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Windows 8 quick start dev


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Windows 8 quick start dev

  1. 1. Developer Ignition
  2. 2. Windows 8 Quick Start – About The presentation Author
  3. 3. Windows 8 Quick Start
  4. 4. Windows 8 Quick Start
  5. 5. Windows 8 Quick Start• Intend to make easy to have a view at the apps;• Is basically a collection of tiles related to the different apps instaled in the system;• Allows to Group Apps;• Give the user a view over all the installed apps withouth have to click on a menu;
  6. 6. Windows 8 Quick Start • Immersive; • Fast and Fluid; • Touch Enabled; • Integrated in the system; • Consistent with the System;
  7. 7. Windows 8 Quick Start • Apps are imersive, sometimes the user feel the need to have this content and at teh same type to have a look at other contents…For that Windows 8 offers a new way to have the applications content crossed with other apps.
  8. 8. Windows 8 Quick Start Rules • Snap is only for landscape positions; • Screens width >=1366 px ; • Snapped view is differnt from full screen view; • Snap can be in one off the edges Left or Right;
  9. 9. Windows 8 Quick Start • Content Sensitive; • Conect apps to the system and other apps; • Represent the transversal options of the system; • Sharm options are based on contracts;
  10. 10. Windows 8 Quick Start • Apps are emersive • User should are focus on the content • Create a transversal expectation of the user about where to find functions; • We can define a app bar as a application Menu; • A good pratice is to use the upper part of the Bar to do navigation the down part of the app bar to navigation in content, or cross content navigation; • App bar provides app-specific actions;
  11. 11. Windows 8 Quick Start • Presents and navigating large sets of related data or content within a single view; • Semantic Zoom uses two distinct modes of classification (or zoom levels) for organizing and presenting the content: one low-level (or zoomed in) mode that is typically used to display items in a flat, all-up structure and another, high-level (or zoomed out) mode that displays items in groups and enables a user to quickly navigate and browse through the content. • The Semantic Zoom interaction is performed with the pinch and stretch gestures (moving the fingers farther apart zooms in and moving them closer together zooms out), or by holding the Ctrl key down while scrolling the mouse scroll wheel, or by holding the Ctrl key down (with the Shift key, if no numeric keypad is available) and pressing the plus (+) or minus (-) key.
  12. 12. Windows 8 Quick Start
  13. 13. Windows 8 Quick Start
  14. 14. Windows 8 Quick Startwindows support 2 kinds of differentinteraction paradigm• Desktop Apps : the usual kind of applications we are used to in a windows operation system• Metro Style Apps: apps that follow the patterns of Metro style principles
  15. 15. Windows 8 Quick Start
  16. 16. Windows 8 Quick Start
  17. 17. Windows 8 Quick Start• Windows Core: correspond to the services of Windows;• Windows runtime core: Is a Layer that exposes the Windows services, definition of types exposure of interfaces, is the core of the runtime;• UI, Pickers, Controls; Media; XAML;Storage; Network;.. : Some APIS that live on the top of windows runtime;• Windows Metadata & Namespace: The runtime give us the concept of metadata for types, what allow us to manage and get in a natural way the runtime notions of types.• Web Host: A host for Web applications;• Runtime Broker: is a separate process that handles the security permission of separated processes like sensors or cameras;• Language projection: A mechanism that allows the windows runtime API be exposed in a different way according to the language in usage;• Language support: Is the implementation of the technologies to allow the support of windows runtime over the different languages (WINJS, CLR )
  18. 18. Windows 8 Quick Start
  19. 19. Windows 8 Quick Start HTML/CSS javascript XAML C#/VB/… Win RT
  20. 20. Windows 8 Quick Start HTML/CSS javascriptStruture - Markup combined withmarkup controls our Win JS Controls Win RTPresentation – CSS for stylingBehaviour – WinJs or for exampleclass Lybraries in other WIN RTtechnologies
  21. 21. Windows 8 Quick Start XAML C#/VB/…Struture - XAML Win RTPresentation – XMAL resourcesBehaviour – C# c++ Vb.NET
  22. 22. Windows 8 Quick Start Running SuspendedLaunch Terminated
  23. 23. Windows 8 Quick StartSuspended: Ocurs when a new APP is launch or activated (inabout 5 s)What to do in a 5 s: Oportunity Save stateWhen low memory resources some suspended apps can beterminatedNo notification when the Terminate app happens
  24. 24. Windows 8 Quick Start
  25. 25. Windows 8 Quick Start
  26. 26. Windows 8 Quick Start
  27. 27. Windows 8 Quick Start
  28. 28. Windows 8 Quick Start
  29. 29. Windows 8 Quick Start
  30. 30. Windows 8 Quick Start
  31. 31. Windows 8 Quick Start
  32. 32. Windows 8 Quick Start
  33. 33. Windows 8 Quick StartSuspended: Ocurs when a new APP is launch or activated (inabout 5 s)What to do in a 5 s: Oportunity Save stateWhen low memory resources some suspended apps can beterminatedNo notification when the Terminate app happens
  34. 34. Windows 8 Quick Start
  35. 35. Windows 8 Quick Start
  36. 36. Windows 8 Quick Start
  37. 37. Windows 8 Quick Start
  38. 38. Windows 8 Quick Start
  39. 39. Windows 8 Quick Start - Dev team Blog /04/free-ebook-programming-windows-8-apps-with-html- css-and-javascript-first-preview.aspx - HTML5 win 8 Book e/Metro+Revealed- Building+Windows+8+apps+with+HTML5+and+JavaScript.pdf - book metro-style-apps- Slides Create Metro style apps quickly with built-in controls Make great Metro style apps that are touch-optimized using HTML5 Video Bring apps to life with Metro style animations in HTML5 Using tiles and notifications Video Building beautiful and interactive apps with HTML5 & CSS3 Designing Metro style apps using CSS3 Video Create reusable custom Metro style controls Video
  40. 40. Windows 8 Quick Start