My carrer


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My carrer

  1. 1. MY  I chose to Be a sheriff for myCAREER carrer or Just a police officer  By Mario Amaya  Advisory
  2. 2.  I want to help othersWhy I chose this  I want to stop crimecareer  I want to help people with there crimes  I also want to help people stop suffering from there problems
  3. 3. My college of  The college is Kaplanbecoming a police universityofficer or sheriff  It well help me become a police officer  It well help me In management and leadership of human resources.  It well also help me in mployment law, and substance abuse
  4. 4.  To become a sheriff youSheriffs begin in jail  Sheriffs have more authority than polices  They mostly work in the high way  And also in free ways
  5. 5.  To become a police officer you need to graduate fromPolice officer high school then you join LAPD or go to a college and get your degree
  6. 6.  My career well help me be helpful skillful and know whats going on in my state It will help me investigate in crimes it will teach me whats write and wrong
  7. 7.  Being a cop or a sheriff would not be easy you canNot easy get shot and killed you can also get depressed because you might not save a life when you are in a crime so I have to make hard decisions 