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Back to school web design into


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Back to school web design into

  1. 1. Web Design Instructor: Mrs. Extension: 5896
  2. 2. QR code for my Email
  3. 3. Required Accounts for the Class Moodle Site: Schoology site: Google Account Evernote Account Free Web server account Account for learning site Learning Sites: dent/index.html &
  4. 4. Something about Mrs. WeiLover of computersMaster degree in ComputerEducation12 years Computer teachers atAMATBusiness Dept. ChairmanClasses I teach: B.Office/Adv.Office/Basic Web Design/AdvancedWeb Design 4
  5. 5. MaterialNo required textbook.1 flash drive (Get the flash drive from yourbeginning office or Purchase one from theschool student store. )A binder (2 pocket 3 ring binder)
  6. 6. Expectations for StudentsKeep up with all online lessons andmaintain a Web Design binder.Complete and turn in all courseworkSave all works in the flash drive or onlineportfolio space.Ask for help when you need assistanceRespect peers, instructors and yourselfFollow the Acceptable Use PolicyUse all equipment properly, safely, and asdirected by your instructor
  7. 7. Course ObjectiveThe class focuses on techniques relatedto basic web design, including HTML hand coding, CSS (cascading style sheets), Java Sciprt, Image optimization, basic animations, Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Bridge. Web 2.0 technology: Evernote and cloud tools.
  8. 8. The mode of instruction will consist of:DemonstrationDiscussionLecturePeer Collaboration - Group ProjectsReflectionStudent Exploration
  9. 9. Course Resources:Online Interactive Website Learning.ArticlesTutorialsHandouts
  10. 10. Class Term ProjectA website about Yourself Developed throughout the whole semesterA website across the curriculumA e-business website for final exam.
  11. 11. Grading Criteria10%-Citizenship(Participaton)5% - Homework40%-Projects (your personal site + across curriculum project)25%-Tests/Quiz 20%-Final
  12. 12. Make Up PolicyAttendance/Make up work Policy:You are expected to make up projectswithin 1 week of your absence.
  13. 13. Take an Active RoleFrom School: A 7-week progress Report Card A14-week progress Report Card A semester Report Card.Parents: Check grade online regularly to participate in their learning. Go to the library for Students schedules Parent code to parent protal
  14. 14. For Fast students:Some students will be able to completeassignments literally two or even threetimes as quickly as an average student.I need you to be responsible for keepingyour mind busy by either bringing workfrom other classes or use the programs inthe computer to sharpen up your skills.
  15. 15. Contacting homeI have had good luck keeping parentsinformed of how you are doing in class.I will email progress reports home often,likely every Friday after we have 2+grades entered.If there is a behavior problem in theclassroom, I will likely email or call homebefore giving a detention.
  16. 16. Class RulesRespect teacher and peersAlways keep your hand and feet to yourselfCherish the equipments in this class like yourownCooperate with each other, compete onlyagainst yourself
  17. 17. Lab PolicyGum , food, and drinks are not welcome tome and computers.$2 fine will be collected and you know why.Computers, chairs, and desks are schoolproperty. Take care of them!Headphone and CD not allowed – we arevery busy!!Computers are for beginning office 2003 only,not for your homework due next period.
  18. 18. Q & A Time Any questions? ?? ? ?