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Master key systems


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Established in 1963, we are a family owned and operated business with over 40 years experience and we continue to pride ourselves on our high quality workmanship and service, reliability and quick response times.

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Master key systems

  1. 1. ABOUT US Established in 1963, we are a family owned and operated business with over 40 years experience and we continue to pride ourselves on our high quality workmanship and service, reliability and quick response times. We can cater for all your lock, safe and security needs be it residential or commercial and offer everything from quick, reliable and professional mobile locksmiths to a complete lock, key and safe service and everything in between. And with our expert advice and support, friendly staff and extensive product range including safes, automotive lock services, access control facilities andrestricted master key systems we can provide you with the best solution available to meet your needs.We service the whole Sydney metropolitan area and we are available 24 hours a day in case of an emergency.
  2. 2. With so many companies that offer safes in theSafes for Sale: The area, how can you be sure of their reliabilityBest Way to Get and honesty?Protection for Your   Check their papers if they are genuine. Ask from people you trust.Valuables  Ask questions regarding the services and rates.  Ask their previous customers.A lot of communities are having troubles with  See if they have been involved in aburglars these days. It seems that more and scandal.more houses are being burglarized. Perhaps this  Check the ads since companies that areis due to the economic crisis that a lot of confident with their services will put acountries are experiencing. Prices are getting lot of money on their ads to make theirhigher from food to services. No wonder why a name well known.lot of people are becoming desperate and  How long have they been around?would resolve to hideous acts just to get  How many customers have they takenmoney. With so many people becoming so far?desperate, you can’t leave your homeunguarded. You can’t leave it without any Mentioned above are only a fraction of theprotection whatsoever. In this case, you need to things that needs to be considered. However,find a company that can provide you with the with such knowledge in mind, you will haveprotection you need. You need to purchase better chances of getting a safe from a gooddevices like safes where you can put away your company. You won’t have to go out and pickprecious valuables. But before you set out and companies blindly. You are equipped with thefind posters that say “safes for sale”, there are right knowledge and understanding. The onlythings that you need to put into consideration. thing that you need to do now is to use them to your advantage.Find one near youThe best thing to do when purchasing this great There will always be people who will try anddevice is to find one near where you reside. Thiswill save you time and money from travelling steal money and other possessions wheneverand instead of relying on transfer services; you there’s a chance. They are opportunistic whichcan purchase the device and drive your home is why it is necessary to be prepared all theyourself. All you’ll have to do afterwards is to time. Purchasing safes can prevent these badfind a place to put it and hire a professional to people from taking things that are precious toinstall the device. you.Can they be trusted?
  3. 3. and scrapbooks are simple items yet are ofStay Secure By extreme value.Shopping From Safes e. Jewels and Precious Metals – These thingsfor Sale also have high monetary value, which is why they should be kept properly.Safes have always been present in plenty of f. Firearms and Protective Gear – Guns,commercial and residential spaces in order to ammunition, and other accessories for selfsecure important belongings. They contain defense and other purposes should be stored soitems that are considered to be of high value to that other people such as kids would not betheir owners, be it personal or financial. This able to access them.article talks about the basic things that youneed to understand about them. g. Electronics – Laptops, tablets, cameras, and video equipment must be kept securelyWhat could you place inside a safe? whenever you are away from your property.a. Extra Cash – It is wise to keep some money How can you find the best ones?with you at all times so that when emergencysituations take place or when the need arises, a. Buy from brands and sellers that are knownyou no longer have to take trips to the banks. to be trustworthy and reliable.Keep just the right amount with you. b. The safe needs to be fire-, water-, and theft-b. Important Documents – It is necessary to resistant. Pick the ones that have internalsecure your personal documents such as your surfaces that could maintain a maximum of 150social security cards, passports, birth degrees Fahrenheit regardless of how highcertificates, diplomas, health histories, business external temperatures become, those withtransaction records, bond or stock certificates, water safety seals, and the ones are those madeland titles, property deeds, and proof of from solid steel with at least an inch ofinsurance. Keep both original and duplicate thickness if you want the best.copies inside. Make an inventory of these c. The size depends on the things that you needdocuments and organize them accordingly so to store. Heavy types are great since they wouldthat it will be easy for you to go through them not be prone to being easily dragged out bywhen the need arises. thieves. If you have a small one, look for thec. Collector’s Items – A lot of people invest on types that could be attached to walls or to theexpensive collectibles such as stamps, pieces of, and signed merchandise from prominent Choosing different safes for sale should be donepersonalities. Sometimes, they are too precious in a wise way. Follow the tips listed above toto display and expose outside the home. serve as your guide. They are great investmentsd. Personal Memorabilia – Photographs, your in order to grant you as sense of security andchild’s first nail clippings, home videos, journals, peace of mind.
  4. 4. Floods are inevitable. Pick a safe which could prevent water from entering inside. Look forPay for Dependable the seal that says that it is water-resistant.Services from a 24 How can you shop wisely?Hour Locksmith a. Look for manufacturers and brands that are known to be trusted. Take a look at customer reviews and expert ratings regarding theAs human beings, it is normal for us to feel the products from the World Wide Web.need to become protective of the things thatwe value and treasure. One way of satisfying b. If you would like to shop from the internet,this need is by looking at different safes for sale. see to it that you only visit the sites that areThis article talks about the basic things that you secure. It is not advisable to give out yourhave to keep in mind. personal and credit information immediately. You can become a victim of cyber theft.What are the necessary factors to assess in asafe? c. Sometimes, it is more practical to buy second-hand or used items since the onesa. Theft-Resistance which are brand new could be expensive.Obviously, the main reason why you store your d. Read the return and exchange policies in casevaluables inside these items is because you problems with the merchandise arise. It iswould want to keep them away from unworthy better to invest on the ones which come withhands. The ones made of steel that are at least product inch thick are great options since they areheavier and difficult to crack open. See to it that e. Before heading to the stores, take some timeyou choose the ones fitted with secure locks to list down the products that you are choosingwith codes, be it digital or manual. If you have a from and their usual price ranges. This will helpsmall safe, you may also attach and connect you figure out whether or not you are gettingthem to the wall or the floor so that they may fair deals.not be taken outside. f. Find out what would you like to keep insideb. Fire-Resilience the safe and where you would want to place them ahead of time. This will help you in pickingIt is important to pick the materials that can the right sizes and the designs that could suitprotect the contents from temperature the area you would like to position them in yourextremes. Find the ones which could withstand property.external temperatures of at least up to 150degrees Fahrenheit. This protects important Safes are definitely wise investments for yourdocuments and personal files. personal and business use. See to it that you study the merchandise well before buyingc. Water-Resilience them. Use the tips listed above to serve as your guide.