121SURFboard >>Save Up to 10%<< Click Here For Best Price