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Amar seeds-private-limited


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Amar seeds-private-limited

  1. 1. +91-8373903606 A Member of Amar Seeds Private Limited Emerging as a reliable name in Indian agriculture industry we are young professionally organized company, engaged in production and distribution of high yielding seeds of hybrid and improved seeds of fresh vegetables, indian cereals and pulses.
  2. 2. A Member of A b o u t U s Our Slogan "Best Seed… Best Crop… Best Yield… The Best Income…" truly confirms to the working of Amar Seeds, as we provide genetically and phenotypicaly pure and quality and quantity seeds to the farmers of which they harvest the best crop with comparatively more yield and maximum net profit. Our company thoroughly guides the farmers regarding planting of crop till marketing of the produce. In order to have tie-up with the latest improved technology in agriculture, company organizes regular field day programs, training and demonstration in different parts of the country.
  3. 3. A Member of VEGETABLES We have carved a niche in providing high -yielding variety of vegetable seeds with genetically pure lines. These seeds fulfill several vegetable cultivation requirements of our customers. The varied range of vegetable seeds encompasses: Coriander - Khushboo Red Pumpkin - Amar Keshar (HYBRID) Chilli - Amar Sai (HYBRID) Cluster Bean - Amar Chalisa Products
  4. 4. A Member of PULSES We offer high yielding pulses that are widely used for harvesting of dry grain. Our wide range of pulses includes various types of bean, pea, gram and many more. Our range of pulses provides suitable cultivation in any season and thereby benefiting the user. Dollichus Bean Seed - HA-3 Cow Pea Seed- Kokan Sadabahar Cow Pea Seeds-Amar Sadabahar French Bean Seed - Vijay Products
  5. 5. A Member of CEREALS We are one of the largest distributors of high yielding cereals. Our range of cereals includes varieties of Jowar, Maize, Baby Corn and many more. Our gamut of cereals includes the following: Jowar Seed - Phule Yashoda Jowar Seeds - Phule Mauli Maize Seed - Raghav (HYBRID) Baby Corn Seed - Sonal ( HYBRID) Products
  6. 6. A Member of NEW ARRIVALS We are also offering some new arrivals of different types of cereals and beans. These are suitable to various field conditions and can be cultivated in various harvesting seasons. Our new arrivals include the following: Jowar Research Seed Jowar Seed Research Dollichus Bean Seed Research Cow Pea Seed Research Products
  7. 7. A Member of VEGETABLE SEEDS Providing you the best range of Vegetable Seeds such as Cluster Bean Seed - Kasturi, Tomato Seed - Panchali (HYBRID), Okra - Amar Tulsi (HYBRID) (Vegetable Seed), Palak Seed (Indian Spinach) - All Green, Sponge Gourd Seed - Hirwai (HYBRID), Drumstick Seed - Amar 32 and many more items with effective & timely delivery. Cluster Bean Seed - Kasturi Tomato Seed - Panchali (HYBRID) Okra - Amar Tulsi (HYBRID) (Vegetable Seed) Palak Seed (Indian Spinach) - All Green Products
  8. 8. A Member of HYBRID VEGETABLE SEEDS Manufacturer & Supplier of a wide range of products which include Hybrid Vegetable Seeds such as Brinjal Seed - Raja (HYBRID), Bottle Gourd Seed - Safed Ghoda (HYBRID), Ridge Gourd Seed- Akshay (HYBRID), Ash Gourd Seed - Ganesh (HYBRID) and Brinjal Seed- Vipul (HYBRID). Brinjal Seed - Raja (HYBRID) Bottle Gourd Seed - Safed Ghoda (HYBRID) Ridge Gourd Seed- Akshay (HYBRID) Ash Gourd Seed - Ganesh (HYBRID) Products
  9. 9. A Member of SEEDS We are a leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Seeds such as Methi (Fenugreek) - Amar Harita (Seeds), Cucumber Seed- Shubhangi, Cucumber Seed - Himangi, Chilli Seed- Sangam (HYBRID), Chilli Seeds- Chutaki (HYBRID), Tomato Seed - Nandini and many more items from India. Methi (Fenugreek) - Amar Harita (Seeds) Cucumber Seed- Shubhangi Cucumber Seed - Himangi Chilli Seed- Sangam (HYBRID) Products
  10. 10. A Member of BRINJAL SEED We are a leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Brinjal Seed such as Brinjal Seed- Vikas (HYBRID), Brinjal Seed- Tapiraja (HYBRID) and Brinjal Seed - Sarang (HYBRID) from India. Brinjal Seed- Vikas (HYBRID) Brinjal Seed- Tapiraja (HYBRID) Brinjal Seed - Sarang (HYBRID) Products
  11. 11. A Member of OTHER PRODUCTS: Other Existing Varieties Chutki Mirchi (Chili Seed) All Green Palak Seed Water Melon Seed - Sweetoo (HYBRID) Products
  12. 12. A Member of OTHER PRODUCTS: Tomato Panchali Tomato French Bean Seed -Varun Gram Seed - Amar 4 Kabuli (dollar) Gram Seed - PKV Kabuli 2 Products
  13. 13. A Member of OTHER PRODUCTS: Multi Cutting Grass- Gopikrishna Grass Tur - Amar Kunti Hybrid Sunflower Seed - Sungold MUNG PKV8802 (Seed) Products
  14. 14. A Member of OTHER PRODUCTS: Maize Seed-Karveer Sponge Gourd Seed - Hirwai (HYBRID) Drumstick Seed - Amar 32 Bitter Gourd Seed -Veer Dhawal (HYBRID) Products
  15. 15. A Member of F a c t s h e e t Year of Establishment : 2000 Nature of Business : Manufacturer, Supplier Total Number of Employees : Upto 10 People
  16. 16. A Member of CONTACT US Amar Seeds Private Limited Contact Person: Mr. Vikram Kadam No. 103/104/105, 1st Floor, Sheetal Plaza, 1125, Model Colony, Shivaji Nagar Pune - 411 016, Maharashtra, India +91-8373903606