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A complete description of our behavior design process, creation, and iteration on our idea of the Stanford Walking Guild, a walking 'registry' at Stanford University made specifically for the Stanford staff community of 14,000. The goal is to help staffers identify if they reach the 30 minutes/day walking goal, and then publicly sign up to encourage their fellow staffers to walk more.

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Stanford Walking Guild

  1. 1. Stanford Walking GuildAndrew Martin, Brandon Ly, Catherine Lu
  2. 2. Goal of the Highlight Stanford project: staffers who walk 30 min/day by writing their names on a public list
  3. 3. First, these staffers need to know how manyminutes they walk per day
  4. 4. How many minutes do you walk per day? Photo Credit: robm867
  5. 5. Yeah, we didn’t know either.
  6. 6. We realized...
  7. 7. Photo Credit: Helga Weber, Marco Arment, PhotoJonny, kurichan+
  8. 8. Nobody reallyknows how much they walk!
  9. 9. “How much doyou think youwalk per day?
  10. 10. “Um.. I’d say about 30minutes a day!”
  11. 11. “Hmm ok. Howare you breaking that up?”
  12. 12. “Hm. Maybe 10minutes walkingto my bike and classes...”
  13. 13. “Maybe 5minutes walking around my dorm...”
  14. 14. “I guess I really only walk 15minutes per day!”
  15. 15. Hmm...
  16. 16. “I think we’re on to something here!”
  17. 17. So we went and ran this experiment with someactual Stanford staffers...
  18. 18. “It’s actually pretty cool to think about how much you walk. Notnormally something I think about.” “If your goal is to get people to be moreactive, I think this is a great way to do it!Because lots of little choices can add up.”“If people are conscious of the fact that they canwalk to work instead of drive or something, that can help them be more active!”
  19. 19. Insights Gained People don’t readily know how much they actually walk The best way to help people figure out how much they walk is to help them break it down step by step. People like finding out how much they really walk
  20. 20. Seem to be getting some good feedback, letsbuild a quick prototype! Visit our first prototype @
  21. 21. Then we showed our prototype to some Stanford staffers...
  22. 22. “Making me think about each stephelped me realize that I walk more than I thought.”
  23. 23. “Interesting to knowhow much I walk, but I need more of an incentive to join this ‘guild’”
  24. 24. “Let me know when you guys go live, I’llshare this over email to my entire department!”
  25. 25. Insights Gained People need a better reason to join the Walking Guild It is key to find the influencers in a community who will share to their friends If you don’t trigger people to share, they won’t think of it themselves
  26. 26. Next, we mocked up a second prototype
  27. 27. So we went and gotfeedback from more staffers...
  28. 28. “It’s really cool tosee how I compare to others in my department, community, and nation!”
  29. 29. “I need more of a reason to sign up onthe list. Why would I want to do that?You’re showing me all the interesting data already.”
  30. 30. “This is really cool seeing the list of everyone at Stanford. Let me know when this goes live!”
  31. 31. Insights Gained People love seeing how they compare to others People STILL need a better reason to actually sign up on the list People like seeing the visual list of others in their community who have signed up
  32. 32. To the audience:How can we help you and your organization? Do you have any ideas or feedback for us? Come talk to us during the break!
  33. 33. Stanford Walking GuildAndrew Martin Brandon Ly Catherine Lu@amartinsu13 @BrandonKit @cath_g_lu