How to Be Lucky (Influencing the Influencers presentation from NMALive Sep 09)


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Gave this presentation at NMA Live's Online PR and Reputation event. The deck begins with a call for brands to "emancipate themselves from advertising", and look at influence in online networks as something that demands a different approach. The "How to Be Lucky" theme is about how brands need to create the conditions where they can be lucky, but they can never control or predict outcomes, as they are operating in complex adaptive systems (online, human networks).

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  • How to Be Lucky (Influencing the Influencers presentation from NMALive Sep 09)

    1. Influencing the influencers NMA LIVE 04.09.09
    2. y! Influencing lu ck the be to influencers H ow NMA LIVE 04.09.09
    3. The greatest brand in the world?
    4. The greatest TV show in the world.
    5. “Only when television managed to emancipate itself from the economic construct of advertising was there a real emancipation of story. “American TV was about the interruption every 13 minutes... that was the point of the show. Not the shit they put around the ads.” David Simon
    6. Brands need to do the same.
    7. (This of course is, er, an advert for The Wire)
    8. In networks, PR has to become user- centred marketing
    9. Or it can be more spam. Image (cc) freezelight
    10. Before we ask who...
    11. What are influencers?
    12. Influencers: convenient fantasy for marketers? Image (cc) goincase
    13. It would be understandable faced with the complex reality.
    14. Suddenly we can “see” influence
    15. It gives us an illusion of control, or potential control
    16. But the reality is always more complex
    17. Duncan Watts talks about “accidental influencers”
    18. Eric Sun tested it out with 262,985 fan pages in Facebook
    19. Of 70,000+ fans... Image (cc) jamescridland
    20. ...70% were already in the same cluster Image (cc) dominik99
    21. ...15% were “start points”
    22. Who are influencers is often obvious after the fact
    23. So there aren’t any influencers?
    24. Weeeeeeeeell... Image (cc) jacreative
    25. Some people patently do have influence. 26
    26. But they are hard to reach.
    27. ...stuff spreads because there is a latent need in a network cluster
    28. But where it fits in is complex
    29. loose connections are valuable
    30. You make your own luck in networks
    31. It takes a...
    32. (& a framework)
    33. Understand Principles Be useful Be live YouTube Sociallucky! How to b e Twitter Spaces Platforms Social Space Flickr Framework Delicious Facebook Networks Active listening Assets Research & Listen Measure Plan/iterate Optimise assets Editorial On-site UGC Processes Creative Widgets / tools Aggregation Outreach Moderation Curation Connecting APIs
    34. Begin with principles
    35. Understand your networks
    36. Be live in your networks Image (cc) zeno77
    37. Be useful Image (cc) nnova
    38. Platforms
    39. Processes
    40. Listening
    41. Viral links
    42. Viral links 75%
    43. HYPERMILING Creative
    44. Curation
    45. Outreach
    46. Community management
    47. Moderation
    48. Optimisation
    49. Combination of attention marketing and traditional PR
    50. When everyone is part of the medium everyone is a potential influencer
    51. You make your own luck in networks
    52. Try to be (happy) accident prone
    53. : : BONUS LINK : :
    54. (CC) This presentation can be shared under a Creative Commons Attribution licence - see final slide for details
    55. Thank you Tel: +44 1273 827 721 Email: Sites: Blogs: Twitter: @amayfield 47 55