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iCrossing: NMAlive presentation on engagement measurement


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This presentation covers iCrossing's vision for engagement, our Framework for Measuring Engagement, some case studies and applications.

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iCrossing: NMAlive presentation on engagement measurement

  1. 1. how engagement measurement will change the world NMALive : : 22.2.10
  2. 2. poor old “solution”
  3. 3. “engagement” Image: (cc) dcjohn
  4. 4. “engagement” is word worth fighting for... Image: (cc) dcjohn
  5. 5. engagement can change a business Image: (cc) stewart
  6. 6. guy kawasaki talks about “making meaning” Image: (cc) stewart
  7. 7. in business that’s about demonstrating difference Image: (cc) stewart
  8. 8. three things we want to share about engagement Image: (cc) ComputerHotline
  9. 9. 1. it can power creative Image: (cc) ComputerHotline
  10. 10. 2. user-centred perspective Image: (cc) ComputerHotline
  11. 11. 3. stories + numbers Image: (cc) ComputerHotline
  12. 12. iCrossing’s framework for measuring engagement
  13. 13. what user behaviours show engagement?
  14. 14. what is the value of each behaviour?
  15. 15. an aggregate view of available data
  16. 16. here comes the science
  17. 17. iCrossing’s framework
  18. 18. on + off-site monitoring + analytics stories + numbers
  19. 19. Involvement: Are people coming to the site & playing the game? Interaction: How far do they get in the game, do they come back, do they interact with other users and Channel 4? Intimacy: What do they feel about the game, do they bookmark it? Influence: How far do users spread knowledge of the game through associated networks? Channel 4: Bow Street Runners
  20. 20. stories + numbers
  21. 21. Blog Post/Page External incoming link watching communities grow Week Two Week Four Week Six Week Eight Week Ten
  22. 22. the engagement race is live research = live only just begun creative
  23. 23. the engagement race is only just begun
  24. 24. attributing monetary value
  25. 25. the value of content Visit Value Link Value Total Value this month:
  26. 26. the value of engagement Value of engagement:
  27. 27. discipline of thinking in connecting to financial
  28. 28. building confidence in these measures
  29. 29. taking engagement data/ insights further afield in the
  30. 30. at iCrossing we want engagement data to be part of
  31. 31. more on iCrossing’s engagement work
  32. 32. Thank you Email: Sites: Blogs: Twitter: @amayfield 47 13