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St. Patrick's Primary School Wangaratta


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Overview of St. Patrick's school

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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St. Patrick's Primary School Wangaratta

  1. 1. Welcome to St. Patrick’s where our motto is Living, Loving, Learning, In Christ.
  2. 2. Our History St. Patrick’s opened in 1858 with 2 teachers and 34 students.
  3. 3. Our Present This year is our 150th birthday.
  4. 4. Our Present We currently have 227 students in 10 classes.
  5. 5. Our Present With 1 principal, 15 teachers, 7 teachers aides, 1 Librarian & 1 Administration Officer.
  6. 6. Our Future Next year we hope to begin a building program which will include a multipurpose room, classroom, storage and new toilets.
  7. 7. Catholic Regional Education Wangaratta St. Patrick’s is a member of Catholic Regional Education Wangaratta CREW which involves the three Catholic Primary schools of St. Patrick’s, Our Lady’s & St. Bernard’s together with Galen Catholic College working together to foster the growth of Catholic Education in Wangaratta.
  8. 8. St. Patrick’s Church We attend St. Patrick’s on a regular basis. One class attends mass most Friday’s. We also hold special events, feats days and saints days in the church.
  9. 9. St. Catherine’s Nursing Home This year we have forged a stronger relationship with St. Catherine’s Nursing Home. Each term students volunteer one lunch time a week to talk with the residents and join in with activities. The students enjoy this experience as much as the residents do.
  10. 10. Whole School Liturgies As well as masses the school conducts whole school liturgies, celebrations and assemblies. This includes our Lent & Advent plays.
  11. 11. Steps In Faith Sacramental Program Student and their families access the sacramental program Steps In Faith, which includes the sacraments of Reconciliations, Confirmation & Eucharist. This is run in conjunction with the St. Patrick’s Parish and is one part of the Religious Education curriculum.
  12. 12. School Board & Parents & Friends Committee Our parents are involved in our school in many ways including being elected members of the School Board or as a volunteer on the Parents & Friends Committee.
  13. 13. Student Representative Council Our students also have formalised opportunities for leadership by being elected as a Students Representative Council member.
  14. 14. Sports Captains Students can also be House Sports Vice Captain or Captain.
  15. 15. ICT @ St. Pat’s Technology is a growing area of St. Patrick’s. This year we have purchased 25 computers on wheels, COW’s, for use by the senior students.
  16. 16. ICT @ St. Pat’s Two interactive whiteboards for the Prep classes, purchased by the P&F. There are already plans to add to these purchases soon.
  17. 17. Pancake Day At St. Patrick’s some of the events that happen in and around our school are. Pancake breakfast on Shrove Tuesday.
  18. 18. Opening Mass & Family Picnic Beginning of year mass followed by a family picnic tea.
  19. 19. May Fair Mayfair
  20. 20. Mothers Day Afternoon Tea Mother’s Day afternoon tea.
  21. 21. Family Picnic Lunch Family picnic lunch at school.
  22. 22. Bookweek Bookweek parade and activities.
  23. 23. This year Bookweek included a visit from Author Illustrator Terry Denton.
  24. 24. We also attended the local town library for tours and book readings.
  25. 25. Each year we have a book parade.
  26. 26. Where students dress up as their favorite book character.
  27. 27. This is our Preps dressed up for Bookweek.
  28. 28. Twilight Sports We have a twilight sports athletics afternoon, where students compete in their House teams for points.
  29. 29. End Of Year Mass & Graduation Dinner We hold an end of year mass and graduation dinner for Grade 6 students and their parents.
  30. 30. Grade 5/6 Camps We have an extensive camp program which includes Grade 5/6 camps to Canberra and Harrietville.
  31. 31. Grade 3/4 Camps Grade 3/4 camps to Echuca and Fifteen Mile Creek.
  32. 32. Grade 2 Sleepover Grade 2 students have a sleepover at school to prepare them for longer camps as they move through the school.
  33. 33. Grade Prep, One & Two Excursions The Grade Prep, 1 & 2’s hold day excursions to Albury and Melbourne.
  34. 34. Several staff and involved in Sandhurst Diocese teams such as the Teaching & Learning team, the Professional Development team and the PE/Health Team.
  35. 35. Staff Immersion Experiences & Study Tours Staff have also had the opportunity to participate in immersion and study trips to countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, New Zealand and Europe.
  36. 36. St. Patrick’s is… <ul><li>“ a good school in case my friends get hurt” </li></ul><ul><li>(Madeline, Grade Prep) </li></ul>
  37. 37. St. Patrick’s is… <ul><li>“ a place where everybody has good friends to play with” </li></ul><ul><li>(Josh, Grade Two) </li></ul>
  38. 38. St. Patrick’s is… <ul><li>“ a school with good teachers and responsible kids” </li></ul><ul><li>(Gabi, Grade Four) </li></ul>
  39. 39. St. Patrick’s is… <ul><li>“ a great school because of the technology we get to use, like the laptops” </li></ul><ul><li>(Taylah, Grade Six) </li></ul>
  40. 40. We hope you enjoyed looking at an overview of St. Patrick’s where we aim to live, love and learn through Christ.