Abbott locksmiths - Change Locks


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Established in 1963, we are a family owned and operated business with over 40 years experience and we continue to pride ourselves on our high quality workmanship and service, reliability and quick response times.

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Abbott locksmiths - Change Locks

  1. 1.               ABOUT  US   Established  in  1963,  we  are  a  family  owned  and  operated  business  with  over  40   years  experience  and  we  continue  to  pride  ourselves  on  our  high  quality   workmanship  and  service,  reliability  and  quick  response  times.   We  can  cater  for  all  your  lock,  safe  and  security  needs  be  it  residential  or   commercial  and  offer  everything  from  quick,  reliable  and  professional  mobile   locksmiths  to  a  complete  lock,  key  and  safe  service  and  everything  in  between.   And  with  our  expert  advice  and  support,  friendly  staff  and  extensive  product   range  including  safes,  automotive  lock  services,  access  control  facilities  and   restricted  master  key  systems  we  can  provide  you  with  the  best  solution  available   to  meet  your  needs.   We  service  the  whole  Sydney  metropolitan  area  and  we  are  available  24  hours  a   day  in  case  of  an  emergency.      
  2. 2.     Stay  Safer  and  Change  Locks   with  the  Help  of  the  Pros   Staying  protected  is  a  main  priority  these  days.   As   the   world   progresses,   our   safety   risks   also   increase.   This   post   talks   about   how   seeking   professional  help  can  help  you  change  locks  and   become  more  secure.   Why  do  you  need  to  change  locks?   a.  Carrying  this  out  is  essential  to  guarantee  the   security  of  your  properties.   b.  It  is  important  to  use  updated  and  brand  new   varieties  that  are  more  difficult  to  crack  open.   c.  If  you  live  in  an  area  with  a  uniform  locking   system,   changing   what   you   have   can   help   you   get  away  from  troubles  of  having  others  getting   into  your  place.   d.   There   are   digital   versions   that   tend   to   be   more  effective  for  commercial  areas.   e.  If  you  have  been  infiltrated  by  criminals  and   thieves   in   the   past,   having   newer   installments   can   stop   those   unfortunate   incidents   from   taking  place  once  more.   When  do  you  have  to  get  it  done?   If  you  want  to  move  into  a  new  area  and  find   that   the   locking   devices   are   substandard,   update   them   before   moving   in.   Also   do   it   immediately   after   having   robbery   incidents   or   attempts.  Changing  locks  can  definitely  increase   the  security  that  you  have.   Can  you  do  it  alone?   Do-­‐it-­‐yourself  changes  are  possible  yet  they  are   not  very  reliable.  Without  the  right  experience,   you  might  not  be  able  to  install  them  in  a  very   secure   manner.   This   could   be   risky   if   you   are   trying   to   keep   your   precious   belongings   or   properties  safe.   What  are  the  perks  of  hiring  professionals?   Hiring   experts   can   cost   you   more   but   can   definitely  guarantee  that  you  could  end  up  with   high  quality  installments.  The  professionals  that   you   need   to   approach   are   called   locksmiths.   These   are   a   group   of   skilled   workers   that   specialize  in  the  creation,  fitting,  and  set-­‐ups  of   security  systems.  They  can  provide  you  with  the   best  types  of  locking  devices  depending  on  the   level  of  safeguarding  that  you  require.  They  can   also   regularly   come   to   your   home   or   commercial   area   to   check   on   the   things   that   they  have  installed  in  case  updates  are  needed.   How  can  you  find  reliable  ones?   Search   the   classified   ads   or   the   World   Wide   Web   for   companies   in   your   locality.   You   may   also  visit  their  websites  or  actual  offices  to  find   out   about   their   service   packages   and   rates.   Review   their   client   ratings   and   customer   satisfaction  reviews  in  the  past.   Do   not   hire   a   company   immediately   without   assuring   their   credibility   since   you   are   risking   your   protection   by   giving   them   access   to   your   properties.   Paying  for  locksmiths  is  a  great  investment  for   the   security   of   the   things   and   persons   that   matter   the   most.   They   can   keep   your   safety   systems  updated  at  all  times.  All  you  have  to  do   is  to  find  the  ones  that  suit  your  needs.  
  3. 3.   Understanding  Why  a   Locksmith  Should  Change   Your  Locks   There   are   instances   wherein   we   will   need   to   change  locks.  Sometimes  our  locks  have  gotten   old  and  rusted  out  that  they  really  need  to  be   changed.   However,   there   are   times   wherein   there   was   an   unwanted   break   in   and   we   no   longer   feel   safe.   Because   of   the   numerous   technological   advances,   it   has   made   our   lives   easier.  However,  it  has  also  made  it  easier  for   thieves   to   break   into   our   homes   and   cars.   Because  of  this,  we  no  longer  feel  safe.  The  only   way  for  us  to  regain  the  feeling  of  security  we   once  had  is  to  have  brand-­‐new  locks  installed.   This   can   be   a   difficult   and   complicated   task,   which  is  why  you  need  to  hire  industry  experts   such  as  locksmiths  to  do  this  for  you.   With   the   various   locking   systems   and   technologies   available   in   this   day   and   age,   we   will  be  able  to  find  something  that  will  provide   us   with   the   top-­‐of-­‐the-­‐line   security.   However,   you   should   also   keep   in   mind   that   you   only   need  to  have  your  current  locks  changed  when   these  happen:   • If  your  locking  system  has  outgrown  its   purpose,  take  it  as  a  sign  to  look  for  a   better  one.   • When  you  find  damages  or  any  rusting.   • When  an  unwanted  break-­‐in  occurs.   • When  you  have  misplaced  or  lost  your   keys.   It  is  a  must  to  have  these  replaced  as  soon  as   possible   because   these   can   no   longer   serve   their  purpose.  On  top  of  that,  thieves  are  more   likely   to   attack   your   place   again   because   they   are   aware   that   they   will   be   able   to   gain   entry   easily.   The   chances   of   them   creating   duplicate   keys  will  also  be  high.  To  save  yourself  from  all   the   trouble   and   any   future   thefts,   you   should   address  the  problem  immediately.  In  the  event   that  you  lost  or  misplaced  your  keys,  you  should   change   the   whole   system   entirely.   Someone   with  bad  intentions  might  get  a  hold  of  it  and   use   it   for   other   purposes.   Save   yourself   the   trouble   and   switch   to   a   more   modernized   locking  system.   With  the  number  of  locksmiths  available  in  the   industry,  you  need  to  do  your  research  in  order   to   find   the   best   in   the   industry.   Here   are   a   couple  of  things  you  need  to  look  out  for:   • They   can   be   easily   contacted   at   any   time  of  the  day.   • They   have   an   array   of   services   to   choose   from   (e.g.   key   duplication,   lock   repairs).   • They  work  for  a  reputable  company.   • They   have   established   a   good   reputation.   • They   can   get   to   where   you   are   immediately.   • They   know   how   to   work   with   all   kinds   of  locking  systems.   • They  know  how  to  work  with  your  cars.   When  you  keep  these  in  mind,  you  will  be  able   to  find  someone  who  can  do  the  work  you  need   immediately.  Research  very  well  so  that  you  will   be  able  to  secure  your  safety.            
  4. 4.   Knowing  the  Best  Times  to   Change  Locks   Just  because  a  lock  is  working  well,  it  does  not   mean   that   it   no   longer   needs   replacements.   Changing   these   security   devices   is   important   during   certain   circumstances   in   order   to   keep   your   properties   and   possessions   guarded.   This   post  discusses  the  best  times  to  change  locks.   A.  When  the  locking  units  reaches  their  “expiry   dates”.   How   can   you   tell   when   a   lock   has   already   reached  its  “expiry  date”?  As  a  rule  of  thumb,   expert   locksmiths   advise   residential   areas   to   change  locks  every  ten  years  while  commercial   every  five  years.   B.   Making   staff   or   employee   changes   in   an   enterprise.   Since   you   are   letting   new   people   come   in   or   reshuffling   people   on   different   parts   of   your   enterprise,  you  need  to  keep  confidential  areas   more   secure.   You   can   do   this   by   replacing   locking  systems.  For  example,  once  a  manager   moves  to  a  new  department,  it  would  be  better   to   change   locks   so   that   he   or   she   could   no   longer  have  access  to  the  old  department.   C.  Experiencing  break-­‐ins  and  robberies.   You  immediately  need  to  replace  your  security   installations   after   break-­‐ins   and   robberies   in   order  to  keep  the  area  secured  once  more.  The   tampering   of   the   lock   compromises   its   mechanics   and   damages   it.   This   puts   your   properties  at  a  higher  risk.  Replacing  them  with   newer  ones  should  be  on  top  of  your  to-­‐do  list.       D.  Having  worn  out  locking  devices.   A  worn  out  and  rusty  lock  needs  to  be  replaced   since   it   weakens   the   protection   of   your   area.   They  are  difficult  to  open  with  keys  and  crooks   can   easily   tamper   them.   One   good   sign   of   having   a   worn-­‐out   device   is   when   you   find   it   hard  to  insert  or  turn  the  key  into  the  opening.   If  this  happens  to  your  main  door,  it  can  cause   you  to  be  locked  out  of  your  own  home.   E.  Misplacing  your  keys.   A   lot   of   us   misplace   our   keys.   If   you   could   no   longer  find  them,  it  is  always  best  to  have  the   locking   units   replaced   as   soon   as   possible.   Chances  are,  the  key  might  be  stolen  or  it  may   accidentally  fall  on  an  intruder’s  hands.  This  is   very   important   in   the   case   of   locks   positioned   outdoors   such   as   the   ones   for   main   doors,   garages,  gates,  and  cars.  If  you  have  a  habit  of   misplacing  keys,  experts  advise  that  you  opt  for   combination  locks  with  codes  the  next  time.   F.  Moving  into  a  new  place.   Moving   into   a   new   apartment,   room,   condominium,   or   home   can   be   a   very   exciting   experience.   A   lot   of   new   homeowners   or   tenants  make  the  mistake  of  not  replacing  the   locks   being   used.   Keep   in   mind   that   previous   tenants   may   still   have   the   keys   to   the   locking   devices  that  you  are  using.  This  means  that  they   could  still  access  your  area  any  time.