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Advanced Persistent Opportunities: building digital brand systems


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Slides from my presentation to Media Future Dublin. In Cyber-Security they talk about Advanced Persistent Threats - well resourced, sophisticated efforts to achieve nefarious ends, e.g. mafia gangs, Anonymous or governments attacking one another. But what would and Advanced Persistent opportunity look like?

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Advanced Persistent Opportunities: building digital brand systems

  1. 1. BuildingdigitalbrandsystemsMedia Future, DublinAntony MayfieldMay 2012@amayfield | @brilliantnoise
  2. 2. One of myfavouritethings:ThinkingBiases
  3. 3. Biases arefilters,models,congnitiveshortcuts...
  4. 4. If we wereaffectinggeekinesswe’d saybrain hacksor something
  5. 5. For instance:Optimists &Pessimists
  6. 6. You wouldn’twant anoptimist asyour divorcelawyer...
  7. 7. You wouldn’twant apessimistwriting yourcampaignspeech...
  8. 8. In the rightcontext,optimism andpessimismare usefulprofessionalfilters...
  9. 9. Anyway...
  10. 10. I made themistake ofsubmittingan over-literalpresentationtitle fortoday...
  11. 11. BuildingDigitalBrandSystems
  12. 12. Or as you mayhave heardthat...
  13. 13. BuildingBrandBlahBlahBlah
  14. 14. So to avoidCharlieBrown’steachersyndrome...
  15. 15. ...I’m going toplay on yournarrativebias (humanslovestories) ...
  16. 16. Hold on toyourmetaphoricalhats - herecomes...
  17. 17. Anectdotes and allegories
  18. 18. I met thesenice peoplefrom thesecurityindustry theother day
  19. 19. They tend areprofessionalpessimists
  20. 20. Threat horizonsInternal threatsRisk reportsThreat assessmentsThe threat of threats
  21. 21. It wasinteresting tosee the worldthrough theireyes for a bit
  22. 22. And oneconcept theyhad stuck in mymind...
  23. 23. Let’s talkaboutAdvancedPersistentThreats
  24. 24. dunh dunhDERRR!!
  25. 25. APT:Organised crime
  26. 26. APT:Hacktivists Image (cc) Wikipedia
  27. 27. APT:Governments Image Natanz Nuclear Facility - Google Maps
  28. 28. What is anAdvancedPersistentThreat?
  29. 29. “...operators behind the threat utilize the full spectrum of computer intrusion technologies and techniques. While individual components of the attack may not be classed asAdvanced particularly “advanced” (e.g. malware components generated from commonly available DIY construction kits, or the use of easily procured exploit materials), their operators can typically access and develop more advanced tools as required. They combine multiple attack methodologies and tools in order to reach and compromise their target.” Source:
  30. 30. “operators give priority to a specific task, rather than opportunistically seeking immediate financial gain. This distinction implies that the attackers are guided by external entities. The attack is conducted through continuousPersistent monitoring and interaction in order to achieve the defined objectives. It does not mean a barrage of constant attacks and malware updates. In fact, a “low-and-slow” approach is usually more successful.” Source:
  31. 31. “a level of coordinated human involvement in the attack, rather than a mindless and automated piece of code. The criminal operators have aThreat specific objective and are skilled, motivated, organized and well funded.” Source:
  32. 32. What’s anoptimist todo with that?
  33. 33. Look on thebright side...
  34. 34. AdvancedPersistentOpportunity
  35. 35. That’sexactly whatwe need tobe doing indigital
  36. 36. We build forcampaignswhen we need tobuild foropportunity
  37. 37. We talkaboutdigital brandlegacy
  38. 38. Why?
  39. 39. Digital iscausing amarketcorrection
  40. 40. A funnel thinghappened...
  41. 41. Customerexperiencemodels Model first published Harvard Business Review
  42. 42. The correctionstarts at 20% Image Muktar Kent, CEO of Coca Cola
  43. 43. What is anAdvancedPersistentOpportunity?
  44. 44. SystemsAdvanced Tools Dedicated, specialised talent
  45. 45. Continuous activity Self-reliantPersistent Low & slow Persistence is a goal
  46. 46. FocusedOpportunity Clear goals Values and value are clear
  47. 47. StarbucksDellBurberryRed BullCoca-ColaBank of AmericaMarks & Spencer
  48. 48. APO:Red Bull
  49. 49. APO:Marks & Spencer
  50. 50. APO:O2
  51. 51. APO or APT?The Big Switch
  52. 52. US Navy Speech image (cc) Wikipedia
  53. 53. Assemblages More in a post at
  54. 54. Nokia’sAdvanced PersistentOpportunity
  55. 55. StoriesNumbersConversations
  56. 56. 1. Consider the social opportunity in everything we do2. Engage in better conversations with more consumers3. Deliver personal experiences, be authentic, and earn trust4. Sharing is more important than control5. Define clear objectives from the outset6. Invest and commit to social presences
  57. 57. Connectingwithconsumers
  58. 58. Ta-dah!Further Reading andnotes