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Nosey neighbours and norming getting ready for the local privacy debate local social summit 2010


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A presentation i gave at the Local Social Summit in November 2010 in London.

Notes and and some thoughts about it are on my blog at

There are trends in place – rising privacy concerns, uneven digital inclusion – that developers, brands and other actors need to be aware of as the social web becomes the local social web. How do we plan and anticipate shifting user need and concerns and play a proper role in society’s negotiating of new behaviours, creating new norms?

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Nosey neighbours and norming getting ready for the local privacy debate local social summit 2010

  1. 1. Nosey neighbours & norming: Getting ready for the local privacy debate Antony Mayfield Brilliant Noise Local Social Summit : : 18 Nov 2010
  2. 2. Privacy: a proxy issue for hopes and fears about the web. Brilliant Noise
  3. 3. A moving, evolving issue that is social in many senses of that word. Brilliant Noise
  4. 4. ...should be at the centre of An moving, evolving issue thinkingsocial in many that is about the local senses of that word. social web. Brilliant Noise
  5. 5. Privacy + Location Brilliant Noise
  6. 6. Where do we begin? Brilliant Noise
  7. 7. Scare stories? Brilliant Noise
  8. 8. Really scary stories? Brilliant Noise
  9. 9. Scare sites? Brilliant Noise
  10. 10. Educational stalking? Brilliant Noise
  11. 11. Local authority abuses? Brilliant Noise
  12. 12. Extreme celeb examples? Brilliant Noise
  13. 13. Nosey neighbours? Brilliant Noise
  14. 14. Privacy is complex. Brilliant Noise
  15. 15. When I was writing my book... Brilliant Noise
  16. 16. There were two extreme reactions to privacy issues Brilliant Noise
  17. 17. Open door | Lock down Brilliant Noise
  18. 18. Where would you place yourself? Brilliant Noise
  19. 19. Where would you place your users? Brilliant Noise
  20. 20. We are creating new social norms around privacy. Brilliant Noise
  21. 21. Privacy is complex. Brilliant Noise
  22. 22. 3 privacy myths... Brilliant Noise
  23. 23. #myth 1: privacy is a private matter.... Brilliant Noise
  24. 24. #myth 2: privacy is a set in stone human right. Brilliant Noise
  25. 25. myth #3: people are happy to trade away privacy. Brilliant Noise
  26. 26. Witness: Facebook “Whitewalling” a.k.a. “super log off” Brilliant Noise
  27. 27. Witness, Glympse... Brilliant Noise
  28. 28. And innovative approaches to privacy and location... Brilliant Noise
  29. 29. Whapee... Brilliant Noise
  30. 30. This complexity demands a thoughtful response... Brilliant Noise
  31. 31. a design issue. Brilliant Noise
  32. 32. a policy issue. Brilliant Noise
  33. 33. a user / customer / voter issue. Brilliant Noise
  34. 34. an inclusion and literacy issue. Brilliant Noise
  35. 35. So what should we do? Brilliant Noise
  36. 36. Keep close to user issues and needs. Brilliant Noise
  37. 37. Be clear about what your principles are. Brilliant Noise
  38. 38. Encourage open debate within and without. Brilliant Noise
  39. 39. Develop your personal digital literacies and those of the people you work and live with. Brilliant Noise
  40. 40. Thank you @amayfield 47 40 13
  41. 41. Use this as you like but please give credit and link to or the relevant SlideShare page. Brilliant Noise