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Abbott Locksmiths - Locket Out


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Established in 1963, we are a family owned and operated business with over 40 years experience and we continue to pride ourselves on our high quality workmanship and service, reliability and quick response times.

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Abbott Locksmiths - Locket Out

  1. 1.               ABOUT  US   Established  in  1963,  we  are  a  family  owned  and  operated  business  with  over  40   years  experience  and  we  continue  to  pride  ourselves  on  our  high  quality   workmanship  and  service,  reliability  and  quick  response  times.   We  can  cater  for  all  your  lock,  safe  and  security  needs  be  it  residential  or   commercial  and  offer  everything  from  quick,  reliable  and  professional  mobile   locksmiths  to  a  complete  lock,  key  and  safe  service  and  everything  in  between.   And  with  our  expert  advice  and  support,  friendly  staff  and  extensive  product   range  including  safes,  automotive  lock  services,  access  control  facilities  and   restricted  master  key  systems  we  can  provide  you  with  the  best  solution  available   to  meet  your  needs.   We  service  the  whole  Sydney  metropolitan  area  and  we  are  available  24  hours  a   day  in  case  of  an  emergency.      
  2. 2.     Avoid  Getting  Locked  Out   with  a  24  Hour  Locksmith   There   might   be   some   instances   wherein   you   become   locked   out   of   your   own   properties.   These   circumstances   are   very   stressful   and   could   be   dangerous   as   well.   This   post   talks   about   how   you   can   get   rescued   by   an   emergency  locksmith.   Who  are  these  professionals?   a.   These   experts   are   just   like   the   traditional   locksmiths   who   specialize   in   security   systems   such   as   locks,   keys,   safes,   gates,   alarms,   sensors,  and  so  on.   b.  What  makes  them  special  is  that  they  can  be   contacted  at  any  time  that  you  need  them.  They   do  not  abide  with  strict  office  hours.   c.   Some   companies   have   their   specially   equipped   vans   that   act   as   their   offices.   These   vehicles   are   the   ones   that   respond   to   emergency  calls  and  could  easily  come  to  your   assistance  at  faster  time.   When  can  they  help  you?   a.  They  can  come  to  your  assistance  whenever   you:   1.   get   locked   out   of   cars,   homes,   commercial   spaces,   and   other   properties;     2.  lose  keys;   3.  forget  the  digital  codes  for  electronic   gates  and  other  devices;  and   4.  have  to  deal  with  defective  locks  and   other  security  systems.   b.  In  cases  of  robberies,  they  can  also  serve  as   immediate   contacts   to   install   brand-­‐new   locks   immediately  to  protect  your  area  once  more.   c.   Some   companies   are   dedicated   to   24-­‐hour   surveillance  services.  The  alarms  they  have  set   up  can  automatically  notify  their  staff.  They  will   be   the   ones   to   coordinate   with   the   police   authorities  in  case  individuals  attempt  to  break   in  to  your  properties.   How  can  you  look  for  the  best  ones?   a.   Be   meticulous   in   looking   for   reliable   locksmiths  considering  that  you  are  giving  them   access   to   your   personal   properties   and   possessions.   b.   Browse   the   web   to   get   a   list   of   the   top   locksmithing  companies  near  you.  You  can  also   check  ads  or  ask  around  for  referrals.  See  to  it   that  they  have  good  client  reviews,  high  expert   ratings,   valid   business   permits,   ample   years   of   experience,  and  reliable  locksmithing  teams.   c.   After   choosing   the   ones   that   suit   your   preferences,   it   is   best   to   always   have   their   phone   numbers   with   you.   Have   their   calling   cards  inside  your  purses  or  type  in  their  contact   details  in  your  mobile  phones.     d.   Some   companies   take   advantage   of   emergencies   to   charge   you   in   excess.   You   can   avoid   this   by   being   familiar   with   the   costs   of   their  services  ahead  of  time.     e.  Ask  the  locksmiths  who  installed  the  security   features   in   your   properties   in   case   they   also   have   24   hour   services.   It   would   be   more   convenient  to  call  the  same  experts  in  case  of   troubles   since   they   are   already   accustomed   to   the   type   of   locks   and   safety   features   of   your   properties.   f.   Whenever   you   need   their   assistance,   always   check   their   identification   cards   to   ensure   that   they   are   legitimate   members   of   the   company   that  you  have  contacted.  
  3. 3.   Escaping  Sticky  Locked   Out  Situations     At   some   point,   most   of   us   might   experience   sticky   situations   wherein   we   get   locked   out   of   our  own  houses,  misplace  the  keys  to  our  car,   or   worse,   get   trapped   inside   our   stores   after   closing.  In  times  like  these,  screaming  at  the  top   of  your  lungs  and  punching  the  locking  system   like   a   boxer   would   never   help   you   out.   What   you  need  is  an  emergency  locksmith.   Who  are  locksmiths?   These  folks  are  skilled  workers  who  specialize  in   the  installation,  development,  troubleshooting,   and   upgrading   of   locks.   These   days,   their   modern   functions   also   include   setting   up   complex   security   systems   that   involve   alarms,   biometric   scanning,   video   surveillance,   movement  or  heat  sensors  and  the  like.  You  can   hire   them   to   constantly   keep   an   eye   on   your   properties  so  that  in  cases  wherein  burglars  and   crooks   enter   your   area,   they   can   immediately   be   alerted   and   they   may   do   the   necessary   referrals  to  the  authorities.   Who  are  emergency  locksmiths?   These   people   specialize   in   responding   to   emergency   situations   that   involve   locks   and   other  security  installations.  They  usually  have  a   hotline   that   is   available   24   hours   a   day   and   seven  days  a  week.  You  could  contact  them  for   assistance  in  cases  such  as:   a.  losing  the  keys  to  your  car,  home,  or   commercial  property   b.   forgetting   the   combinations   of   your   electronic  gates  or  safes   c.   being   unable   to   enter   or   get   out   of   your  properties  due  to  defective  locks   d.   having   the   impression   that   thieves   have   entered   your   home   and   wanting   to  change  locks  immediately   What  do  you  need  to  do  to  get  in  touch  with   them?   Always  have  your  locksmith’s  numbers  in  your   mobile   phone   directory   or   keep   their   calling   cards  in  your  wallet.  Remember  that  they  shall   first   confirm   your   ownership   to   the   properties   involved   before   helping   you   out.   If   you   have   chosen   a   provider   earlier,   they   already   have   records  of  the  things  that  you  own.  If  not,  see  to   it   that   you   may   present   a   proof   of   your   ownership   so   that   they   could   serve   you.   It   is   also  advisable  to  be  aware  of  the  possible  cost   of   their   service   ahead   of   time   to   avoid   being   overcharged.   How   can   you   find   the   right   locksmith   company?   As   much   as   possible,   only   hire   those   persons   that   you   already   know.   Ask   your   friends   and   relatives  for  referrals  so  that  you  could  end  up   with  trusted  professionals.  You  can  also  hire  the   same   group   of   persons   who   have   originally   installed   your   home’s   security   system   in   case   they   have   special   emergency   services.   Keep   in   mind  that  as  soon  as  you  give  them  a  call,  you   are  already  giving  them  access  to  your  valuables   and   possessions.   Ending   up   with   frauds   and   criminals  can  once  again  put  your  safety  at  risk   and  make  your  unfortunate  circumstance  even   worse.      
  4. 4.   Locked  Out  Tips  for   Your  Safety   If   you   ask   every   person   in   this   world,   you   will   find   out   that   everyone   has   experienced   a   common  situation,  and  that  is  being  locked  out   of  a  car,  an  office  or  a  house.  One  of  the  good   things   about   having   a   reliable   locksmith   that   you   can   call   anytime   is   that   they   are   able   to   respond  to  your  call  within  minutes.  This  makes   clients  feel  valued  and  secured  especially  when   they   are   in   a   risky   situation.   A   professional   locksmith  will  never  spare  time  for  the  safety  of   their   customers.   If   you   cannot   find   your   keys   and  cannot  get  inside  a  safe  zone,  a  lot  of  bad   things   can   happen   especially   when   it   occurs   during  the  night.   What  will  you  do  while  waiting  for  your  experts   to   rescue   you?   Being   locked   out   happens   suddenly,  it  comes  without  a  warning,  and  most   people   are   not   prepared   when   it   comes.   Minutes   can   be   fast   when   you   are   not   in   danger,  but  it  will  feel  like  the  longest  period  of   time   when   you   are   surrounded   by   various   terrible   possibilities   of   events   that   can   take   place  anytime.     While  waiting  for  your  locksmiths,  never  try  and   break  your  door.  It  is  not  an  option  unless  your   life   calls   for   it.   Breaking   it   will   cost   you   more   cash  to  spend  on  repair  or  replacement.  If  this  is   an   option,   it   will   be   your   desperate   move.   As   much   as   possible,   avoid   doing   things   that   can   make  your  situation  worse.   Cell   phones   nowadays   are   very   beneficial   to   have.   Aside   from   connecting   people,   it   has   saved  many  lives.  You  can  use  yours  to  call  you   family   or   friends.   Inform   them   where   you   are   and  tell  them  about  your  situation.  You  can  stay   on  the  line  talking  to  them  until  help  arrives.     If  you  cannot  get  inside  your  house  and  you  can   still   see   some   neighbors   awake,   you   can   ask   them  to  accompany  you.  You  can  swallow  your   shame  or  put  yourself  in  danger.     If   there   are   many   passersby,   you   can   wait   for   your  locksmith  outside  your  car,  home  or  office.   You   can   go   around   and   see   if   there   are   open   windows  and  other  entrances  as  well.     Always   try   to   find   ways   on   how   you   can   keep   yourself   safe   while   waiting   for   help.   If   you   cannot  get  inside  your  car  in  an  empty  road  at   night,   look   around   and   get   inside   a   telephone   booth  if  you  see  one.  Make  sure  that  the  booth   is  near  you,  or  you  can  get  inside  a  pub  or  other   public  establishments.     If  you  lost  your  home  key,  you  can  change  locks   after   your   locksmith   opens   the   door   for   you.   This   will   ensure   your   safety   in   case   somebody   really  has  your  keys.  Always  keep  in  mind  that   the   best   way   to   resolve   your   lock   and   key   problems  is  to  call  a  credible  locksmith.