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WP-Brighton: When Brands Become Publishers


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WP-Brighton: When Brands Become Publishers

  1. Brand publishersWhat the W.P. does thatmean?WP-BrightonSeptember
  2. Fell in lovewithWordpress
  3. Would you likedisruption to gowith thatWordpress?
  4. Did youknow?Cauliflowersare fractal image (cc) Jim Larson
  5. So ispublishing
  6. FearThrillsLearningRiskLiteracy
  7. “Marketers aregenerating ever-escalating amountsof content, oftenbecomingpublishers... on aglobal scale.”David C Edelman, McKinsey & Co
  8. What doesthat actuallymean?
  9. “Like jumping off acliff”First time blog poster
  10. The intimacy ofWordpress/social- Many-to-many- A personal communication first- Instant feedback- Scope for error (and terror)
  11. Content supply chain- Efficient commissioning and use- Professional producers and editors- Understanding consumers
  12. Practicalstartingpoints...
  13. Developing publisher systems Governance Presence Systems Principles Stock Owned Risk Flow Investment Listening Networks Performance Business © 2011 Brilliant Noise
  14. Governance Guiding Vision Governance Principles Context Guidance notes BusinessTrajectory Planning Risk Skills objectives Project Legal Evaluation Literacy management Systems Policies Measurement Certification © 2011 Brilliant Noise
  15. Personal & Professional- Professional: Editorial & community management - Calendars - Editing - Legal- Personal: Digital literacy - Sharing as a way of working - Living in networks
  16. Super Skills (for anyknowledge worker)- Networks - Understanding yours - How they work- Sharing - By default- Focus and flow - When and how to use the social web Video
  17. Learning toshare
  18. Earningattention
  19. Workingin the network Image © 2011 Paolabililty
  20. Web shadows anddigital footprints- Be the best/first source of information about you- Understand your networks- Be present, be useful- Get a thicker skin- Lines between public and private Book:
  21. PresenceSystemsLiteraciesTalent
  22. DiscussionFurther Reading and notes