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Alex Marshall Portfolio


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Industrial design portfolio

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Alex Marshall Portfolio

  1. 1. Alex Marshall Industrial design portfolio March 2010 March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  2. 2. Resume Contact Alex Marshall - Mobile - 903.330.8453 - Email - - Blog - - Web - Experience Design Arsenal Case-mate Design Industrial design June - 2009 to present - Contextual research - Product Design - 2d/3d ideation - Market and material research - Human factors/Ergonomics - Manufacture analysis - Rapid prototyping/Mold shop - Manufacturing Tech/Materials CCI - Photography/Film/Edit Industrial design internships - June 2008 & Aug 2007 - Product design Software - Safety label and logo design - Solidworks, hypershot, alias, rhino - Designs for various tool brands including Ridgid, - Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator Ryobi, Homelite, and Craftsman. - Microsoft office - MAC/PC user Watermarque Marine USA Marine design - April 2008 - Marine design (32ft water taxi catamaran) Awards and Affiliations - Passenger seating - Concept renderings - Student Merit Award winner IDSA 2009 - Student Rep. IDSA student chapter 2008 - Shortlisted, Design Boom Love Your Earth comp. 2007 Education - Eagle Scout 2004 Savannah College of Art and Design Bachelor’s of fine arts May - 2009 SCAD - Major in industrial design - Cum Laude - Worked on corporate sponsored projects with clients including JCB, Kids ii, and Vtech. Resume - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  3. 3. Contents School - Switch - The Gorgans Professional - ID Case - Armadillo - Hug Side projects Contents - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  4. 4. Switch What is the Switch? The new VTech Switch represents a new approach to the home phone. The latest advances in wireless technology have allowed people to connect differently. The Switch embraces this movement. It aids the ageless traveler generation and baby boomers to make this switch while enhancing their lifestyle. Switch - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  5. 5. Switch Core values The core values of this product and brand are tailored, short learning curve and a classical form. At the heart of these values is enhancing communication with friends and family. Brand inspiration Baby boomers and comfortable contents have been or are beginning to use the latest technology such as the Iphone. After conducting user research and cultural probes I identified an opportunity to help them share photos and video in one seamless device. One key attribute of this brand is making tasks simpler for the user, Switch does this and much more. This device is aN easy to use gateway which allows these users to send and share, photos, videos and data. Service Architecture Wifi Switch Switch dock inductive bluetooth charger Switch - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  6. 6. Switch Research methods Rapid ethnographic research was conducted with the target demographic and analyzed in order to confirm the brand story and service architecture. Next, I hit the paper to ideate with the new discovers that were found through this research. Experience prototypes where then created to further validate the concept and conduct day-in-the-life-of user scenarios. 2:00pm (Except) Jon realizes he has forgotten something at the office. He grabs the Switch and heads out. Usually he talks the bus and brings his headphones but today he drives his car and places the Switch insides it’s car mount. He listens to some music from his Switch while driving to work. Switch - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  7. 7. Switch 2D Finalization After careful analysis of the details and formal elements of the design orthographic views like these were created. I used these drawings to create CAD models. The full scale models also helped me to understand the surfaces. Switch - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  8. 8. Switch Connect Your Home Video Chat Switch allows you to convert your Through voice recognition technology home phone into a cell phone Switch locates new persons entering through VOIP and wifi technology. the chat. The device then turns toward their direction and stays there until someone else speaks. Easy To Learn Form Large screen size, icon size, and The Switch differentness itself from an intuitive interface ensure the market through a distinct brand that Switch users will have an language which appeals to the baby enjoyable experience sharing data boomer and comfortable contents. or chatting. Switch - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  9. 9. Switch Induction charging pad and bluetooth. USB port for large data transfers and AUX cables. View of Vtech badge, volume rocker, and speaker phone. Switch - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  10. 10. The Gorgans Infant toy design The Gorgans came to life through a special project class which was held in collaboration with Kids ii. I learned a great deal about babies and the infant toy market. The Gorgans would entertain 6-12 month old children and stimulate their physical, cognitive and emotional development. The Gorgans - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  11. 11. The Gorgans Project brief The goal of this class was to create a boxed toy for the Kids ii brand Bright Starts that aided in the development of children aged 6 months to 2 years old. The price point was set at 9.99 and it could be a plush toy, plastic or a combination of both. Infant development timeline The Gorgans 1-4 months 4-8 months 8-12 Months 12-24 months - Toddlers Physical Physical Physical Physical Motor development Motor development Motor development Motor development Psychological development Psychological development Cognitive development Language Social The Gorgans - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  12. 12. The Gorgans Character development Horns for teething Hundreds of sketches where done of various plush toys, rattles and characters but in the end in came down to a simple idea, create a new world and explore it. The Gorgans where developed to create this world. I spent a great deal more time refining what they would look like while maintaining the kids ii “cuteness”. Round body for approachability and “cuteness” Big feet for stability and to mimic baby appendages The Gorgans - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  13. 13. The Gorgans are cheerful creatures from the planet Gorganland. They love to explore their vast world and embark on new adventures to other distant planets. There is a lot to do in Gorganland. Most Gorgans are farmers, some help keep other Gorgans safe and others explore space. As your child explores their own world with the help of the Gorgans they will be entertained, captivated, and hopefully informed about life on earth just like the Gorgans. March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  14. 14. The Gorgans Gogri-buggy Gogribak Cruiser Whether the Gorgans are farming their The Gorgans love to explore. The Gorgibak crops or exploring distant lands they need Cruiser allows Budak to travel the universe a fast mode of transport. The Gorgi-buggy and his own world to discover all that allows Gorgans to have a fun time while he can. Budak can see all around him going down Trado Avenue into town. Balls through the big bubble window of his in the back of the cruiser pop around when cruiser. When he wants to explore the the wheels move through a cam action window can be removed allowing Budak to which is attached to the axel. Any Gorgan see and discover. But be careful of space can fit in the driver seat so Budak can lone turbulence which will cause Budak to spin out his buggy to friends. Just like the cars around inside of his craft causing warning on our planet the cruiser uses lights to alert lights to flash. other Gorgans on the road. Budak - Gorgan friend The Gorgans - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  15. 15. The Gorgans One of final deliverable to Kids ii was a full scale prototype of the final product. CAD models were rapid prototyped, sanded and then painted to achieve the final model. The plastic shell for the Gorgi-bak cruiser was vacuum formed from a hand lathed piece of wood. The Gorgans - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  16. 16. ID Case This was my first project as a full time designer at case-mate. The project description called for a credit card case but as it turns out it wasn’t that simple. solid works model + hypershot rendering ID Case - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  17. 17. ID Case Project brief This picture illustrates the project before the other industrial designer and I came on board. As you can see the cards are stuck behind the case. This forces the user to remove the case each time they want a card. This was unacceptable and would inevitably led to someone dropping there precious Iphone! Development With a few cut extrudes and a rendering we were able to change, not only our colleagues minds, but the mind of the CEO. Little changed from this basic concept to the final design. This rough sketch, taken from my sketchbook, was the first step of this process ID Case - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  18. 18. ID Case CAD and prototypes A progression from prototype to final design. ID Case - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  19. 19. ID Case Production unit The final production design builds upon the classic case-mate Barely There but with the added function of carrying two cards. The slight curvature of the iphone is maintained in the case which creates adequate pressure to hold both cards or just one. The ID case became second the quickest selling product in company history and is still on of our top sellers. It is now a full product line that covers many blackberry devices. Actual production unit ID Case - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  20. 20. Armadillo This was my third large project with case- mate. The case is designed for the user with a tough lifestyle who needs protection for their phone. This project required extensive research, form development, CAD, prototypes and design for manufacturing to take the concept from paper to product. Armadillo - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  21. 21. Armadillo Development This design is clearly influenced from nature. But this influence is not skin deep. An inner rubber shell adds shock protection while the hard plastic outer shell allows for easy removal from pockets. Detail Analysis Armadillo - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  22. 22. Armadillo CAD and prototypes Solidworks and Hypershot were valuable throughout this project. The countless revisions, modifications, and presentations where easy to deal with thanks to reliability and speed of the software. Color exploration and concept explanation Solidworks (CAD) development Working prototype Armadillo - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  23. 23. Armadillo Belt clip development This project required redesigning our existing belt clip which was not strong enough for our user’s needs. Below is a through hole design which has not yet been seen in the market and should prove stronger through better weight distribution. Concept sketch CAD prototype Communication Vendor communication Next the design was communicated to our contact manufacturer in China. We then went through a series of DFM reviews to validate the plastic parts for tooling. DFM review Armadillo - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  24. 24. Armadillo Final deliverable This product was launched at the 2010 CES show. This image was used in the brochures in place of the final product. solid works assembly + hypershot rendering Armadillo - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  25. 25. Hug - Induction charging system Project brief The Hug system is case-mates answer to induction charging. What separates this device from others in the market is the firmware interoperability and compatibility with the wireless power consortium. So any Hug case works with any Hug pad. Hug is based on the Wireless Power Consortium standard. This means that the Hug charging pad will always be compatible with new devices supporting the standard. solid works model + hypershot rendering Hug - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  26. 26. Hug - Induction charging system CAD and communication These are a few screen shots of the solidworks modeling and communication with our manufacturer. Remarkably the design intent stayed the same from CAD model through to final production. Actual communication with overseas vendor CAD To the right are a few screen captures of the assembly that was used to create the final product. The wireframe illustrates a few of the internal components that were needed to capture the PCB boards. The image to the right is color coordinated to show the various pieces of the assembly. Hug - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  27. 27. Hug - Induction charging system Prototype This was a T1 sample we received from the manufacturer. We later changed the finish and tweaked the design for manufacturing. Hug - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  28. 28. Hug - Induction charging system Production unit This was one of the fully tooled and operational units which was shown at 2010 CES. The product launched in March 2010, it was featured on and Hug - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  29. 29. Side projects Goggles Early development for a goggle concept done in my spare time in college. FO Side projects - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  30. 30. Side projects Practice During my summer internship at CCI I was driven to learn and improve. As a result I would often stay after work and sketch the existing products like the one below. Side projects - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  31. 31. Side projects Passion Throughout my college and professional work I have not had an opportunity to work with soft goods which I find very exciting. As a result, my sketchbook is full of doodles like these. Side projects - March 2010 - Alex Marshall
  32. 32. Side projects office assault For more info on this product and the rest of the office assault products in development, check out my blog: Side projects - March 2010 - Alex Marshall