Locked Out at Abbott Locsksmiths


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Established in 1963, we are a family owned and operated business with over 40 years experience and we continue to pride ourselves on our high quality workmanship and service, reliability and quick response times.

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Locked Out at Abbott Locsksmiths

  1. 1.               ABOUT  US   Established  in  1963,  we  are  a  family  owned  and  operated  business  with  over  40   years  experience  and  we  continue  to  pride  ourselves  on  our  high  quality   workmanship  and  service,  reliability  and  quick  response  times.   We  can  cater  for  all  your  lock,  safe  and  security  needs  be  it  residential  or   commercial  and  offer  everything  from  quick,  reliable  and  professional  mobile   locksmiths  to  a  complete  lock,  key  and  safe  service  and  everything  in  between.   And  with  our  expert  advice  and  support,  friendly  staff  and  extensive  product   range  including  safes,  automotive  lock  services,  access  control  facilities  and   restricted  master  key  systems  we  can  provide  you  with  the  best  solution  available   to  meet  your  needs.   We  service  the  whole  Sydney  metropolitan  area  and  we  are  available  24  hours  a   day  in  case  of  an  emergency.      
  2. 2.     Understanding  Different   Kinds  of  Locksmith  Services   Locksmiths  are  experts  who  are  knowledgeable   about  the  different  types  of  locks  and  security   services.   They   are   proficient   whether   the   problem  is  about  standard  lock  systems  or  the   complicated   ones.   Their   modern   services   are   now  more  diverse  and  complex.   It   is   always   a   serious   concern   for   any   person   when   the   safety   of   his   family,   properties,   valuables,  and  businesses  are  compromised.  To   ensure   that   everything   is   secure,   a   skillful   locksmith   is   what   you   will   need.   Credible   professionals  are  available  24/7  for  their  client’s   convenience.   Whether   it   is   day   or   night,   or   wherever   you   might   be,   just   give   them   a   call   and  they  will  get  to  you  fast.  They  will  solve  any   lock  and  security  problems  that  you  might  have.   It   is   necessary   to   hire   an   expert   who   is   skilled   and   could   provide   you   the   service   that   you   need.   Here  are  the  usual  types  of  locksmith  services:   • Residential-­‐   they   provide   help   to   homes,  condos,  and  apartments.  If  the   owner  is  locked  out  from  their  property,   they  will  help  them  in  gaining  entry  and   also   to   fix   or   enhance   their   current   security   system.   Another   part   of   their   job   is   to   update   the   existing   locking   mechanism  or  create  a  newer  kind  that   is  more  advanced  and  tougher  to  break.   Professional  locksmiths  also  give  advice   to  their  clients  on  the  best  kind  of  locks   to   use   so   that   they   can   increase   the   efficiency   of   your   home’s   current   set-­‐ up.  If  you  want  to  keep  your  home  and   property  safe,  opt  for  the  most  effective   security  system  that  you  can  have.    The   expert  will  explain  how  it  works  and  the   benefits  that  you  will  gain  from  it.   • Automobile  –  these  are  locksmiths  that   deal  primarily  with  auto  locks.  By  giving   them   a   call,   they   will   provide   roadside   assistance   24/7.   You   do   not   have   to   worry   if   you   are   in   a   secluded   area   or   your  dilemma  happens  late  at  night  or   in  the  wee  hours  of  the  morning.     • Lock   installation   –   most   homes   and   commercial  establishments  use  modern   key   and   security   systems.   They   can   be   difficult   to   install   and   only   an   expert   locksmith   can   do   the   job.   They   will   make   necessary   repairs   and   configure   the  system  set-­‐up.   • Key   cutting   –   they   have   key-­‐cutting   machines  that  could  duplicate  a  key  or   cut   a   new   one.   A   file   is   used   to   smoothen   the   sharp   edges   of   the   new   key.   • Emergency   –   they   can   come   to   your   rescue  in  case  you  experience  break-­‐ins,   misplace   keys,   face   defective   locks,   forget  codes,  or  get  locked  out.   For   any   of   your   lock   problems,   a   reputable   locksmithing   company   can   be   of   help   to   you.   They  will  fix  broken  locks,  duplicate  a  lost  key,   install  a  security  system,  and  even  provide  you   with  a  safe  to  keep  your  valuables,  documents,   and  money.  This  will  prevent  them  from  being   stolen   should   there   will   be   burglars   in   your   home  or  at  the  office.  
  3. 3.   Surviving  Locked  Out   Moments  without  a  Sweat   Unfortunate   circumstances   may   take   place   at   any  time.  Sometimes,  people  tend  to  get  locked   out   of   their   own   properties.   In   order   to   go   through  the  stressful  situation  in  a  breeze,  what   you  need  is  an  emergency  locksmith.   Who  are  these  locksmiths?   a.   They   serve   the   same   functions   as   the   traditional   locksmiths   in   the   fitting,   assembly,   and   installation   of   locks   and   several   other   security   devices   such   as   gates,   safes,   alarms,   digital  passwords,  surveillance  systems,  and  so   much  more.   b.  The  main  difference  is  that  their  services  do   not  rely  on  standard  office  hours.  They  can  be   reached  24  hours  a  day  and  seven  days  a  week.   c.  They  can  either  have  an  actual  physical  office   or  a  mobile  unit  that  runs  all  day.   When  can  they  best  help  you?   a.  Since  they  can  be  contacted  at  any  time,  they   can  help  out  in  emergency  situations  such  as:   1.   Being   locked   out   of   cars,   homes,   commercial   spaces,   and   other   properties.   2.   Losing   keys   or   forgetting   the   digital   codes   for   electronic   gates   and   other   devices.   3.   Dealing   with   defective   locks   and   other  safety  systems.   b.   They   can   also   be   reliable   contacts   in   case   your   property   was   just   infiltrated   by   thieves.   They  can  install  brand  new  locks  immediately  to   protect  your  area  once  more.   How  can  you  look  for  reliable  ones?   a.  Ask  the  locksmithing  company  that  installed   the  security  features  of  your  place  in  case  they   also   offer   24-­‐hour   services.   This   can   be   more   reliable  since  they  are  already  aware  of  the  kind   of  locks  that  you  have.  It  also  gives  you  a  sense   of  confidence  in  their  services.   b.   Ask   your   friends   and   relatives   if   they   have   any   recommendations.   You   may   also   browse   the   World   Wide   Web   for   nearby   locksmith   companies.   c.   Read   about   the   reviews   posted   by   their   previous  clients  to  find  out  if  they  serve  people   well.   d.   Find   out   about   the   kind   of   security   devices   that   they   use.   Look   up   the   brands   and   the   manufacturers  if  they  are  of  good  quality.   What   other   things   do   you   have   to   keep   in   mind?   a.   See   to   it   that   you   could   present   a   proof   of   your   ownership   to   the   properties   involved   in   case  the  locksmiths  ask  for  it  before  helping  you   out.   b.   Find   out   about   the   possible   costs   of   their   services  ahead  of  time  so  that  you  would  not  be   overcharged  in  case  the  need  arises.   c.   Keep   their   contact   numbers   with   you   at   all   times.  Store  their  cards  in  their  pockets  or  key   in  their  numbers  in  your  mobile  phone.   A  24  hour  locksmith  truly  is  your  guardian  angel   in  times  of  tense  emergency  cases.  All  you  have   to   do   is   to   look   for   reliable   ones   that   you   can   contact  in  advance.  They  can  help  you  through   stresses  minus  the  sweat.                  
  4. 4.   Locked   Out   and   without   a   Key  –  What  You  Should  Do   When  This  Happens   No   one   wishes   to   be   locked   out   of   his   or   her   home   or   vehicle.   However,   this   cannot   be   avoided  at  times  especially  when  you  have  a  lot   to  deal  with.  With  all  of  the  responsibilities  that   we  need  to  focus  on,  there  are  times  wherein   we  tend  to  forget  or  misplace  our  keys.  On  top   of  that,  our  car  doors,  windows,  and  locks  can   get   damaged.   These   will   also   make   it   difficult   for  us  to  regain  entry.  If  you  are  in  a  rush  to  get   in   your   house   or   automobile,   you   should   not   attempt   to   break   into   it   because   you   might   damage  your  property  in  the  process.  On  top  of   that,   you   might   create   a   ruckus   and   leave   a   wrong   impression   on   your   neighbors.   They   might  end  up  calling  the  authorities  to  report  a   burglary.  Before  you  even  attempt  to  break  in   through  the  main  door,  you  should  consider  the   following:   Check  out  all  of  the  windows  and  doors  because   you   might   be   able   to   find   one   that   was   left   unlocked.   If   so,   you   will   be   able   to   get   in   through  another  entrance.   If   someone   in   the   household   has   a   spare   key,   you  can  get  in  touch  with  them  and  borrow  the   spare.   If   all   else   fails   and   you   want   to   avoid   the   humiliation,  you  should  let  the  industry  experts   do   the   job   for   you.   Instead   of   panicking,   you   should   get   in   touch   with   a   locksmith.   Because   there  are  a  lot  of  professionals  to  choose  from,   it   is   necessary   for   you   to   carry   out   your   research.   Researching   is   more   necessary   these   days   because   there   are   lots   of   locksmiths   that   claim  to  be  the  best  in  the  business.  You  will  be   able   to   tell   if   they   are   indeed   one   of   the   best   when  you  keep  these  in  mind:   1.  They  work  for  a  reputable  company.   2.  They  have  been  in  the  industry  for  a   considerable  amount  of  time.   3.   They   have   plenty   of   experience   and   have  a  good  reputation.   4.  They  can  provide  other  services  such   as  key  repairs  and  duplications.   5.   They   also   know   how   to   work   with   locked  vehicles  and  broken  locks.   6.  They  can  be  accessible  at  any  time  of   the  day.   7.  They  have  insurance.  This  will  come   in  handy  when  they  are  unable  to  avoid   damages  when  work  is  being  done.   Keeping   these   in   mind   will   save   you   a   lot   of   trouble  and  time  because  you  will  know  what  to   look   out   for   when   you   are   on   the   hunt   for   a   locksmith.   The   next   time   you   find   yourself   locked   out,   you   will   be   able   to   save   yourself   from  all  the  trouble  and  possible  humiliation  by   hiring  the  services  of  these  experts.    On  top  of   that,  you  will  be  able  to  save  yourself  from  any   damages   if   you   were   to   do   everything   by   yourself.