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Happy Valentine Day


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Ucapan selamat di hari kasih sayang

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Happy Valentine Day

  1. 1. Happy Valentine Day Feb 14th 2012
  2. 2. LOVE QUOTES If your life was all you had to give your beloved, how could you not give it? Stephenie Meyer
  3. 3. LOVE QUOTES True love always happens in a flash. Stephen King
  4. 4. LOVE QUOTES With this smile upon my face. No more tears, no more pain cause you love me. Michael Jackson
  5. 5. LOVE QUOTES Love is like dying. Stephen King
  6. 6. LOVE QUOTES At least I know what love is. Like clouds love the sky, ocean loves sand, winter loves snow, snow loves breeze, it's all connected. It's called unconditional love. It's in our heart. Niki Yan
  7. 7. LOVE QUOTES If falling in love is like taking off or flying, then love is like landing. Ayala Malakh-Pines
  8. 8. LOVE QUOTES Love is like a diamond; for as a diamond is beautiful to look upon, so is love fair, but as the diamond is poison to any one who swallows it, in the same manner love is a kind of poison and produces a baneful raging distemper in those who are infected by it. Jens Peter Jacobsen
  9. 9. LOVE QUOTES I want you to make love, not war. John Lennon
  10. 10. LOVE QUOTES All you need is love. John Lennon
  11. 11. LOVE QUOTES If a person loves only one other person and is indifferent to the rest of his fellow men, his love is not love but a symbiotic attachment, or an enlarged egotism. Erich Fromm
  12. 12. LOVE QUOTES The opposite of loneliness, it’s not togetherness. It’s intimacy Richard Bach
  13. 13. LOVE QUOTES Next to “God”, “love” is the word most mangled in every language Richard Bach
  14. 14. LOVE QUOTES If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they’re yours; if they don’t, they never were Richard Bach
  15. 15. LOVE QUOTES Boredom between two people doesn’t come from being together physically. It comes from being apart mentally and spiritually Richard Bach
  16. 16. LOVE QUOTES I’ve made the most important discovery of my life. It’s only in the mysterious equation of love that any logical reasons can be found. Erich Fromm