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Marketing (1)

  1. 1. A CASE STUDYCompiled By:- Akhilesh Anjan Sujit Kumar Singh Md. Noor Alam Pravakar Puthal
  2. 2. CUNARD LINE LTD.Subsidiary of Trafalgar house, a large London based conglomerate since 1840World wide provider of travel servicesThen luxury vacation businessCunard offered cruising on 7 shipsCunard’s ship sailed out of ports throughout the world
  3. 3. THE INDUSTRY AND CUNARD’S SEGMENTTotal boardings - 4 million per yearAmong them only 8% customers prefer 5-starshipMarket share of Cunard is 50% Cunard’s demographics:
  4. 4. World cruise industry consist of approximately 4 millionboarding per year, and luxury segment consist of only 8%.Past promotional situationIndividual promotion of each shipsProduct situation/Service Situation5-stars4-stars
  5. 5. Competition situation:-competition as well as passengers was increasingindustry capacity was also grownGrowth at an average compounded rate of 10% per year
  6. 6. Problem’s of Cunard’s ship The luxury ship category was same. Cunard having only 8% in luxury ship. There were nothing new. All facilities were remains same The growth rate was only 10% in a year. Cost difference of 5 star and 4 star was too much
  7. 7. Problem’s of Cunard’s ship contt…….To Increase the sellCunard expand more money on aggressive advertisement in magazine.Advertisment was not service oriented.Revenue generation was also the tactical problem.Cunard was concentrated on only QE-2 ship.
  8. 8. Problem’s of Cunard’s ship contt……. To create the price oriented promotion. Another ongoing issue was the budgeting for the corporate Cunard effort. Promote the Cunard name as a Umbrella. To maintain effectiveness in Integrated marketing communication.
  9. 9. CUNARD MARKETING COMMUNICATIONThe marketing communication department created all external marketing communications forCunard ships.The objectives were to create demand and to fill each cruise to 100% occupancy or as closeto it as possible.Budget of marketing was divided in 2 parts viz; strategically and tacticalAcross all Cunard ships, the breakdown among the major communications elements wasapproximately:-
  10. 10. • Each ship should be take care by a individual marketing planning executive with proper co- ordination.• Responsibility will be similar to product manager.• Planning manager of QE-2 will be responsible for the ship’s revenue ,pricing, marketing.
  11. 11. • Execution and other responsibility like adver- tising program, and marketing communication activities such as public relation and brochure development done by market communication staff.• The logic behind this each group will be focused on target market.
  12. 12. Recommendations & Implementation
  13. 13. CONCLUSION• IMC has become a very popular trend in the recent times.• It is a management concept that brings together all tools of marketing communication to send consistent messages to target audience.• The various IMC tools were used in best possible way so that Curand can enjoy success
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