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Fabrica presentation


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These are the notes and my presentation slides that will kick things off at this evening's discussion evening at the Fabrica gallery in Brighton. This is the first in a series of events called Brave New World - A New Arts Landscape. is part of the Brighton Digital Festival, which continues until September 24th.

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Fabrica presentation

  1. 1. Online Reputation for artists @amayfieldSub-heading Fabrica. 6.9.11
  2. 2. Why?
  3. 3. Human social networks Image: (cc) BrewBrooks
  4. 4. New social networks
  5. 5. Social networks are how we get things done
  6. 6. “What you do or don’tknow aboutnetworks...”
  7. 7. Luck engine...or serendipity if you want to be posh...
  8. 8. How to begin
  9. 9. Digital literacySource:
  10. 10. Learn to listen...
  11. 11. Be the best/first source of information... ...about yourself.
  12. 12. Establish presence
  13. 13. A way ofworking
  14. 14. Working in the network Image: by Masa Kepic aka Paolabililty ©2011
  15. 15. Learn to share...
  16. 16. Paid in reputation or cash
  17. 17. Thinking in public...
  18. 18. Working in public...
  19. 19. Me and My Web Shadow: How to Manage Your Reputation Online meandmywebshadow.comSub-heading @webshadows Presentation licensed under Creative Commons (cc) Attreibution 3.0. See link for full details: http://
  20. 20. UnderstandPresenceThick skinPrivate|PublicBe useful
  21. 21. Thank you