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How to do a PhotoStory

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Photo story

  1. 1. Photo Story“Make Show-and- tell cool again!”
  2. 2. Photo Story 3 for WindowsA free application by Microsoft created to Capture memories Bring photos to life Share your stories http://microsoft-photo- •Restart Computer
  3. 3. Getting Started• Click “Start”• Click “Programs”• Click “Photo Story”• Then Click “Begin a New Story” –This is where you can open a story you have already created as well –Click Next
  4. 4. Getting Started
  5. 5. Import and Arrange Pictures• Click “Import Pictures” and select the pictures you want to upload…you can select as many pictures to upload as you want• Once open, you can edit and rotate-This is located under the actual pictures.• You can create slides of all pictures in PowerPoint and save them as JPEGS. This will allow you to insert clipart and cool font. Then just upload these directly into Photo Story.• Can import as many pictures as you want for your story• Click Next
  6. 6. Import and Arrange Pictures
  7. 7. Import and Arrange Pictures
  8. 8. Main Workspace
  9. 9. Storyboard
  10. 10. Viewing Screen
  11. 11. Advanced Editing Options
  12. 12. Remove Black Borders
  13. 13. Example of Remove Black Borders
  14. 14. Adding Titles for Pictures• Use icons above title box to place title where you want it• You can change font here too• You can add effects to each picture also• *****YOU CAN SAVE YOUR PROJECT ANYTIME!!! Just click “save project”, name it and click “save”
  15. 15. Adding Titles for Pictures
  16. 16. Narrating Your Pictures and Customizing Motion• This is where you tell the story for each picture. – Simply select the picture you want to talk about. – Click the red “Record” button and speak – When you are finished, click the “stop” button – By “Previewing” your picture, you can hear what it sounds like and make changes if needed. – “Custom Motion”, located beneath the picture will let you time your pictures/story if you would like. – There is also a “Transition Tab”…similar to Power Point. You can customize each picture here.
  17. 17. Narrating Your Pictures and Customizing Motion
  18. 18. Transition Tab
  19. 19. Adding Music• You can insert music saved on your computer or upload straight from Photo Story• There are many different song choices and you can preview them before choosing them.
  20. 20. Adding Music
  21. 21. Saving your Photostory• On the last screen, choose “Save for playback on my computer”.• At this point, if you click next, it goes through the process of converting it to a windows media video file and saving it to your computer.• Before clicking “Next”, click “Save Project” on this screen. This will save it in Photo Story so you can make changes if needed.• Once it is converted to a .wmv, NO changes can be made so if you have this file as a back up, you can simply go back into Photostory, open your project, make your changes and then resave as a different .wmv.