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Why editors should be in charge of social media advertising


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Slides from IAB Amplify the Love event.

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Why editors should be in charge of social media advertising

  1. 1. Paid as an editorial tool IAB Amplify the Love Antony Mayfield 19th February 2014 @amayfield
  2. 2. Or why editors should be in charge of advertising...
  3. 3. Or why editors should be in charge of social media advertising...
  4. 4. The Problem
  5. 5. Small budgets Low priority
  6. 6. Paid is another tool in the box.
  7. 7. Source RSS Social listening Bookmarking e.g. Diigo Yammer Wiki Internet Create Publish Word/Pages Spredfast Editorially Gather Content Scrivener ZenWriter CMS Blog 3rd party sites Social networks Amplify Social networks Email RSS Paid content promotion e.g. PPC, OutBrain, Zemanta
  8. 8. Mind your Language
  9. 9. Legacy Language Business models Perspectives
  10. 10. Earned Media Paid distribution
  11. 11. All about the Customer?
  12. 12. Customers, not media, are at the centre of a brand’s world.
  13. 13. Advertising is an unwelcome caller...
  14. 14. Customer Decision Journey Consider Bond Advocate Evaluate Enjoy Buy Mckinsey & Co’s Consumer Decision Journey Model Model first published Harvard Business Review
  15. 15. “134,000 consumers in 23 countries were asked what they thought of 700 brands. A majority of those taking part would not care if 73% of them just vanished. In Europe and America 92% would not be missed. ” Havas survey, cited in The Economist image (cc) Lorem Ipsum
  16. 16. If paid is the priority, the customer isn’t.
  17. 17. The content Equation
  18. 18. Processes: content supply chain Client
  19. 19. Content / social brand activity types - Campaigns (spikey) - Always-on (consistent) - Regular/standard posts - Paid-supported distribution
  20. 20. Always-on Paid supported
  21. 21. Content isn’t Scaling
  22. 22. Brings us back to a model from IBM...
  23. 23. Campaign model
  24. 24. Community building
  25. 25. To scale content... - A customer-first mindset. - Strategic. - Content supply chain. - Metrics connected to business outcomes. - Well-resourced, full time editorial teams. - A-OPS: Always-On, Paid Supported
  26. 26. A-OPS
  27. 27. #AOPS
  28. 28. Ends. Further Reading and notes at: @amayfield © 2014 Brilliant Noise All rights reserved