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GWAB Mobile Services


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Azure Mobile Sites What it is and What's new as a session i had made at the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp 2014 in Microsoft Portugal.
The Main propouse of this presentation was to show how mobile services can be a good choice, how to use, and what's the state of the art

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GWAB Mobile Services

  1. 1. What’s new in Windows Azure Mobile Services Alexandre Marreiros CTO @ Innovagency Tech Trainer & Speaker as Independent SW Architect as Consultant Teacher @ EDIT Lisboa 29 de Março 2014
  2. 2. Alexandre Marreiros m
  3. 3. Agenda o Mobile Services Overview o New Things o Recap o References
  4. 4. Mobile Services Overview
  5. 5. Intro “Building a robust, modern mobile application often requires a developer to not only focus on the front end user experience, but also backend services such as data storage, user authentication, and often push notification services.“ “Windows Azure Mobile Services provides a scalable and easy-to-use „backend-as-a-service‟ ”
  6. 6. Backend Mobile Services In the Cloud Mobility Cloud Sometimes Computional Limited Computional Limitless Almost no Storage Conceptual Unlimited Storage Rapid Growing Scale / Elastic Conect everywhere Services via internet Desires a Simple Computational Model Scale and Elastic
  7. 7. Backend Mobile Services In the Cloud Identity Structured Storage Messaging Media Unstructured Storage Additional Services
  8. 8. Windows Azure Mobile Services ttp://
  9. 9. Windows Azure Mobile Services Mobile Client Support IOS, Android, Windows Phone
  10. 10. Auth* Authenticate against Windows Live, Twitter, Facebook, … Table level permissions for each CRUD operation Everyone Anyone with the Application Key (NOT A SECURITY TOKEN/CONTROL Hint that user is coming from your app (reduce chance of misuse)) Only Authenticated Users Only Scripts and Admins More granular control with server side scripts user.level: {admin, authenticated, anonymous} user.userId: id or undefined if not authenticated
  11. 11. Data Storage Leverage strengths of Windows Azure SQL Database New or Existing Database Reporting, TSQL support, existing tools, etc. Manage your way (portal, REST API, SSMS, etc.) Partition applications by schema App1.Users App2.Users Dynamic Schema Support (on/off)
  12. 12. Data Storage Lever
  13. 13. Data Storage Lever
  14. 14. Notifications 1. 2. 3.
  15. 15. Notifications services-android-get-started/ services-ios-get-started/ us/documentation/articles/notification-hubs-windows-store-dotnet-get- started
  16. 16. New to Mobile Services
  17. 17. New Things
  18. 18. Build and upgrade Mobile Services on your enviroment Test and run your future Mobile services definitions and code in your machine
  19. 19. Use extra modules You can add extra functions to base Mobile services based on 3rd party market resellers example: Use New Relic to have insights about hows services on azure are performing
  20. 20. Costum API Use Mobile Services to create to put in the cloud your one API, based on: - Controller MindSet - HTTP Methods
  21. 21. Costum API How to call the api: https://<service_name><api_name> Examples of API costumization
  22. 22. Notifications android-get-started/
  23. 23. Source Control conection In preview for now You can directly connect your mobile services to your GIT repository
  24. 24. Playing with something new
  25. 25. Recap
  26. 26. Windows Azure Mobile Services Client Support IOS, Android, Windows Phone
  27. 27. Windows Azure Mobile Services ttp://
  28. 28. Key Scenarios
  29. 29. Mobile Services Capabilities makit unique Precise control for authorizing access to tables. Supports scripts to inject business logic into data access operations. Integration with other cloud services. Supports the ability to scale a mobile service instance. Service monitoring and logging.
  30. 30. Mobile Services Capabilities make him unique Client libraries support mobile app development on various devices, including Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iPhone, and iPad. Simple provisioning and management of tables for storing app data. Integration with notification services to deliver push notifications to your app. Integration with well-known identity providers for authentication.
  31. 31. Questions
  32. 32. References services Windows Azure Mobile Services book, Bruce Johnson Windows Azure Mobile Services Concepts ( us/library/windowsazure/jj591475.aspx ) Mobile Services Team blog