Safes in Sydney


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Established in 1963, we are a family owned and operated business with over 40 years experience and we continue to pride ourselves on our high quality workmanship and service, reliability and quick response times.

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Safes in Sydney

  1. 1. ABOUT US Established in 1963, we are a family owned and operated business with over 40 years experience and we continue to pride ourselves on our high quality workmanship and service, reliability and quick response times. We can cater for all your lock, safe and security needs be it residential or commercial and offer everything from quick, reliable and professional mobile locksmiths to a complete lock, key and safe service and everything in between. And with our expert advice and support, friendly staff and extensive product range including safes, automotive lock services, access control facilities and restricted master key systems we can provide you with the best solution available to meet your needs. We service the whole Sydney metropolitan area and we are available 24 hours a day in case of an emergency.
  2. 2. Quality Counts More When Purchasing Safes Car parks and driveways can be safe from thieves because of the exterior lighting that is motion sensitive and the alarm system that can hinder burglary. But how about the valuables that you have left at home? Who will keep it safe when nobody is there? Safes are the answer to your worries. These will ensure you a safe place for your most priced belongings. You can place here your jewelries and cash and also some items which you think are valuable to you. Residential safes are more practical for homeowners. They come in different dimensions, colors, and protection level. A wall safe is ideal for those who are always on the go and does not need rigid security for their stuffs. Their purpose for this is to just store their wallet or a piece of jewelry when they go out at night. For those who have a lot to keep such as a considerable amount of jewelry and cash, a custom- made safe will be perfect for them. There are companies that have high quality safes that do not need to be kept or be hidden from other people. Most that are hidden are not used and they do not serve their purpose. A number of homeowners prefer to have it in their bedrooms specifically their closet where they get to check it from time to time. People must do their research and homework before buying a safe. Be particular about the quality and its rating. Don’t just buy from a salesman who knocks on your door and pressures you to get one. If you had bought one, have it installed properly on the floor or on the wall where you can access it. Keep in mind that the size is not that essential just as long as the material is sturdy enough that will not easily be broken. Make sure that the product had been tested for fire endurance, fire and impact and explosion hazard tests. According to some experts, homeowners need to be educated first before making the purchase. They might think that they are keeping their valuables safe but they are actually helping the burglar to easily access their possessions. It is recommended that it must be made from solid steel with stainless locking bolts. You have the choice of either adding an electronic lock or even a GPS. If protection is the main priority, convenience and the aesthetics also play a part in the design. Some new safes do have electronic pads where owners without the help of a locksmith can set or reset the combination. It can be inconvenient than to fumble with the locks particularly during at night when you are too tired to think of the combination. There is also now a fingertip identification which is more convenient but expensive as well.
  3. 3. Be Safe with the Best Safes Safes are inexpensive solutions in order to secure your hard-to-replace and valuable possessions. Most homes and offices have one with them. This article talks about a few tips in shopping for the best ones. Where can you buy them? a. See to it that you choose from brands and stores that are guaranteed to be credible and safe. b. If you are planning to shop online, take note that there are shipping costs involved. Sometimes, you get to pay more than what you should in comparison to the actual stores. c. Whenever you are on the internet, be sure not to provide your personal and credit details on sites that are not secure. You might become a victim of identity and monetary theft. What do you have to keep in mind before shopping? a. It is important to set a reasonable spending budget for your purchase. This will narrow your choices and guide you in your selection process. b. Figure out where you would like to position the item in your home. Perform the necessary measurements of the size and shape that could fit in your chosen spot. c. The design also matters. It helps to take a photograph of where you would like to position the safe so that you can take it with you while you shop. It will guide you on the color, style, shape, and materials that would blend with your space. d. Be aware of the kind of valuables that you need to store so that you will be able to know what size could accommodate them. What are the factors to assess in safes? a. The product that you have to choose must be sturdy enough to resist fire. Most of the items kept inside the safe are important documents. Pick ones that have interiors that can maintain a maximum of 100 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit regardless of how high external temperatures can get. b. Water resistance is also necessary in cases of floods from natural causes or from random mishaps like broken water lines. Take a look at the marks on their boxes upon purchase to see whether they have water safety seals. c. Theft resistance is the most important factor to consider. The best ones are those made from solid steel with at least an inch of thickness. Heavy varieties are advantageous since they would not be prone to being easily dragged out of your property. They should also have a lock that could not be tampered easily. d. Buy the ones that come with a manufacturer’s warrantee in case something goes wrong along the way. Investing on safes can certainly keep your precious documents and possessions secure. They are important add-ons to every area. You may also seek the aid of locksmiths to help you install them along with other security features in your place.
  4. 4. Reliable Locksmiths to Keep Your Property Safe The majority of people work tirelessly to gain properties as a price of being diligent in their jobs. Most of us want all the pleasure and comfort for our family that is why we are motivated to keep up no matter how tired we are. We cannot avoid some people with malicious intentions of stealing our assets and for this reason we have to ensure the security of our possessions and family as well by affiliating with credible locksmiths to provide us with security plus peace of mind. We must find a guaranteed service to avoid unfortunate events since acquiring this kind of convenience is absolutely priceless. There are services that design and install safety systems that enable us to take control of whoever gains entry to our facilities. Nowadays our technology is advanced and more reliable when it comes to tools utilized for the protection of our investments. All we have to look for are the legible and trusted companies that will supply this equipment and design a stable strategy for our homes and businesses. Most providers would offer services such as; changing keys for your locks when you move residence, restoring and changing combinations in safety locks, making master keys and help in getting in your locked properties when you have lost your keys. Most individuals always want the safety of their families that is why most of them put up alarm systems in their houses and vehicles. Having this kind of installment is worth the expense for keeping our loved ones protected especially when we leave for work. It is always a big advantage to put up prevention methods than resolving them. This system will absolutely reduce the chances of thieves in getting into our homes and smite what we have worked for. We cannot just let other people with dangerous objectives take away everything we own and cause harm to our families. Some of us stay in our rented places and we have the right to keep our privacy from our own landlords as well. Although they technically own the property they are not allowed to enter our space without our permission or even disturb us while we are living in it. We cannot just trust everybody as we know it. You can change locks but make sure that you do not destroy or change the fittings and fixtures. Let your landlord know about it and do not give them a duplicate unless the contact requires it. They must have valid reasons and credible reputation for you to trust. There has to be an agreement between tenants and property managers when making and putting up new systems that might change the structure and fixtures of the place for convenience.